07. Loner Groups

POSTED: Thu Jan 11, 2018 10:44 pm

Loner Group Summary

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  • This is the comprehensive list of loner groups - if a loner group currently exists, then it's listed here!
  • Wanna know more about loner groups? Check out the newspost about them!
  • Bar Squad
    1. Purpose: Close-knit loners helping to run the bar in Amherst, which is open to all canines, regardless of pack affiliation (or lack thereof).
    2. Location: Central Amherst
    3. Status: Open
    4. Contact & Info: Sunny & Wiki Page
  • Circle of Ravenshadow
    1. Purpose: The Circle of Ravenshadow is an eclectic coven of witches that joined together for education, strength, and protection. Originally formed when a group of witches were forced to flee Anathema during an attack in February 2018, they now live together in dedication to the pagan gods and their magical practices. Although the coven is eclectic and accepts members who walk any path of witchcraft, the overarching theme of the group lies with darker and more controversial forms of spell-craft and spirituality.
      This coven is based on the principles of real world Neo-Pagan and Pagan religions. Their magic is steeped in ritualistic practice and is not to be confused with fantasy magic or supernatural abilities.
    2. Location: Moonstone Lakes
    3. Status: Open
    4. Contact & Info: Nuki & Wiki Page
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