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POSTED: Mon Nov 07, 2016 11:36 am

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Demotions and Promotions

We realize that there has not been much reason to really think about demotions and promotions for many, especially those in the Noble ranks. However, we figure now is as good a time as any to remind everyone what leadership expects!

As a quick note, the following chart is of our numerical values for counts. This chart is also located on the website.

0 - 4 posts per month
5 - 10 posts per month
11 - 15 posts per month
16+ posts per month

Typically, counts that fall in the Poor category will oftentimes be demoted, especially in the case of Chevalier to Seigneur. For Nobles, this adds a strike to that character for the month. After 2 months of consecutively poor counts, members are warned and given the following month to improve counts. In order to maintain their rank, characters should aim for the Average - high Average end of post counts, depending on their rank - higher ranks are expected to participate more as they are key players in the hierarchy.


  • Bob the Baron has received his warning and posts 5 times the following month. While this not Poor, it is low on the Average side. Bob would be demoted as he is of a very high rank and expected to at least maintain high Average numbers.
  • Fanny the Freifrau received her warning and posts 9 times the following month. As her count is a high average number, she would not be demoted and her strikes cleared.

If counts do not improve with the third month, characters will be demoted to the next highest rank (eg. Knight to Squire). For those demoted, they may not reuse old threads and any new promotion threads must be made / completed after the demotion.

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