October Adoption/Recruitment Drive!

Get your very own Viking...and points too!

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Adoption Drive!

A Viking, you say?

Interested in joining Souls'? Already a Soulster and interested in playing a Viking? Had your eye on Vinátta for a while and want to join with your loner?

Vinátta is a four-year-old pack with lots of history, and cool culture. We encourage personal freedom, have many ranks and co-ranks to aspire to, and are a very inclusive pack meaning your character can grow in all sorts of directions. If this catches your interest, take a look at our adoptables that are ready to be played right away!

These characters are all well-established within the pack — unlike a regular joiner who has to start at the newcomer tier and accrue 20 posts before reaching Hollr, all of these adoptables are already Hollr (or higher)! So you can start them on a career path right away. :) They also come with connections, quirks, histories and relationships!


Picking up an Open Character in Vinátta normally lands you 50 points — for the month of October, we're doubling that reward, so you start off with 100! That gives you a headstart towards Game Prizes listed here. Your character starts off with its own Miyu avatar, seen below! And — once you join, your character will be awarded a special secret icon!

What about my Loner?

If you don't want to pick up a new character but still want to join us, there's prizes for you too! Joining in the month of October with an existing loner character also nets you 100 bonus points!

Advertise for points!

Current pack members, even if you don't have the time to pick up a new character, you can still help us find players by advertising! Link back to this topic and/or to our Wiki directory in your signature, be it text or using a button below, and post in our pack maintenance for a 10 point bonus.

Pack-Owned Characters

Pack-owned adoptables are adopted out from the leadership to roleplayers. If you are interested in adopting one of these characters, please contact Candace by private messaging the VN Account! You'll be asked for writing samples and basic plans for the character in question. These characters are expected to remain in Vinátta, and will be reclaimed as pNPCs if dropped.

  • Finch Moineau: ♀ Wolf; herbalist, crafter, trader
  • Finch is an aloof soul. She is cold around strangers and very secretive, hiding anything that she regards as a weakness -- while cunningly searching for weakness in others. Years as a trader have given her a keen eye for reading emotions, though she hides her perceptive nature in order to keep this as an advantage. It takes a lot for others to gain her trust and get her to open up.

    Born non-Luperci, some of her mannerisms and beliefs are at odds with the Luperci around her. She is not as feral as her brother, mostly thanks to her time as a trader, but still relies on body language and show her aggression in feral ways. At the same time, however, she is a hypocrite in her supposed belief that "Luperci stuff" is odd -- considering she peddles it and uses Luperci weapons and poisons.

    Underneath an aloof facade, Finch is a dreamer with a gypsy soul, prone to wandering. She is loyal to a fault toward those who've won her trust and respect, as well as immensely caring for those weaker than herself.

  • Jindabyne: ♂ Dog; shepherd, horse trainer, sailor
  • One of two twins, Jin is the dominant brother. He is always first to introduce himself, and often speaks for his brother as well, though Joon protests this. Jin is most often seen in his Optime form. He is skilled with horse care and training, though he has no horse of his own. He admired the captain of the ship he grew up on, and sometimes uses nautical terms like "aye, aye" instead of "yes", and "belay" instead of "stop". He also uses the most colorful language, cursing unabashedly in every language and religion.

    Jin has a good heart with a free spirit. He is cheerful and friendly, happy to help anyone who comes to the stables. He and his twin love to share their knowledge as well as their outlandish tall tales, and have been known to play mild pranks. They are happy with each other's company, and thus far don't appear to have an interest in romantic relationships, content instead with their flock and their intense sibling bond. They seem slightly unsettled around very young pups, perhaps because they have never spent time around them, or are reminded of their own unconventional origins.

    Other than choosing not to consume the meat of hoofed animals, Jin has relatively loose morals thanks to growing up with sailors, and it takes a lot to surprise him. He does not worship any religion specifically, and tend to be accepting of all faiths without questioning them.

  • Tarina Skadi: ♀ Wolfdog; entertainer, whittler, linguist
  • Tarina is a bubbly and cheerful wolfdog with a lot of energy and an optimistic, go-getter attitude. Others seem to gravitate toward her and she loves an audience, where she can sing or play her ocarina or share stories with those around her. Despite her extroverted nature, Tari uses the time when she isn't the center of attention to whittle things out of wood or bone that she can either use for herself or gift to others.

    Impulsive and persistent, Tarina can sometimes get herself in over her head and rarely gives up, which can occasionally make her seem obsessive. During these moments, Tari may seem strained or even a little crazed but it is usually better to offer her support rather than attempt to persuade her to give something up. She is very receptive to assistance and is happy to share her latest challenges and goals, or even teach others what she's learned, with those who show interest.

