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Mini-Plot + Posting Contest!

POSTED: Fri Sep 02, 2016 11:40 am

SL September/October Event

➤ Mini Plot: Sky Brothers

Salsola's short summer has been one of turmoil, death, and great change. Even though the days grow shorter and the dark of night steals earlier across the sky, the signs of autumn seem still far away as we cling to the memories of midsummer warmth – though many days now are overcast, and the grey ocean mist and clinging tendrils of fog seem to linger longer into the pale mornings... Especially in the darkest parts of the Blackwoods.

These next few crucial months will be peak harvest season for crops and native flora, and Salsolan members are encouraged to begin this gathering process. With our large and varied collection of livestock, the need for their food supplies during the oncoming winter season may seem like a far-off thought now while the air still lingers with warmth, but one can never be too prepared.

However, the clever Salsolans who take advantage of Drifter Bay's isolated location and prime growth for the harvest will soon realize that some things just aren't quite right...


In some places, great swaths of the open grasslands have been flattened, many in intricate, spiraling designs. The circular and looping shapes are unlike any written language that even Salsola's brightest scholars have ever seen. Though this anomaly seems odd enough on its own, other peculiarities have begun cropping up throughout the area – stones carefully piled into tall pyramid-type shaped cairns, and odd geometric shapes formed by supple branches lashed together, many suspended from the tall boughs of trees.

Unsure of whether or not to take these signs as a threat (and considering past harassment at our borders), Salsola has erred for caution, with the Leaders commanding all members to be on their guard; But the situation doesn't seem to escalate as predicted...

➤ How Will This Work?

In addition to our regular monthly thread prompts, Salsola will be having an ongoing mini-plot around the mystery of the appearance of these strange symbols and what they might mean. We'll be providing information, clues and updates throughout this month and the next, as the mini-plot will continue to run into October.

For the next two months, Salsolan members can earn all sorts of fun prizes for participating in threads inside and more importantly outside of Salsola. While we know how hard it is to leave such an awesome place as our very own kingdom, these weird events aren't happening inside the borders! We also hope that this encourages players to interact with Outsiders from other packs (gross!) – remember, a lot of our Jobs and even Faction roles revolve around things like deception and gathering information.

The neighboring coyote clan and Salsola share a Trade Pact, meaning that Salsolans will typically give Inferni the “first-pick” of goods that they intend to trade with other packs. Beyond this, the two groups have mutual ownership over the Drifter Bay Horses and often encounter one another when checking on the herds. These encounters range from friendly to suspicious, though our alliance with the 'yotes means that we must play nicely. Perhaps they have some idea about these strange anomalies in Drifter Bay?

➤ Rules & Important Dates

  1. Threads started and finished between September 1st and October 31st will qualify for prizes.
  2. All threads must follow our standard Game Rules to meet completion requirements:

  3. 'Threads must be completed in order to count for game points. Completion means you posted a minimum of 1,500 words across at least two posts. If the thread drops off because of inactivity, it must be the fault of your partner(s).'

  4. Completed threads in the Neutral Territories earn a bonus 10 points per thread.
  5. Threads within Salsola will still qualify for standard points, but are ineligible for the bonus points.
  6. You are not limited to threads revolving around the mini-plot! Any threads that take place within this time are applicable!

➤ Initial Clues

  1. The strange elaborate pattern in the grass of Drifter Bay seems to have some sort of design to it, though this is most apparent when seen from above. A winged friend might be able to help determine a more exact reflection...
  2. Someone is definitely behind the stick-figures hanging from the trees. The cord used to bind them seems simple enough to make, but could this help narrow down the culprit?
  3. Whoever made the hanging decor is most certainly connected to the strange and carefully stacked piles of rocks. These seem harmless enough, but what is their purpose? A closer inspection will reveal that sea-glass has been hidden within each of these fragile pyramids.

➤ Prizes

The idea is to get as many threads possible completed within this two month period. The players who complete the most threads will win some fabulous prizes!

  • First Place: Optime drawing of your Salsolan character by Mel
  • Second Place: Optime avatar of your Salsolan character by Alaine
  • Third Place: Secui/Lupus colored sketch of your Salsolan character by Mel
  • Mini-Plot MVP: Custom Title
  • All Participants: Special Event Anicomb

Much love and happy posting - Team Salsola

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Mel, Alaine, & Songbird

POSTED: Mon Sep 05, 2016 9:28 am

SL September/October Event


'It was a calm, blue morning; A pale sun rose over the far horizon, beginning the arduous task of burning away the grey fog that lapped between the pines like a great ethereal lake. It parted about the hunter's quiet feet, sliding over and around him with the touch of cool fingertips.

