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POSTED: Sat Jun 27, 2015 8:49 pm

A Midsummer Nightmare

Unbeknownst to Anathema, a group of five loners called the Trenches their home. Since moving in and booting them out, the loners have been spitefully stalking Anathema's borders and taunting some of its members! It is clear that these canines do not agree with Anathema's beliefs or the general fact that they stole their home from them.

Finally having enough of their pestering, Kentaro has decided to attempt to capture them and use them for his own entertainment, in hopes to cease their constant pestering and get something good out of the deal.

These loners couldn't have come at a better time! Anathema's Summer Solstice holiday, and there's no better time to open the amphitheater fighting pits than now! In addition to the fighting pits, Anathema will be holding a large scale festival for its members, including food, music, dance, magick, and overall fun for all of its members!

How Will This Work?

There will be one main group thread to bring all members together, and the rest of the fun is up to you! +10 points for each event thread you participate in!

The amphitheater fights will be started by a leader. Your first post should detail a big chunk of the fight between your character and their opponent. Other members are free to participate as an audience (minimum one post required for bonus points). Fighting characters as well as members in the "audience" are free to post more than once! If there are any questions, please post them below!

What about the loners?

There will be only two options for our five loner friends: slavery or death. Members who are seeking to gain a personal slave may request by posting here. Loners who are not chosen for slavery will be killed in the amphitheater against their opponents.

In addition to exciting amphitheater fights and cultural activities, there will be many rank thread opportunities!

If you are interested in participating in the amphitheater fight, please post below and mention which NPC you'd want to fight and the desired outcome.

  • Warrior Tier: Members that participate in the fighting may count their fight threads as rank threads
  • Caretaker Tier: Because it is highly likely that members participating in the fights will be injured in battle, those practicing medicine may count threads healing Anatheman participants as rank threads
  • Customs Sentinel: Members in this tier can count up to two event threads as rank threads due to it being a highly cultural event
  • Specializations: There will be many opportunities for character to easily obtain threads for specializations such as Scultator, Herbarius, Ossum, Gladiator, Comminus, and Tuitio.

Fight threads are not only limited to Warriors; anyone in Anathema is welcome to participate in the amphitheater fights!

Loner Information

  • Gender: Male
  • Name: Malus
  • Personality: Loyal, superstitious, stubborn
  • Skills: hand-to-hand, blades, martial arts, minor first aid skills, leather-working
  • Claimed by Skana

  • Gender: Male
  • Name: Ocke
  • Personality: Cautious, anxious, reserved, Atheist
  • Skills: martial arts, hand-to-hand, daggers, close-combat
  • Claimed by Theron

  • Gender: Male
  • Name: Ronan
  • Personality: Resourceful, self-disciplined, pessimistic, obsessive, crafty
  • Skills: ranged weapons (projectiles), tracking, scouting, blades, poisons, stealth
  • Claimed by Nyx

  • Gender: Male
  • Name: Briston
  • Personality: Resentful, self-disciplined, resourceful
  • Skills: Blades, hair-cutting, map-making, dyeing, spying
  • Claimed by Evangeline

  • Gender: Female
  • Name: Szenne
  • Personality: Strong-willed, aggressive, witty, dynamic
  • Skills: Projectiles, blades, general labor, horses, leather-working, scouting, butchering, minimal cooking skills
  • Claimed by Lukos


  • July 5th: Kentaro and a small group capture loners and lock them in the dungeons.
  • July 6th: Amphitheater fights begin
    • Ronan vs. Nyx
    • Ocke vs. Axelle
  • July 7th: Amphitheater fights
    • Briston vs. Kohaku
    • Szenne vs. Lithia
  • July 8th: Amphitheater fights end
    • Malus vs. Skana
  • July 9th: a large scale bonfire, feast and celebration of summer solstice is held

Amphitheater Fight Threads

Round I

  • Ronan vs. Nyx
  • Ocke vs. Axelle
  • Briston vs. Kohaku

Round II

  • Malus vs. Skana
  • Szenne vs. Lithia


Thread Prompts

As mentioned above, here are some thread ideas to help you get involved! While you don't have to use these specific thread prompts, we do encourage you to make some other kind of spin-off thread involving food, fun, music, dance, magick and trouble associated with the loners and the amphitheater festivities!

