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POSTED: Wed Apr 12, 2017 12:34 pm

SL April Newspost

➤ Ill Winds, Still Waters

Spring has returned once more to the barren crags and fertile terra of Eastern Canada, but not without consequence...

In the coming weeks a foul sickness will fall upon the blooming land with unseen blight. The lushness of the springtime growths is a vivid fervent green, and in them lies a terrible unknown - with their limited understanding of illnesses and bacteria, even our cultured Salsolan brethren will have no guard or warning against the rampant spread of moss and algae, and the valuable waterways they contaminate.

As with most packs on the peninsula and coastal mainland, we will suffer through the effects of the spring illness. Those who are very young, infirm or elderly should beware contact with infected individuals, as their weakened immune systems will put them at much greater risk of contracting the more severe symptoms of the sickness.

➤ Board-Wide Plot: Spring Sickness

As the early tides of April progress, it becomes increasingly apparent to the denizens of the Thistle Kingdom that something strange and unpleasant is going on. Reports from our traders abroad about prey animals behaving oddly reach home when our own livestock begin to show worrying symptoms.

Soon the stone halls and open, crooked pathways of the Ruins will echo with hollow coughing. Those who previously relied on their strength and stamina may find themselves surprisingly short of breath. Though the sickness might not effect everybody, its rampant spread is enough for alarm and dismay.

Our precious livestock will be dealt a heavier blow, being the first to sicken and grow weak. Pack members might report seeing a dead sheep or fowl on the boundaries of their grazing fields, and particular concern is raised when some of Salsola's greatest assets, our equine companions, show signs of faltering.

Unfortunately, not as many eyes will notice how quickly the sickness spreads through the communal slave quarters...

Salsolans will approach the sickness in a myriad of ways, but some united voices can be heard clearly above the rest: The spreading illness drives many Luperci to re-invest in their faith. Called upon by the sickly and the healthy alike, the coven - led by the Crone, and with the Seer to guide them - may take matters of understanding and curbing the blight into their own hands.

With magic, herbalism and religion a comforting and familiar defense, the witches will be in high demand to provide imaginative rites of cleansing and potent brews of healing. Word has it that their forces may be called together to aid in a ceremony (the first of its kind), directed by Loki Helsi, to banish whatever evil spirits or portents have brought this sickness among the living. However, not all members of Salsola are quite so keen as to put their faith in such things...

➤ Notable Pack Events/Prompts

  • Many of the newborn lambs begin to show signs of illness, and an attempt to contain the disease results in culling.
    • Prompt: After the initial outbreak, any Salsolan may assist in the culling of lesser livestock (sheep, lambs, chickens, piglets) if they notice that an animal has taken sickly. Or perhaps you are too soft-hearted, and strive to nurse the sickly critters back to health?
    • Prompt: Bojangles seems to have a bit of a sniffle and a cough! :( He has been quarantined, confined to a solitary pen on the outskirts of Marrgerd and kept away from our valuable horses. But he doesn't at all like being lonely, and his deep sorrowful lowing and bellows can be heard all the way to the Ruins. Keep him company, or bring him some treats to make him feel better!
  • Special concern is put to the care of the horses. Members are not permitted to take communal horses from the barns during this time.
  • A horrifying sight appears at Lake Ligeia, as the sudden death of a large number of fish brings them floating to the surface. Notably, a large algae growth appears in the stillest parts of the lake, turning it a vibrant and almost putrescent green.
    • Prompt: A terrible smell rises from the lake as the fish begin to decay. Perhaps someone aught to dredge them out and burn them...
  • Determined to face this sickness head on, Salsola rallies around its spiritual defenders - The Coven. A large ceremony is held by the Crone to cast out this infection, while the witches work their magic as best they can...
    • Prompt: Feeling that first tickle in the back of your throat? Trying to hide that little cough you've developed? Why not have a chat with your friendly neighborhood witches, and see if they can cook something up to keep the sickness at bay!
    • Prompt: Without a Cleric to lead the way in medicinal care, the kingdom seems to have gone a little spiritually haywire; Perhaps you're an aspiring medic, and have a more sensible approach to help your neighbor out.
  • Both aging communal slaves Khirot and Tarat begin to show signs of infection, which become more serious as the days go on...

➤ Participation Prizes & Points

  • All threads revolving around the Spring Sickness that take place within Salsolan territory are welcome to a +15 Game Points bonus!
  • If your character is using this as an opportunity to become a Curandero/a, please PM the leadership; 3+ threads revolving around healing sick Salsolans will give you a fast-track option to earning this Job :>
  • A three-month, temporary title in Salsola's colors is available to players who complete all of these prompts.
  • Whomever participates in the most Spring Sickness related threads with their Salsolan character (threads outside of SL do apply) will be awarded the Sick Trout icon:

  • Much love and happy posting - Team Salsola

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Just a reminder to everybody that there are titles, points and a very stinky icon up for grabs for Salsolan participants in the Spring Sickness plot! We will be judging the winner/s and ending the event in SL after the final date for threads to be included, May 10th, when the effects of the illness have (for the most part) faded away - so you still have two whole weeks to get postin'! ❤

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I tried~ nobody likes the grumpy Jagermeister...

Sickness related

Culling prompt

Fish prompt

Bojangles prompt

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^ We love the big grump he is A+ magnifique
All your threads are OK for the +15 game points <3

SL, please post here so that we can judge prizes etc! Remember, no posts or threads done after May 10 count. The dead trout icon will be awarded out very soon, so make sure you let us know by then how many threads you've completed!
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Gonna go ahead and post up my threads here as well.

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^^^ Anybody else? We've got a dead tie for the fishy icon atm!

(those are all good for the +15 bonus Salena! <3)

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