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What's this? A new map?

POSTED: Thu Jun 01, 2017 7:46 pm

June Newspost

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Map Update!

In light of our dramatic territory shift we've made a new map to reflect the changes! Please note: this is a large file and may take some time to load.

With the exception of Tuktu Lodge, which we've moved just southwest of Aster's Fields, all of our preexisting landmarks are still established. We've also added some special new ones for your Krokaran to explore!

New Landmarks

We're very excited to launch our new landmarks and hope that you'll enjoy them! Special thanks to Gen and Rat for submitting some awesome ideas and helping to contribute to our new territory. If you'd like your Krokaran to explore the new terrain but are having a difficult time coming up with ideas, fear not! We've included a couple fun thread prompts for each! Furthermore, throughout the month of June, we are offering added incentive for using these prompts. Think of it as a mini fill-the-forum event! :D

Points and Rules

  • Each thread prompt is worth 20 points.
  • Earn 10 extra points for starting a thread from the landmark prompts.
  • Earn 5 extra points for joining a thread using a landmark prompt.
  • Regular game points also apply!
  • Remember: threads must meet completion rules to qualify for these extra points.

So now, without further ado, we are proud to present our brand new landmarks!:

White Birch Stand

A large swath of birch trees makes up what was once a nature reserve walkway. Darkly green in the summer and spring, fiery beautiful in fall, and eerily bare in the winter. It is a rather romantic walk in the autumn months thanks to the changing leaves.

Thread prompts:

  • Take a romantic stroll with your sweetheart or play a fun game of hide and go seek in the thick of the Stand.
  • Grab an axe and contribute to Krokar's stockpile of wood. White birch has a variety of uses including building materials, medicinal properties, rough parchment, and oil to name a few.

Artist's Alley

A concrete underpass which, once upon a time, housed a skatepark and was visited and adorned by many skateboarders and graffiti artists. The colours are fading from the artwork now and plants are breaking through the concrete, but if you look hard enough you might still find some inspiration in the images.

Thread prompts:

  • Add your own splash on the old concrete walls of the Alley. You might have to get creative with your creative mediums.
  • Attempt to decipher the 'writings on the wall' and see if you can glean some meaning from them.


Fiskö — or The Fisherman's Island — is a small island located on Moosehead Lake just off the shore of Krokar's northwest territory. Quiet and serene, the island is easily accessible by raft or canoe and is the perfect place to fish, swim, or simply relax. But Krokarans aren't the only ones who have discovered this little treasure. A family of otters has taken up residence here and are a frequent sight in and around the island. Though occasionally a nuisance, the otters are generally a welcome presence and may be taught to help the anglers of Krokar to herd fish into their nets. Because of their regular appearance on Fiskö, some Krokarans have taken to calling the island "River Dog Island."

Thread prompts:

  • Spend a day fishing off the Island and see if an otter,or two, might make it your lucky day... or your worst!
  • Shellfish galore! Go for a swim in the shallows by Fiskö and discover the wealth of edibles just beneath the sands.

Fox Earth Hill

A gently sloping hill which has been favoured by red fox families and their prey for longer than anyone can work out. If you visit the earths you could come across some stashed small prey - or a disgruntled fox.

Thread prompts:

  • Friend or foe? Make nice with the community of vulpines or find yourself getting tricked.
  • Leave a fish out or another tasty treat on the Hill and see what happens next.

Broken Bifrost

Not a bridge in truth, but it is an old mill that is nearly ready to collapse into the small lake it has formed, and the water has long been spilling over the causeway, evoking a soothing sound. There are plenty of fish and freshwater crawfish to be found at the base of the wall. Because fish sometimes fall over the causeway, it can be a good place to set up a fishing trap. In the spring and summer, wildflowers are rampant near around the derelict mill and the little lake, making it a beautiful site to visit.

Thread prompts:

  • Set up a fishing net to collect fish falling from the causeway.
  • Pick a basket or two of the bountiful blooms, but beware of the hardworking bees who might find your trespassing hands to be a disturbance to their business of pollination!

Hallow Crossing

During the spring melts, the river runs heavy beneath one of the major bridges that span the rivers of Krokar. Though sturdy in construction, decades of unattended wear and tear has caused the bridge to crumble and collapse in some places although it has held up quite well for its age. Because of the swift river beneath it, Hallow Crossing can be a dangerous spot to be swept away, so caution should be kept during those stormy times.

Thread prompts:

  • Though the waters are swift and the current may be dire, there is good fishing in the rapids. Take your chances and make sure to secure your footing before casting a line here.
  • The bridge might be broken, but relics of the past are in plenty and left behind. Unearth a few treasures for yourself amongst the wreckage.

The Murkwood

An ill-sounding name for an unfortunate area. Thanks to its proximity to a variety of water sources, this area is prone to heavy flooding, with standing water likely present at all times during the spring and fall months. A great many fruit and berries, particularly cranberries, may be found for the picking throughout the summer and fall. Herbs are also abundant and may be rewarding for those cautious enough to traverse through. Caution is advised during the winter, when the area becomes covered in thin ice and is rendered particularly dangerous.

Thread prompts:

  • Carefully traverse your way through the Murkwood to the seemingly endless plethora of berries ripe for the picking and your consumption!
  • Take care on swampy paths to identify, forage, and pluck useful herbs for communal and personal use.

Featured Co-rank for June

Our featured co-rank for June is Lookout! Lookouts are considered the first defense of the pack. These individuals are often seen patrolling the borders, fortifying scent markers, screening loners who have come too close to the claimed lands, investigating any suspicious activity near the borders and within the packlands, and sometimes tasked with guarding Krokaran members on various diplomatic or trading missions to other packs and through hostile territory. A Lookout may even be assigned to following questionable visitors who are permitted entry on a temporary basis into Krokar.

Thread Ideas

With the construction of several new watchtowers around the territory, now would be the perfect time to get your Lookout co-rank! Here are a couple thread ideas to get you started but feel free to make your own!:

  • It's a bird, no it's a Luperci... or it's something kind of fishy! Encounter something suspicious at one of Krokar's many Watchtowers or spend an hour keeping up our friendly neighborhood watch!
  • Take some time familiarizing yourself with the new terrain by patrolling the borders and making sure our territory markers are fresh and strong.


  • The thread must be started in the month the co-rank was featured.
  • The thread must be submitted within three months of when the co-rank was featured.
  • At least one pNPC must be included in the thread.
  • The thread must be interactive; no ROs will be accepted.
  • The member gaining the co-rank must post at least three times and have a total word count of 1,000 words to be eligible.

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