[KR] Mid-October Newspost

POSTED: Mon Oct 17, 2016 9:04 pm

Krokar Mid-October Newspost

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A Season of Change

Just as autumn has whisked away summer's verdant foliage, dressing it in gowns of fiery hues, so too has our territory seen dramatic changes. After a modest influx of newcomers in September allowed us to celebrate our 20 member milestone, we have expanded our borders and alterations can be seen to our easternmost edge. Following the Miramichi River south, new stretches of the waterway has become available for Krokarans to sail and fish while increased land has allowed for exploration and interesting new discoveries.

Meanwhile, AniWaya's disbandment has resulted in a change to the southern territories and an increase in livestock for Krokar. The following animals are new and were gifted to the pack upon AniWaya's disbandment. Members are encouraged to help their pack mates get them settled in.

  • Gda + foal (mare; heavy PT farm work)
  • Amadahy (mare; somewhat RT)
  • Bub (stallion; somewhat PT)
  • Jack (gelding; PT)
  • Sakoni (mare; in-training)
  • 4 head of cattle (1 bull, 3 cows)
  • 8 sheep (1 ram, 7 ewes)
  • 6 chickens (1 hen, 5 chicks)
  • 4 ducks (1 hen, 3 ducklings)

We would also like thank everyone who participated in our pNPC mini-contest and congratulate Iroquois (Gen) on winning the icon raffle! To reward their hard work, the following pNPCs have been promoted:

  • Elias Blueridge — Falconer & Angler
    • Greenhorn -> 17 October
    • Outrigger -> 17 November

Landmark Contest

Adventure is Out There!

As a result of our 20 member milestone, Krokar's territory has expanded and San has graciously updated our pack map to reflect these new changes. Sadly, it's looking awfully bare and we need your help to fill in the blanks with some delightful new landmarks!

Starting on October 18th, our fearless Captains are encouraging you, our faithful members, to do a little exploring and report to them what you've found within the confines of our expanded territory. Landmarks must be submitted during the duration of the event. Threads are optional and can be finished at any time. This contest will end on November 18th.

For added incentive, we're offering extra game points for landmark submissions. So put your thinking caps on and start exploring!

Signing up?

All you have to do is come up with an interesting, unique, fun, and/or useful landmark idea that you think would make a fantastic (and realistic) new addition to Krokar's territory and PM the KR account with your idea using the form below.

Please include a name and short description of 150 words or less for the landmark. For additional points, we recommend including a picture (along with source) with your landmark submission. Submit a thread to coincide with your discovery for optimum points!

Please note that descriptions might be modified by the Krokar leadership.

Submission Form
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[b]Landmark Name:[/b]
[b]Landmark Description:[/b]
[b]Landmark Image (if applicable):[/b]
[b]Thread Link (optional):[/b]
Game Points

Points will be automatically counted for landmark submissions. Threads are optional and must meet completion requirements before points can be claimed. Members are free to collaborate on ideas and names; all contributors will get the points.

  1. 30 points for a name/description that gets used, at least in part.
  2. 20 points for submitting a thread to coincide with your discovery.
  3. 10 points for submitting a free-to-use image to go with your find.

Website Update!

The website layout has been completely updated! If the old layout is showing up or something looks strange, try a hard refresh (ctrl + r on windows or cmd + r on a Mac). If the issue persists, please let us know via the KR Maintenance thread or PM the KR OOC account. Thanks!

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