    Tari takes pride in her creative nature and loves to spread the joys of her abilities, be it in music or words or crafts, and can frequently be seen offering support or camaraderie in this way. Thick-skinned and confident, she is able to take criticism well and let unfriendly remarks roll off her back without effort.

  • Holis Reistad: ♀ Wolfdog; healer, sailor, linguist
  • Stubborn is the best way to describe the old wolfdog, a workaholic through and through. She's the kind of woman who would choose to skip meals if it meant getting more work done in the day. Age has made her an insomniac and she gratefully grasps at the extra hours for practicing her chosen crafts. Holis won't win any personality contests, she's prickly as a porcupine and difficult to work with but under her frosty exterior her heart is very loyal.

    Though she berates and nags at her charges, she would never turn anyone away who needed help regardless of who they are or if they had anything to offer her. She has little need for anything that's not absolutely useful, eschewing everything else for function. Her living spaces are always spartan, consisting of only what she absolutely needs to get by. Orderly, she hates mess and will fussily clean areas that don't even belong to her so be sure your space is clean before you invite her to your home lest you want to find her reorganizing your shelf.

    The old bat isn't very easy to learn from but she never turns away anyone who is interested in learning medicine, probably because she knows that even she won't live forever. She despises the ungrateful, boastful, and lazy.

  • Tak Oreille: ♂ Wolfdog; blacksmith, carpenter, animal caretaker
  • Tak is generally a quiet male unless he's been drinking, but either way he is not shy. He simply chooses to listen rather than talk and tends to be gruff and to the point when he does speak. When he's been drinking, how he acts depends wholly on his mood prior to imbibing as alcohol simply amplifies whatever he has been feeling and loosens his tongue.

    When he has been drinking is also nearly the only time anyone will see Tak angry. His anger is physical: he will rant and rave and break things around him, although he has not been known to harm anyone except the canine who made him angry in the first place. The other time his anger will be apparent is if someone is harming someone he considers his friend.

    He takes his blacksmithing very seriously and even if he is only repairing a weapon, he puts his best effort into it. Because he takes such pride in his work, his trade prices tend to be a bit steep, but he will make and repair weapons for his friends and pack members for little to nothing. Tak also likes to teach his skills to those who want to learn.

  • Cody Rhiannon: ♂ Wolfdog; father of Tobias
  • Cody Rhiannon is a Vald of Vinátta with a rich history and relationships in the pack! He is the rock of the pack, always there to talk to a pack mate going through a rough time. He is a teacher, a hunter and a skilled fighter in hand-to-hand combat and with weapons! He's very family-oriented, and one of his main goals in life is to be a father. (Avatar by Kitty!)

    Player-Owned Characters

    These characters are current members of the pack, many of whom were born on Vináttan soil and raised in the culture. They belong to their creators, and may be adopted by privately contacting those active players. Player-owned adoptables may have additional stipulations/contracts, so be sure to read everything on their profiles by clicking on their names!

    • Juno Kurosoul: ♀ Wolfdog; daughter of Chloé and Taro
    • Personality up to the adopter!

    • Bjorn Moineau: ♂ Wolfdog; son of Chloé and Taro
    • Personality up to the adopter to expand! Bjorn tries too hard to be cool and feigns aloofness around those he doesn't know well, but lets his guard down when he's truly happy.

    • Akara Firebringer: ♀ Wolf; daughter of Palaydrian and Bran
    • Personality up to the adopter to expand! Akara is quieter and more sensitive than her outgoing siblings. She is affectionate to the point of being clingy with those she cares for, but will go out of her way to avoid those she dislikes.

    • Ahti Firebringer: ♂ Wolf; son of Palaydrian and Bran
    • Personality up to the adopter!

    • Moss Opera: ♂ Wolfdog; companion of Aspen
    • Personality up to the adopter to expand! Protective, kind, and patient. He does not like bullies. Moss tends to be a bit serious, although that doesn't mean he's incapable of having fun. He's simply had a rough life so far, with fracturing oppressive packs and unpopular leadership changes. While relaxed, Moss is easygoing and calm, but when provoked, his anger is obvious and physical.

    • Tobias Rhiannon: ♂ Wolfdog; son of Cody
    • Personality up to the adopter to expand! A victim of harsh circumstances, Tobias is accustomed to isolation due to both his unusual looks and his disability. He relies heavily on his adoptive father, Cody, and seeks to emulate his hard-working and honest nature as best he can. Tobias is quiet, supportive, and loyal to the very end.

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    Cody's avatar is Kitty's doing. :) Request from a long time ago. I have other art I can throw at Cody's new player if he is adopted. No tables, unfortunately, but signature art and other avatars both photo manipulated and drawn by members of Souls and Deviantart.
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    Still a little over a week left to adopt, get points, and join the Vikings!

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