The man had left Pictou behind in the darkling hour before dawn. It was better to hunt further abroad before the autumn reached them; To give the prey that lived in Salsola's woodlands a short period of respite before the eventual oncoming maelstrom of winter.

He had already been successful this morning, and one hare bumped against his hip where the hunter had tied it to his belt. He was following a fresh deer-trail east a league up from the winding coastline when he saw the thing.

It was hanging from the bough of a stripped, old pine. At first, Lokr thought it might have been some sort of trap - Maybe the Infernians had come up with a new method of catching birds. But the closer he came, the more bizarre the thing seemed. It was triangular in shape, supple branches strapped together and bound in their corners with cord; It had, he thought, what seemed supposedly to be arms and legs, though it was abstract and strange in appearance.

Carved into the trunk of the tree from which it hang was a peculiar, rough symbol. Even as he noticed it, a queer chill ran down the Lord Commander's spine. He recognized it in spite of its simplification, as all who witnessed the fall of the Red Star would; A meteor.

Deserting the rest of his intended hunt, Lokr shouldered his hare and turned with haste back toward the far borders of home; There, he would spread word about the scouts and the hunters to be on watch. Something uncanny was afoot in Drifter Bay. Salsola had to be warned.'


Any Salsolan character can reference IC knowledge of this event.
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POSTED: Tue Sep 20, 2016 4:02 am

SL September/October Event


It began on a cool early morning not long after the waning of full night. The moon still held a crisp white silhouette in the blushing blue tones of the sky, speckled here and there with a dazzling of tiny white stars that wheeled slowly overhead.

It started not with a calamitous sound, but a hush. The quiet held deep in a damp white fog that curled up from the sea and crept inland, making hidden some things that would otherwise have been seen. It had rained overnight, and the fog and the wide stretch of plains glittered here and there with thousands of tiny dew diamonds.

Noble, who had been sleeping in a particularly pleasant thicket on the border of the Kingdom once raised by his master of old, awoke to a singular disturbance. What was that sound? He shuffled his feathers in curt dismay, and would have folded his long, elegant neck back under his wing but - Oh, there it was again! So persistent, though barely loud enough to rouse a single soul.

It is in the nature of such a bird to be curious. The sound reminded Noble of the click-clack noise that a fat juicy bug might sometimes make. Enticed by this, the peacock shuffled out his glorious plumage, and emerged from his private thicket.

The trees here in Drifter Bay were sparser than on the Salsolan side of the Pictou. They spilled out into thick scrub and then the rolling plains which fed the feral horse-herds to roam these parts. Following a familiar trail, the avian sashayed down toward the grasslands.

The scent of upturned earth and slashed grasses were good, for they likewise meant breakfast; All manner of birds would be attracted once the sun rose in full. Some even flew overhead now, drawn as the peacock had been. Occasionally, a jet black feather drifted down from the sky like strange, otherworldly snow.

The field was quiet and still. Noble left but a moment to check its emptiness before bustling down to make good use of the broken grasses. The pattern that had been carved out of them was strange, foreign, but they did not bother the peacock who was uninterested in such things. He followed the spiral, which led into the next, and found a great bounty of stunned insects among the damp loam.

A pale sun rose, and eventually, long after the bird had finished his pecking, the fog retreated; Leaving plain to sight the strange circular markings in the grass.

Somewhere in the treeline, a crow sounded a raucous cry.


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Mel, Alaine, & Songbird

POSTED: Sat Oct 22, 2016 10:32 pm

SL September/October Event


The Boss gave him very specific instructions – and they sent him looking in the deep woods and the land around the borders, where these strange signs continued to appear. Abendrot did not know what to make of their shapes. He had seen the starfall and what had come after. Even now he could remember the taste of it, and recalled that great and awful heat which had come from the sky.

Some of these signs were shaped like a comet, with sharp ends tailing behind a pointed shape which had been stained by something. It was high enough that unless he scaled the tree (which he had done once before already) the cat could not smell its source – but it was not unnatural, in his opinion.

