[CdC] Spring Sickness

POSTED: Sat Apr 15, 2017 10:41 pm

Image Casa di Cavalieri Spring Sickness

Rain, rain, go away, come again another day...

It seems with the incessant rain an unwelcome illness has found its way into the Cavaliers' Kingdom. As the territory becomes more treacherous with warm swampy grounds, an unlikely enemy approaches that will turn once-proud knights into coughing, shivering, miserable shells of their former selves.

A board-wide plot has struck! Please remember to read over the main sickness newspost for more details on symptoms, rules, timing, et cetera. Here is how Casa di Cavalieri will be affected!

Timeline & Thread Prompts

  • April 10 — May 1: The rains begin, and Casa's grounds become swampy and wet. Puppies and adults both beware slipping or sinking into the troublesome mud pools that have developed. The river running through the Fort overflows and makes the gardens particularly treacherous.
    • Thread Prompts...
      • (1) Have your character get stuck in the mud swamps or swept up by the river, and/or save another character from such a predicament!
  • April 15 — April 20: Casa's Lune begins to act strange, and the calves and chicks exhibit strange symptoms of illness. Tennyson and Clara begin to mimic Luca's odd symptoms, and talk of a disease outbreak begins. By the 20th, all of Casa's chicks are found dead. All consumption of chickens is banned, and Morty begins to examine members showing symptoms.
    • Thread Prompts...
      • (2) With the Lune sick, gossip begins to spread. Have your character deliberate over the strange illness or what may befall Casa if Luca doesn't make it.
      • (3) Some members believe that the death of the chicks and the endless rain are bad omens. Have your character pray to their deities or share concerns with other members.
  • April 20 — April 30: More of Casa's members fall sick to the strange illness in varying degrees of severity and are put in quarantine in the clinic and Courthouse guest rooms. Rocco the ram and some of the oldest and youngest horses fall severely ill. A hunting group is sent out to locate fresh food but return with a measly success and news that many animals in the territory have died (2-3 VOLUNTEERS). On the 21st Lyris holds a pack meeting in Luca's absence to determine food distribution and quarantines, and sends 1-2 Cavaliers (1-2 VOLUNTEERS) to check in with neighbouring packs to assess the sickness's spread.
    • Thread Prompts...
      • (4) Your character is sick! Have a thread where your character displays symptoms and/or is with Morty or already in quarantine.
      • (5) Your character is in the hunting group! (2-3 VOLUNTEERS) Participate in the group thread where characters locate a measly amount of food and locate dead animals in the territory.
      • (6) Pack meeting! Participate in the pack meeting thread and have your character listen in or speak up.
      • (7) Your character has volunteered to travel to a neighbouring pack and check in to see how far the sickness has spread (1-2 VOLUNTEERS).
      • (8) Care for a sick member or livestock animal.
      • (9) The livestock must stay separated (sick to the barn, healthy to the stables) and may have to share close quarters. Help move these animals to correct locations and assist in breaking up any fiesty/aggressive animal encounters.
  • May 1— May 10: On the 1st, Rocco is found dead in the barn (RO volunteer). However, this seems to be the last bout of bad luck because the calves seem to be on the mend and the chickens no longer have sickly eggs. Some of the Lune's health has returned, and he along with several others begin to be released from quarantine. Lyris makes a pack announcement that Luca and others are recovering and that all old meat must be tossed/destroyed and members are encouraged to hunt for fresh stores. The rains trickle to a stop, and by the 10th Casa's once-swampy grounds and sick members are practically back to normal.
    • Thread Prompts...
      • (10) Continue to nurse members to health as they recover and help Morty where possible. Assist in moving recovered livestock back to their proper places and care for them as well.
      • (11) Go hunting! Fresh meat is needed in the stores.
      • (12) Burn or throw into the ocean any animal bodies that have died from sickness. Help cleanse the territory once again.

Participation & Prizes!

  • All threads that take place in CdC revolving around the sickness or one of the above prompts can earn a bonus +15 points for the pack game!
  • Many sickness-related threads can count towards completion of a co-rank challenge thread of the following: Medico, Verde, Spirito, Cavallo, Mandria, Cibo, Acqua, Trovare, Ambassador
  • The member who completed the most thread prompts will receive a 3-month custom title of choice in a Casa colour fade! (Can send description to Ann who will create the title for the member)
  • Remember to cover your mouth when you sneeze and dive on into the plot!

Image Thread Volunteers

If you would like to volunteer your character for one of the following threads, please post below! If your character is going to fall ill, they are unable to participate in the hunting party or pack scouts threads.

Volunteer for the following...

  • 1 VOLUNTEER FULL: Dead Chicks (RO) This character will find all of the chicks dead in the coop (approximately 8-10 chicks) in a Read Only thread! Overshadows the forthcoming of the illness. Dated ~ April 20th
    • Sian Damaichu
  • 2-3 VOLUNTEERS: Hunting Party (STARTER NEEDED; 1 group thread) CANCELLED: 2-3 characters are selected to go hunting for untainted meat in the pack lands. They will come home with a measly victory of a few rabbits/birds or other small prey, but will mostly encounter many dead animals in the pack lands due to sickness. Dated ~ April 23rd
    • cancelled
  • 1-2 VOLUNTEERS FULL: Pack Scouts (1-2 threads with members of other packs) 1-2 members are selected to visit Inferni or CdM and meet with a member on the borders to obtain information about the pack's wellness, in order to determine how far-spread the illness is. Dated ~ April 25th
    • Arlen Stryder + Teagan Stryder (CdM), Grynn Garcia-Knight (Inferni)
  • 1 VOLUNTEER FULL: Rocco's Demise (RO) This character finds Rocco the ram and long-time member of Casa dead in the barn. Dated ~ April 30th
    • Aldora Knight
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POSTED: Sat Apr 15, 2017 11:03 pm

If he's not too young, I'd like to volunteer Arlen as a pack scout.

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POSTED: Sun Apr 16, 2017 3:54 am

Could Sian find the dead chicks? :o

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POSTED: Sun Apr 16, 2017 7:19 am

aww Myra's gonna be too sick for most of any of this /sadface

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POSTED: Mon Apr 17, 2017 12:30 am

@ Rat: Yes! Feel free to put up that RO whenever you'd like, just be sure to date it to around the 20th!

@ Kris: we talked!

@ Shaw: </3 there's still lots of thread prompts for the sickies!
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POSTED: Fri Apr 21, 2017 8:47 am

RO is up!
Sorry I'm a day late!

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POSTED: Wed Apr 26, 2017 2:05 pm

I'd like to volunteer for the finding Rocco dead RO as well as the hunting party thread. I will start if no one else does.

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