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POSTED: Thu Dec 08, 2016 2:18 am

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Training Months Discontinued

It has come to our attention that training months are no longer engaging for members and their participation has steadily decreased over the course of the year. In alignment with member necessities, we will be discontinuing training months for the foreseeable future, active now. However, we will continue to reward members who choose to complete training or fighting-based threads (for fun or ranks) by awarding 15 game points per thread, for your efforts! Remember, Casa di Cavalieri is a pack of protectors first and foremost, and it is still highly encouraged that your characters actively train in-game!

Jazper's Passing and the Disbandment of Midnight Shores

Our allies, Midnight Shores, are in the process of disbandment. After the loss of Jazper, some members of Midnight Shores have traveled down south to join us in a funeral for the Knight patriarch. (All members of CdC can participate in the funeral ceremony here) The Midnighters will participate in the funeral but will never return to Midnight Shores for unknown reasons, and this will initiate the decision of MS to disband. Feel free to mention the funeral and the envoy in your characters' posts. We are sorry to see our alliance end :( !

Yearbook and SSWM

For those of you who do not know, the end of the year is marked with the awesome 'Souls Yearbook! Make sure to add your suggestions, nominations, and votes for the yearbook. Yearbook is a fantastic way to remember your character and see how they grow year to year, so remember to submit! Also, in January, 'Souls hosts 'Souls Super Writing Month, a competition against yourself to write, write and write! Keep your eyes open for more information from the SA!

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