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POSTED: Tue Nov 01, 2016 12:46 pm

The November News

We hope everyone had a good spooky October and got a lot of candy (be it from trick-or-treating, parties, or just buying your own!)! If you like these colder months, hopefully fall weather is in full swing in your area! If you don't, spring is only...five months away! This month, we wish everyone luck on the last stretch of the fall semester! Get those projects done (early) and make sure you get your grades where you want them! Cramming is never fun! Also, hope everyone has a good Turkey Day!

There will not be an event this month so that everyone can have a break and focus primarily on school and the upcoming holidays!


A rare animal has appeared! A lone, large bull moose has been spotted in the northern portion of the island. The bull is grizzled with age, and his pelt is torn from his long years of fights; wins and loses. It seems, this year, the rut (and old age) have finally beaten and chased him out of his kingdom, and he has sought refuge on the Shores. Either winter will take him, or illness will if he is not taken down before then. It's time for the Luperci to do the jobs nature designed them for.

Skana will be leading the hunt! When the thread is up, we'll post an update to this Newspost and to the Twitter feed! This thread will be mandatory (we're going after a moose, kids! We need all the help we can get!), however, you only need to post once! :)

October Event: Fill the Forum!

We wanted to thank everyone who participated in our Fill the Forum event last month! We know it's hard to juggle school, work, and social stuff, so, we were happy to see you all make a stab at it! Remember to submit your threads/posts in our Event Submission Thread! The deadline is November 6th at 12 AM (Midnight). Even if you don't win, you'll still get Game Points for just participating! :)

Winners will be announced November 7th.

REMINDER: Adoption Drive

Just a reminder folks! Our Adoption drive is still in motion! Our player-less Midnighters would love to find their forever-home! If you haven't looked already, check out our pack's available characters! Maybe one might just strike your eye! We've listed a basic summary of each character to help you all see the potential that they have for plots and fun! Also, as an added bonus, adopting any of these characters will allow you 200 Game Points! That's double the amount that you'd normally get!

Something you want to see?

Midnighters and other 'Soulsters alike! Have any helpful feedback about the events that we've done? Is there something you want to see implemented or done with the pack? Give us your suggestions! We're open to ideas if you have plots or events you think would be fun for everyone! :) If you have any ideas, be sure to send them to the pack's OOC account!

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