Spotted and the rusty-red of the turning leaves, Abendrot traveled all the trails which he came across. Like all cats he stepped with velvet paws and over-awareness of his surroundings. His whiskers had only brush against a branch or tall grass to have him divert his step, to move and be as quiet as the wind. Sometimes he came across tracks – prey, mostly, but every once and a while one belonging to a canine.

He found one scent, very clear and very fresh, near a strange pile of stones. Like a small pyramid stood these rocks, and the cat was most certain that it had been placed there.

Confirming as much as he could – the scent was male, it was adult, and it was without others – the cat used his large paws to shove aside those stones he could move. Eventually, a hole large enough for his great paw formed.

There was something solid inside. Eventually, when he had managed to grasp it (more or less), the lynx yanked free a smaller stone. It was a brightly colored piece of glass, smooth to the touch and salty-smelling.

Abenrot shook his paw and expressed his displeasure by toppling the tower. He traced the man's scent as far as the river, and wondered if this was intentional. He turned south and followed the water until Salsola's borders loomed ahead.


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POSTED: Mon Oct 31, 2016 10:35 pm

SL September/October Event

➤ Contest Conclusion

A big thank-you to everyone who took part in our kooky Fall miniplot! We hope that it gave you some extra inspiration for threads over the past two months - Particularly if you have been participating in our contest, which (as of Oct 31st, Halloween) has come to an end.

As a reward for your hard efforts, there are a number of prizes up-for-grabs. Read on for details on how to submit your threads. We will be judging the submissions over the course of the next week, with winners being announced on Sunday, November 6th, so make sure to post your submission before then.

As a reminder, make sure to check that your thread/s qualify before submitting them. You'll find the rules as well as the list of prizes included in our first announcement post, here!

➤ Submission Information

To submit your threads and formally enter the competition, please post a filled-out version of the below submission form. Entries will be checked by Team SL over the course of the next week, so please get your submissions to us ASAP! If you have any questions about the contest, or need any clarification on the rules, just post with your enquiry below - We don't bite (provided the moon isn't full, that is).


Player Name: ---
Salsolan Character/s: ---

Thread List:
1. Thread Name - Character Name
2. Thread Name - Character Name
3. Thread Name - Character Name

Total Thread Count: ---
Total Post Count: Only important if you want to be considered for our MVP prize! Otherwise, leave out.

Comments/Suggestions: Did you enjoy the contest? How about the mini-plot? Would you like contests like these done more often? Have any ideas for other events we could run? Want to give us a high-five (please do)?

Code: Select all
[b]Player Name:[/b] ---
[b]Salsolan Character/s:[/b] ---

  [b]Thread List:[/b]
[url=LINK]1. Thread Name[/url] - [i]Character Name[/i]
[url=LINK]2. Thread Name[/url] - [i]Character Name[/i]
[url=LINK]3. Thread Name[/url] - [i]Character Name[/i]

[b]Total Thread Count:[/b] ---
[b]Total Post Count:[/b] Only important if you want to be considered for our MVP prize! Otherwise, leave out.

[b]Comments/Suggestions:[/b] Did you enjoy the contest? How about the mini-plot? Would you like contests like these done more often? Have any ideas for other events we could run? Want to give us a high-five (please do)?

➤ ... But What About The Mini-Plot?

Drat, and we would have gotten away with it too, if it weren't for you meddling kids! Keep an eye out, a resolution to the mysterious Sky Brothers plot will be posted sometime this week. We hope you have as much fun with it as we have ;>

Much love and happy posting - Team Salsola

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POSTED: Mon Oct 31, 2016 10:53 pm

Player Name: Raze
Salsolan Character/s: Loki Helsi

Thread List:
  1. There goes the world, there twirls my heart (9 posts, 2733 words)
  2. Wet flowers on the ground (5 posts, 1507 words)
  3. And over at the crossroad they stole the sign (5 posts, 1562 words)

I also have several other threads started for the event but not completed as per the rules. @_@ I am just putting these here for reference for MVP.

