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Expanding our horizons

The plot

Under the leadership of Aeron, Anathema began to rebuild itself. Becoming isolationists the pack worked on its inner values and cleansing the bad from the inside after the reign of Kentaro Lykoi. Now the time has come for Anathema to move forward with life as new leadership rises from the ashes. Evangeline Lykoi, Lukos Greyfire, and Nyx have created a plan for rebuilding out side relations with other packs.

*warning this plot has several parts. We will alert members via twitter and Discord as new parts open up.*

Part one

At the recent pack meeting Evangeline spoke about their plans for the future of Anathema. This how ever means all hands need to be on deck within pack lands.

Part one is a series of thread prompts, each prompt completed will earn you 20 points! (Completion is 10 post between members by the end of the plot)

Sticky fingers- With the need for items to give as gifts to other packs those with sticky fingers might be able to shine. Do your part and grab some loot from unknowing loners or a passing trader. It's not like we need to tell them where we got the stuff.

Master hunter- Calling all hunters, time to take down some of the larger game that lingers around and in Anathema. Their pelts will make a great gift.

Skilled hands- Are you a crafter? Enjoy making things, candles, dyes, maybe a potion, poison, or medicine? Time to put those skills to the test!

Who's that!?

Everic Tungs- A gangly older coyote who seems to have some ties to the old leader Aeron. Everic has spent many years traveling to a fro trading. In his small caravan he typically keeps horse tack, books, and many other useful items. He keeps himself stationed close to Anathema feeling safe, but with the old woman dead is he known by anyone? Be kind and trade or maybe be a bit crafty to get what you want.

Alsoome Song- A younger woman who seems to regularly visit the area to trade with other loners. She's a bit of a challenge when it comes to getting good trades. Al likes shiny things even though she specializes in herbs, plants and sometimes if your lucky liqueurs. Stealing from her would be a challenge as she uses birds to watch her items and their rather noisy buggers. If you feel like your slight of hand game is up to the challenge give it a go (but I'd bring something shiny to apologize with if your caught. You might lose a hand)

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I'd love to chuck Izual into the sticky fingers prompt - given I can get him joined up in time :)

He definitely wouldn't be above wrestling some valuables out of unsuspecting Luperci's hands!
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Go for it no need to sign up for specific threads!
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Part 2

Into Uncharted Territory

The plot

After a recent pack meeting, Anatheman leadership have revealed a plan to the members of Anathema that will hopefully help the dark pack to build new, stable relationships with their neighbors, and hopefully gain some new and valuable allies within the packs surrounding them. In order to do this, the pack is calling out to it's members for volunteers to undergo a possibly dangerous expedition north of the mountain! There is much to be done and Anathema needs it's members to band together and help out in order to make this work.

Part one

Evangeline and the other leaders held a meeting in which they revealed to the members of Anathema that diplomacy was to be at the forefront of their attention for the time being, because of this, members are going to be needed to help out in any way possible.

Part two

A plan has been crafted to take on the task ahead of them, and this means volunteers will be needed. There will be an expedition taking place in which Anathemans will go beyond the border and map out any territory they are unfamiliar with, and make contact with any and all packs that they can find.

  • There will be three groups of three or four heading out beyond the borders, but the volunteers required do not end there.
  • Each group will consist of at least one diplomat, one warrior, and one medic.
  • Anathema will also need volunteers to hunt food for the coming months, watch the many pups now running around the territory, and defend the borders.
  • Please sign up below with the number of the group you would like to join, the expedition will go out September 25th, so please sign up by then! Any incomplete groups will be filled with Anatheman NPCs.
Group 1
  • Lukos
  • Nyx
  • Avinalora
Group 2
  • Wrath
  • Greed
  • Maelyx
Group 3
  • Charletter
  • Inca
  • Besekel
  • Uriah

There is more to come, so be sure to stay posted!

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Wrath Lykoi for Group two's warrior, please

POSTED: Mon Sep 11, 2017 6:36 pm

Sign Charlie up for...looks like group 3's diplomat?

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POSTED: Mon Sep 11, 2017 6:51 pm

Avi for grouo one's healer

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I think Maelyx should go with group 2, as she's befriended Greed. If there's no diplomat there she will be it. If Greed is the diplomat she can be the healer.
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Diplomacy Plot Part 3


All the members of Anathema divided into four groups during October, Evangeline and several others staying behind to protect the pack lands. Other groups were sent out for the purpose of forming new relations with surrounding packs, and opening up lines of communication, as well as to extend Anathemas formal invitation to these packs to send members to attend an Anatheman diplomatic feast. These groups were received with mixed emotions, the most positive of which coming from Casa, the Court, and Salsola. Anathema while on a mission of “peace” still holds true to its dark nature as members invited the other packs into its home. While openly friendly and welcoming the members within watch. Anathemas goal to judge those who come to see what the other packs offer.


  • October 26th Leaders host a meeting with the members of Anathema, explaining their objectives.
  • November 4th through 14th, members from other pack are welcome within Anathema for fun and festivities!
  • November 4th An extravagant feast with a bonfire, fire dancers, and more to entertain the guests.
  • November 5-13th multi pack activities ensue, hunts, sparing, a bit of friendly competition to liven up the event?
  • Nov 13 A farewell party with dancing, music, the perfect setting to kick start some cross pack romance or drama!
  • November 14 Anathema sends off their guests with a warm farewell.

The Group Hunt

Anathema welcomes members from other packs to join in on a pack hunt. This thread will be started by an Anatheman leader and the posting from there will be free range as we’d like this to move freely. How will your characters interact when they are made to work in a team with complete strangers?

  • Nyx
  • Lukos Greyfire
  • Greed Lykoi
  • Maelyx Nocturne
  • Remus
  • Iorek(Iofur)
  • Fenris
  • Callum Knight

The Sparring Tournament

Anathema’s sparring tournament has no limit to how many compete. If we find there is an uneven number of participants, we will add in an Anatheman NPC. We want to have a lot of fun among players so once paired up players can decide who wins and loses. If players are struggling to decide leadership will use a coin toss to determine the winner. Who will come out on top?

  • Nyx
  • Lux Einar
  • Auspicium
  • Greed Lykoi
  • Remus
  • Grynn Knight
  • Garrett Masquerade
  • Fenris
  • Callum Knight
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Nyx and Remus for hunt and Nyx Remus and Lux for the tournament!
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