  • Prepare for the amphitheater events by training with a friend! You can work on your agility, strategy, strength, or anything else that will help you win!
  • Go hunting with a few pack mates for a large animal to contribute to the celebration feast! If you don't feel like hunting, you can also scavenge (or trade) for other supplies for the feast such as alcohol or seasoning!
  • Steal something valuable from a loner's belongings. Since they are Anathema's property and that means their property is your property, right? Taunt them with it, use this item for your own benefit by either manipulating them, blackmailing them, or trading it for something useful!
  • Place a curse or hex on one of the captives for fun! You can even slip a potion into their food source to make them believe they've been afflicted - or not!
  • Tease, torture, or otherwise mistreat one of the captured loners! This can be done in a number of ways, which are all up to you, as long as the loner is not mangled beyond function or killed!
  • Have your own ideas? PM the OOC Account for approval!

When Do I Sign Up?

Sign ups begin today and end July 3rd!!

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Claiming Briston
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POSTED: Sat Jun 27, 2015 9:05 pm

Nyx is gonna claim Ronan! She will fight him and then take him as a slave~

Nyx would also like to assist in the capture!
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POSTED: Sat Jun 27, 2015 9:18 pm

I'd like to claim Malus for Skana, please!

I'd also like for her to help Capture the Loners, please! If I'm allowed, could I also bring along NPC Vepar and NOT have it count as one of the 4 members? ^__^;

If I can, could I also allow for Skana to perhaps be able to interact with Malus before the fights (maybe originally to heal a minor wound resulting from his capture so that he'll be a "better candidate" for the arena fights? Ending with her arguing with him and such x3), and then ultimately fighting Malus and claiming him as a slave, if I can? :O Someone else can fight him before her--if he's needed to fill a fighting slot--so long as they don't permanently maim/kill him xD

As far as the plot itself, I can offer Skana for taking care of injuries if anyone plans on gettin' ruffed up in the fights! ^__^
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POSTED: Sat Jun 27, 2015 9:34 pm

Szenne for Lukos, please. I'd also like to assist with the capture if possible.
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POSTED: Sat Jun 27, 2015 9:35 pm

I'd like to claim Ocke.

If possible, I'd like to also assist with the capture. Theron hasn't yet had much of an opportunity to prove himself yet.
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POSTED: Sat Jun 27, 2015 9:41 pm

Anyone is more than welcome to interact with the NPCs after their capture and before the fights! We encourage it! Skana definitely can heal him/interact with him, etc.! :)

Now that all the loners are claimed, start claiming fight threads! Corie has a great idea - your character can definitely claim them after a fight! Your character can also fight someone else's loner the first round and claim theirs the second; or once one of them are sentenced to death, your character can intervene and claim them the last second! >:)

Round II was left flexible in case there wouldn't be much killing in the first round. We don't have to fill up all the spaces for Round II, but it would be nice to at least have a few fights for then too.

And definitely let us know if you want to go capture loners!!!

UPDATE: Changed some of the thread prompts to make them more loner/event intensive! You are always encouraged to PM us if you have your own ideas for potential prompts too!
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POSTED: Tue Jun 30, 2015 1:57 am

I'd loooooove for Axelle vs. Ocke to happen for the first round & also Lithia vs. Szenne would be cute lol. No killings, of course!

So here's my ideas:

Axelle vs. Ocke: A Round I fight that could potentially be broken up by Kentaro because both are pretty decently matched. Ocke is good in his trade and Axelle is unwilling to give up & lose. Both fighters have some injuries, Ocke has more. (none that will incapacitate him, but maybe loss of blood and exhaustion will muck up his performance after a while).

Lithia vs. Szenne: Because Szenne has fighting skills, but mostly domestic experience - I was thinking her and Lithia could go head to head and basically fight to exhaustion. Lithia knows how to use her weapons, but isn't a pro. She's more into stealth. She'll probably kick her around more than anything else. Both women will sport non-serious injuries and it will go on until Szenne gives up - kneeling and dropping her weapon. Also, thought this could be a Round II fight even if no one fights her the first round.

Mike & Weiss message me if this is no good or you have other ideas for outcomes? Input is appreciated since they are now your NPCs :D

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POSTED: Tue Jun 30, 2015 7:54 pm

Kohaku vs anyone! Please. And if someone drops out on the capture thread I offer him as a backup.
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POSTED: Wed Jul 01, 2015 2:43 am

Kohaku & Lithia added and Capture Thread Participant error fixed ~

Also, fights were split between two rounds for simplicity. If anyone wants to go for a second round with any loner NPC, let us know! We'll add it! Spaces are fluid.

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