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POSTED: Thu Dec 01, 2016 3:04 am

December News

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Happy December!

Thanks everyone for making it another great year for us! We have a couple of things for you this month!


Firstly we have a brief survey for you to fill out so we know what sorts of events to run next year! Let us know what worked and what didn't work by filling it out here:

Survey Link

Livestock Naming Contest!

We have some communal animals we'd like our members to name! We'll be running one poll for each. PM us on the Krokar account with your ideas! Each idea will get you 15 game points, with an extra 30 if your name is voted in! Limit four name submissions per player; you can submit four for one animal, one each, two and two, however you want! Just specify what you're submitting for. Submissions end December 17th.

Our nameless animals are:

Landmark Contest Results

A big thank you to both Gen and Rat, who contributed new landmarks for our map! We have added your points for you! Full descriptions are on the wiki, but here's a summary:

  • Beaver Dam Pond: A small offshoot of the Miramichi River has been dammed by beavers. (Submitted by Rat).
  • Stora Kvarnen: a sturdy wood and stone mill. (Submitted by Gen).
  • Knee High Village: a village of foot-tall houses in the Miramichi Wilderness. (Submitted by Rat).

Rank Update!

In an effort to clean up our rank table we've separated NPCs into their very own rank: Riparian! All NPCs previously titled as Greenhorns, and any Krokaran NPC'd in future activity checks, will be retitled as Riparians and moved into this section of the rank table. We hope that this will make the table look a little cleaner and help everyone more easily differentiate NPCs from played characters. :)

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