  1. [M] A penance and a pittance and a petal from their bed (6 posts, 1068 words)
  2. I was waiting at the ancient gate (3 posts, 697 words)
  3. Together, we rise (2 posts, 396 words)
  4. Tending the fire (2 posts, 451 words)
  5. Þurs vældr kvinna kvillu; (2 posts, 451 words)
  6. So you talk about who you see at the top (1 post, 273 words)
  7. the golden age is over (1 post, 206 words)
  8. taím chomh láidir le cú chulainn (2 posts, 437 words)
  9. It ain’t supposed to rain on a sunny day (2 posts, 404 words)

Total Thread Count: 3 completed (12 total)
Total Post Count: 40 overall (completed and non)
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POSTED: Tue Nov 01, 2016 12:14 am

Player Name: Salena
Salsolan Character/s: Weaver Valentine, Idrieus
Thread List:
1. Wet flowers on the ground - Weaver Valentine (4 posts, +1500 words)
2. So I tried to be like you - Weaver Valentine (5 posts, +1500 words)
(I am unsure if the following 2 count, but they became dead due to my partners. If not, then they are for MVP)
3. [M] Is the loss of sovereignty really the ultimate price? - Weaver Valentine (1 post, +300 words)
4. I always pay my debts - Weaver Valentine (1 post, +300 words)

Thread List: (Incompleted but for MVP)
1. for all these symbols don't open our eyes - Idrieus (2 posts, +700 words)
2. Horse Manure - Idrieus (2 posts, +600 words)
3. Packing magic and secrets - Idrieus (2 posts, +600 words)
4. In the night we can't rest - Idrieus (2 posts, +600 words)
5. Cause seeing clear would be a bad idea - Idrieus (2 posts, +600 words)
6. Baby I'm preying on you tonight - Idrieus (4 posts, +1400 words)

Total Thread Count: 2/4 completed (10 total)
Total Post Count: 25 posts (completed and non completed)
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POSTED: Tue Nov 01, 2016 7:41 am

Player Name: Kitty
Salsolan Character/s: Abeni
Thread List:
  1. no way back through the trap door - (5 posts, 1581 words)

Started but not completed:
  1. Stop me if I fall - (3 posts, 820)
  2. Claim your weapon now - (2 posts, 488 words)
  3. It ain’t supposed to rain on a sunny day - (3 posts, 749 words)
  4. Through many dangers, toils and snares - (4 posts, 1119 words)

Total Thread Count: 1 completed (5 total)
Total Post Count:17 (completed and non)
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POSTED: Fri Nov 04, 2016 10:38 pm

Sunday is coming up fast, guys! Make sure you submit your threads before it's too late :>

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POSTED: Thu Nov 10, 2016 10:13 am

SL September/October Event

➤ Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner!

Congratulations to the above posters - All three of you are winners!!!

At first place, we had a difficult decision - as both Raze (Loki) and Salena (Weaver) had 3 completed threads each! However, with the majority of posts taking place in the completed threads, we would like to congratulate Raze as our official winner for Salsola's Fall Contest. Congratulations! We would also like to note here that Raze has actually been Salsola's Top Poster with Loki for the past three months in a row; Due to this, and her landslide number of posts over the duration of the contest, we are also awarding Raze the Mini-Plot MVP!

Second place goes to Salena, with a remarkable effort. With 25 threads taking place during the course of the event, we think Salena has made a fantastic accomplishment! Salsola thanks you for your long-standing loyalty - Long live the queen!

Third place goes to Kitty. It is particularly commendable that Kitty was able to achieve such high levels of involvement with her Salsolan character, Abeni - As Abeni is a slave, which is considered by many OOC to be an exceedingly difficult rank to play. Congratulations on your achievement, Kitty!


Winners, we will be contacting you shortly to organize your prizes. To everyone who participated, we send our love - You are all winners in our hearts ;>

➤ Special Event Anicomb

Please note - Anyone who participated in the Sky Brothers Miniplot is now eligible to add this sparkling new Anicomb to their collection! This is a rare, one-time-only Anicomb: The Night Raven!

➤ Plot Conclusion

The eyes and ears of Salsola looked long and hard into the peculiarities they found at the borders. As it turns out, the cause is nothing of exceptional concern...it is in fact a strange sort of “communication” intended for our extraterrestrial “Sky Brothers”. Wait, say what?

You clever kids might have noticed that a newcomer has joined Salsola, under the watchful eye (and recommendation) of our Paladin and his sponsor, Basilaris Eternity. This Associate is one of the many to enter the Family, and our first non-slave pNPC. We hope that this provides our members with new opportunities and options for threads!

Nick isn't our only newcomer, of course! Many of these are currently stationed at our Portland Outpost, though we have a suspicion our Adoption Drive might bring faces to our Kingdom-proper soon! ;>

Much love and happy posting - Team Salsola

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