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August 1- 31, 2016

POSTED: Sun Jul 31, 2016 8:51 pm

AniWaya Fill the Forum Contest!

Alright, folks. In true Canadian style, we're having a cottage-themed fill the forum contest! What does that mean? Canoe races, swimming in the lakes, lounging on Muskoka chairs, and a barbeque cookoff! All you have to do is post a wee bit to join in the fun! ;) We have included some prompts below for your posting pleasure, but any new thread started in the timeline counts toward the contest! Also, feel free to continue on with the cottage theme and develop your own ideas. Although we can't have face with tears of joy emoji pool floaties, luperci can still lounge about in the water to escape the summer heat!

The rules

Any post made between August 1 to 31 in the AniWaya category will count toward the fill the forum contest. Each post will garner you +20 points, with a minimum of 5 posts per thread. If you need some ideas, why not try out these prompts for size?

Once you have completed your threads, post links to them here to claim your points!

The individuals who makes the most posts will win a temporary 3-month title in AniWaya colours!


  • Canoe race: prove you're the very best, like no one ever was! Challenge another tribesmember to a canoe race.
  • Lounge in a lake: racing is far too hot, so why not take a load off and sit lakeside, kick back, and relax? And possibly chuckle at those silly tribesmembers who are racing in canoes, which looks so very strenuous!
  • Barbeque cookoff: roast some tasty food over the campfire. Impress all the other tribesmembers by skinning an animal and roasting it into an octopus on a stick!
  • Let's get crafty! It's not wintertime (yet) but AniWayans can start making a beaded belt to wear. For more info:
"The dress of the men consists of a short gown, generally called a hunting shirt, in the construction of which, considerable taste is sometimes displayed. A beaded belt (especially in winter) is worn around the waist. Coarse homespun pantaloons are the most common, but some old men disdain their use and wear deer skin legging (Manner of Cherokee Dress.
  • Ramp up the craft to eleven! Alternatively, craft some earrings made of sand dollars and scallops!
Cherokee carved bone, stone and wood into objects of art. They had a lively trade with the Seminoles and other coastal tribes for sea shells, particularly Conch shells and Clam shells. They carved beautiful breast-plates (gorgets) from the wall of the Conch and Clam shells. Earrings made of Sand Dollars and Scallop shells were common. Necklaces were made of carved bone and wooden beads. Some artists specialized in stone carvings of clan animal figurines used on Ceremonial Pipes and round stone balls used in a game called Marbles ("Art and Craft").

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Tammi and Rat

POSTED: Fri Aug 19, 2016 3:23 pm

Hey peeps! Anyone wanna jump in on a thread with me? I'm trying to decide which one to start/ join :OOO

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