[SL] October Newspost

POSTED: Thu Oct 13, 2016 2:59 am

SL October Newspost

Trick or Treat?

The fall season is in full swing over the lands of the Thistle Kingdom, bringing with it heavy, cold rainfall and dense, lingering fog. As the temperature drops in its steep decline toward winter, Salsolans can expect chilly mists to rise up from the ocean and cloak large portions of the realm, lingering long after the sun has risen. Tantramar is sodden from the regular rainfall, living up to its more unpleasant reputation as a marshland bog. The forests and woodlands have taken on a brilliant motley coloring, with deciduous trees beginning to shrug off their foliage, which turns ripe orange, russet or gold before it falls. The evergreen pines stand dutifully throughout this transformation, their deep emerald color unchanged by the tumultuous weather.

Our landscape is not the only thing changed by the whims of October. Pack members feel the strange, ominous existence of the Blackwood spirits more strongly these days; As if their presence on the mortal realm is strengthened with each day that passes. A thick disorienting fog carpets the woods, muffling sounds and tripping up even the most sure-footed Vedetto. As the harvest season comes to an end, and the night of Samhain approaches, those who are open and sensitive to the ghostly inhabitants of the Blackwoods might sense them more than at any other time of the year. This is a prime time for witchy members of the Coven, who make good use of the thinner boundaries between the spirits and the living to their own mysterious ends.

And on top of everything, those mysterious happenings beyond the border continue to appear...

In the World of Salsola


Word is that the Salsolan Outpost, based in Fort Preble at Portland, has been doing extremely well for itself. Trade and riches flow through the small establishment, and the hardworking Salsolan merchants based there have sent a request to Queen Salvia for more recruits!

As such, a number of Salsolans will be making the migration along the coastline to the area's new bustling ports, where they will work hard to establish themselves as clever and discerning traders. There are a hefty number of individuals who have signed up for the task - among them, the once Sotto-Capo witch Isabella Heiwa. Salsolans will feel her infamous absence, as well as the absence of many others, in the weeks to come.

Any Salsolan is welcome to accompany the small group, which leaves on the morning of Oct 14th (attendance can be back-dated, within reason). Guards are wanted, and this is an excellent opportunity to go and check out the Outpost, or to pick up some wares to bring back to Salsola proper.

NPC Participants:

OOC Updates


Over the past three months since the SL borders close, our active membership numbers have slowly declined and steadied (as expected). This month, the leadership has decided it is time to re-open our borders to new joiners, as the kingdom has reached an acceptable size to welcome newcomers once more.

What does this mean for the pack?
Your characters are welcome to once more begin recruiting suitable Outsiders to join the elitist ranks of the Family! We will still be promoting pack adoptables, but general joining will return to its previous policies. Please remember that any character who recruits an Outsider is generally expected to become their Sponsor - Sponsoring a newcomer is a great way of proving your capability to the Sotto Capo! If you have any questions or concerns about the border re-opening, please don't hesitate to send us a PM.


We are excited to very soon be presenting our new promoted adoptables lineup! To encourage more members now that the borders have re-opened, we will be showing off some prospective Salsolans ready for the taking. These newcomers will be spiffed up with some art, a short blurb about them, and any relevant information on their adopter/contract. We're hoping to have them ready by the end of the month, so if you're thinking about adopting your next character, please keep an eye out.

Once the adoptables are live, a link will be placed here for you to check 'em out! They will be getting a post of their own, too - so don't worry, you won't miss 'em ;>


Our September/October Miniplot and Contest are in full swing - make sure you stay updated! We have some amazing prizes up for grabs, and your Salsolan characters still have plenty of time to get involved. There will be more clues and updates added throughout the course of October, so keep your eyes peeled, and remember - Get those threads going!!

Much love and happy ghosting - Team Salsola

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