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POSTED: Thu Oct 06, 2016 11:19 am

The October News

Just like that, September has come and gone! We hope you're happy to bring out that fall attire once again, and hope you've gotten your fix of pumpkin-spice everything! Halloween is just a few few weeks away, and we hope you've picked out a rockin' costume to dazzle everyone with for this year. Or, just be yourself, because, who wouldn't want to be you? ;)

FILL THE FORUM: Fall Harvest and Fun!

On the Shores, our Luperci will be experiencing the start of the cooler months that are to come. The sun is still out, but, the days have begun to grow shorter, and the nights, longer. The waters around the island are at that in-between stage where it's not warm, but it's not freezing either. The island's greenery have started their gradual shift in color as well, and many of the smaller plants and herbs are in their dying stages (if they haven't wilted already!).

Some of the vegetation is in full swing though, and are ripe for the fall harvest! Houses, fences, and our livestock areas need to be fixed up and given proper maintenance too! In order to prepare for the upcoming winter months, the pack will need to work together! The time is now!

FOR THIS EVENT, we're looking for threads that show your Midnighter and someone else either preparing for the winter months or simply enjoying the fall (or Halloween) season! We've provided a list of ideas that might be fun to do, so, have your pick!

    Some Ideas for Threads!

  • Harvest the goods! (Thread Prompt) Fall is in full swing! Fruits, vegetables, and medicinal plants are in their last stretch of life for the year! Go help harvest some for the pack's stores, and maybe enjoy some of your handiwork while you're at it!
  • Trade some of the harvested extras for goods! There are many old farms full of crops and vegetables on the island, and there's plenty of food to go around! Trade some of our excess haul to other Luperci! These can be Loners or other packs! We can't store it all, so it'll just go to waste! You never know what they might trade for something that's rare or not not easily accessible!
  • Help our communal animals! Our livestock will need food and proper accommodations for the colder months! Help bail hay for winter or feed them some of the blemished pieces from the harvest! They aren't picky (usually). Fixing fencing and housing will be easier with the warmer weather than it will be with the bitter bite of the winter winds and snow! The ground is also easier to dig into right now!
  • Fix your own house and/or stuff around the pack! (Thread Prompt) Our pack animals aren't the only ones in need! Make sure your own home is winter-ready! Furs are the easiest way to maintain warmth (and they're comfy too); perhaps trade some of the harvest for them, or, make them yourself! Make sure you fix those water leaks or holes in your roofing or walls! They might not be a big issue now, but, you'll probably wish you'd fixed it when it was relatively warm outside! This goes for our stores as well! Make sure our storage areas are good and problem-free, or else all of our hard work will be for naught! The various ships and boats in the harbor will need to be seen to as well! Once the ice sets in, there will be no way we can fix any damaged hulls!
  • Try some tasty treats! (Thread Prompt) Visit Ember's Cafe for a tasty treat or delicious tea! Either go to relax, or, have a discussion with a packmate about life or recent events!
  • Pumpkins! There has been reports of a strange growth of large, round, squash-like plants in one of the various, overgrown farmlands in Kingsweald! Go check it out! Perhaps carve some up, eat them, or, feed them to the livestock!
  • Pranks! Though they may not know what the human-Halloween is, that doesn't mean your critters can't be mischievous! Give your packmate a good scare, but be careful to not take things to far! We're not responsible for bites or thrown objects ;D
  • I triple-dog-dare you! Strange noises and sightings have been seen near the normally peaceful Deephaven. The mist that hangs around the lake has been unusually thick as of late, and it only makes these spooky instances worse! Go check it out...unless you're a chicken! Take a packmate with you to see what's up, or, trick them into going with you if they're being difficult!
  • Costumes...or not! Word has it that one of the departments stores in Charlottetown had a floor collapse! Amongst rumble and debris is a treasure trove of strange clothing and human-made...skins? Figure out what the humans might have used the items for, or, have some fun and try on the rubber/plastic masks and other strange Halloween costume attire!

Remember, these are just ideas! There's much more that you can do!

How will this work?

You will have one month to get in as many posts/threads that have to do with a Fall or Halloween-type theme. These threads/posts can be made anywhere on the IC forums! This means that you can roleplay with non-pack members and outside the pack territory and you'll still get points! YAY!

Threads/posts made before this Newspost will not count, sorry :( As well, no Read-Onlys or Self-Threads, please!

Towards the end of this month, we will post another Newspost for everyone to submit their threads (so be on the lookout come the end of October!) Once all of the submissions are in, MS leadership will tally up who has the most, and a first, a second, and a third place will be decided. All participants will be rewarded for joining the event whether they win or not though!

The event will end November 6th at 12AM (Midnight) EST. This means any threads or posts made after this cutoff time will not be able to be counted! As well, if you have not replied to the follow-up Newspost by that time, your threads will not be counted to win any of the prizes listed below either! :(


Songbird will be doing the art portion of the prizes for this month's event!

  • First Place:
    • 100 Game Points
    • Full-color + shaded chibi OR avatar
  • Second Place:
    • 75 Game Points
    • Flat simple chibi
  • Third Place:
    • 50 Game Points
    • Flat simple avatar chibi
  • Any Participant:
    • 50 Game Points (and a big thank you for joining the event <3)

GROUP THREAD: Help make some wine!

As with the pumpkins, it looks like the old, abandoned farms in Kingsweald still have their uses! A vineyard has been found tucked away, and the grapes are ripe for being plucked! Ember has had a book tucked away for a while, and, with the help of Skana, the two are ready to test out an age-old method! While many may not care to partake in such a beverage, there are many others who will!

Malus has resurrected a containment bin left on the farm, and it's ready to be used! Of course, the juices will have to ferment, but, they'll have all winter to do that! Come help stomp some grapes and give the pack some trading revenue!

Be sure to be on the look out for the thread! Participants will be given the usual Game Points for joining, as well as an added 20 Game Points for participating in this pack thread! ;) Be social, Midnighters!

REMINDER: Adoption Drive

Just a reminder folks! Our Adoption drive is still in motion! Our player-less Midnighters would love to find their forever-home! If you haven't looked already, check out our pack's available characters! Maybe one might just strike your eye! We've listed a basic summary of each character to help you all see the potential that they have for plots and fun! Also, as an added bonus, adopting any of these characters will allow you 200 Game Points! That's double the amount that you'd normally get!

Something you want to see?

Midnighters and other 'Soulsters alike! Is there something you want to see implemented or done with the pack? Give us your suggestions! We're open to ideas if you have plots or events you think would be fun for everyone! :) If you have any ideas, be sure to send them to the pack's OOC account!

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