[SP] Mid-may Newspost

POSTED: Tue May 16, 2017 12:16 pm

[SP] Mid-may Newspost

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Métier Updates

As announced earlier in chat, Métier requesting and submission was frozen due to our Métier system being re-done.

Métier's are now being split into two classes: Master and Apprentice. But don't worry (and stop that headless chicken act already!), we promise the changes really aren't all that scary! If anything, they've got some real plottage potential in stock for everyone to enjoy ;)

For those who already possess Metiers, your characters current rank and skill level has been reviewed - apprentice and master levels have been awarded as is appropriate to the respective character. However, for those who have applied for Metiers, but have not earned them, we ask that you re-apply for an apprentice Metier under our new system! (and apologise for the inconvenience).

So have a read of our shiny new metier page! Additionally, please review promotion and demotion information: Parvas must now hold an Apprentice level to be promoted, whilst Summus ranked members must hold a Master level to be promoted.

Leadership will be around in chat to answer any questions and concerns you may have. Additionally, we also have a nifty new Metier FAQ page!

AOS Updates

Before you panic, we've not changed the AoS stuff around - have no fear. We're not rocking the boat that much ;)

Our AoS page has been spruced up - now all information has it's own little tabs and bullet points, making things much easier for everyone to find now!

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