[CdM] July Newspost

POSTED: Fri Jul 07, 2017 4:02 pm

July Newspost

Policy Changes & Updates

We have gone over some of our policies and did a bit of cleaning up to "get with the times" as you youngsters say. We have made the following changes, so please be aware of them going forward! All necessary pages have been updated with the changes.

    Professions - page
  • No Profession holder limits. Any one profession can be held by any number of characters.
  • No Profession per Noble Character limit. You may now obtain as many professions as you see fit. The 2 thread requirement has not changed. Chevaliers may still hold only one profession, however.
  • Only one profession thread may be used for a rank thread (again, provided it is in the same tier). This is to encourage you guys to post!
  • RO's are NOT permitted for Profession threads.
  • Rank Threads - page
  • Only one RO/self-thread is now permitted for rank threads.


In light of successful work during the King's absence, Abigail has been promoted to Grand-Duchessa in the Court! Let's all wish Her Highness good luck ;)


July 5th means the return of our travelers! Our tired travelers have brought a slew of lovely things for the pack!

The following goods are for communal use:

  • A ram, two ewes
  • Three bottles of clear, high proof alcohol for medicinal purposes only.
  • Several southern herbal plants and remedies
  • Book on Masonry
  • Several planks of rough-sawn timber
The following items are available for claim, limit 1 per person.

  • Dull Knives - 4
  • Small bolts of stained red fabric - 2 bolts
  • Charcoal packs - 4 sticks per pack, 5 packs total
  • Bone Comb - 2
  • Pine resin glue - 8 sticks
  • Tallow - 3 jars

Outpost Name

Vote for your favorite on this survey! Please only submit the form once.

A New Face.. Or Two!

As well as some lovely items, our intrepid travelers have managed to return with a new pNPC!
  • Iris is available for all your characters' tamer herbal needs.
  • Don't forget you need to seek leadership permission for some herbs - details can be found on Iris's wiki.
And Iris isn't the only new face - keep an eye out for others...
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