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POSTED: Wed Apr 19, 2017 2:36 am

Spring Sickness!

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What's This?

It’s a fact of life in Nova Scotia that along with the spring melt, so comes the spring sickness. The rising temperatures and release of bacteria held within the snow as it melts create a melting pot of bacteria new and old, a perfect breeding ground for fungus, algae, and mould. To top it all off this year’s spring melt also introduces a strange bacteria, causing an illness which spreads quickly throughout Jordheim.

The Sickness

An unknown illness caused by rampant bacterial growth in the wetlands spreads throughout Nova Scotia and surrounding areas. Its infection vector is unknown, but does not seem to be airborne. In addition to affecting canines, it also seems to affect most wildlife and livestock, including herd animals, other mammals, and fish. Birds seem the least affected.

Symptoms may manifest as any of the following, often in combination. Extremely young and old are more vulnerable, and chronic conditions may remain.

  • Fever & shivering
  • Loss of appetite, weight loss & vomiting, possibly with blood
  • Rapid dehydration
  • Eye discharge
  • Difficulty breathing (e.g., coughing, wheezing and other unusual breathing sounds)
  • Sore muscles & stiffness in muscles, legs, stiff gait
  • Depression
  • Dark red speckled gums (petechiae)
  • Runny nose & swelling of the mucous membrane / lymph nodes

For the most part, the illness itself does not seem to be necessarily fatal. However, symptoms can become extremely severe in younger, older, smaller, or otherwise weaker individuals, which, if left untreated, may lead to death. For example, livestock with severe appetite loss may eventually die of starvation.

Eventually, constant rain will hit at the end of April, followed by a dry spell in mid-May. This will cull back the rampant bacterial growth, and as areas dry out, the effects of the illness will lessen gradually.


  • 10 Apr: Steady rain begins and the area grows warm and wet.
  • 15 Apr: Canines and other animals begin to exhibit symptoms of the illness.
  • 20 Apr: The illness is in full swing.
  • 1 May: The wet weather gradually comes to a stop, and those first (surviving) infected begin to recover.
  • 10 May: The dry spell soaks up the excess moisture in the land, and most of the surviving infected have recovered by now.

What Does This Mean for Me?

Your Vikings may begin exhibiting some of the symptoms of the disease, to whatever extent you desire. NPCs in the pack will also be affected and even some of the livestock. There will be much work to be done in Vinátta throughout the month including maintaining medical supplies, tending to ill pack mates and livestock and, with the rising waters from the snow melt, preventing flooding in high risk areas.

Thread Prompts and Points!

Jumping into an AW or creating an AW thread with the tagline [Spring Sickness] will earn you 10 points! Each one of the thread prompts below will earn you 15 points each on top of regular posting points!
  • In Sickness & in Health: Tend to or console a sick pack mate!
  • Dr. Doolittle: Tend to a sick livestock animal.
  • The Remedy: Gather or restock Vinátta’s medical supplies with things that will help symptoms.
  • Who’ll Stop the Rain?: Stand up against the threat of another spring flood by taking preventative measures in high-risk areas (i.e. – laying sandbags, clearing debris, fortifying fences/gates, etc.)
  • A Helping Hand: Reach out to loners or members of other packs to help as they too deal with the sickness. [PM the OOC Account with links to threads for this one, please!]

New NPC Policies

New NPC policies have been developed in an effort to maintain the cleanliness of Vinátta’s rank table, and to open up leadership positions currently held by long-absent characters to those who are active.

Upon requesting NPC status for a character, or a character being lost due to low activity, players will now have three months within which to pick the character back up before they are moved to our new NPC rank, Fjarvera.

Once a character is moved to Fjarvera, they must work their way back up the ranks once more to attain their previous status, beginning at Hollr (if they were ranked there) or at the initial point of their chosen path if they held a Ríkr or Áðr position. yNPCs above 7 months and cNPCs are automatically ranked at Fjarvera and must begin their journey through the ranks at Hollr.

It is up to each player to decide why their character might have been demoted.

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