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POSTED: Sat Sep 02, 2017 11:53 pm

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The Syndicate Revenge Plot went off without a hitch and finished with a bang! Thank you all for your active participation, if it weren't for your dedication, such fun and detailed plots would not be possible. Below you can read a summary of the plot and discover all the possible results you missed!

Syndicate Revenge Plot Summary

The Syndicate returned to Casa di Cavalier for summer 2017. At first they tested the Cavaliers by setting traps and marking their scents near the borders. Gradually the intensity of the traps increased, clearly becoming intended to harm the pack members. During this week Howland, Arthur, and Isaac were sent to Halifax to investigate. In the night, while Howland was hunting, Arthur and Isaac were taken prisoner by the Syndicate. The Cavaliers, upon hearing the news, vote in favor of sending a small group of spies to infiltrate the location their pack mates had been taken too. Grynn Garcia-Knight, Rurik Ivanov, Jace Wolfe, and Arlen Stryder, with the help of a loner named Theo, who was also trying to rescue his friend Josephine (LaBelle, successfully rescued their fellow Cavaliers and Josephine. After staying in Casa di Cavalier for a night of food and rest Theo and Josephine decided to stay.

Realizing that the Cavaliers had out witted them, the Syndicate sent a small party to attack Fort Kingsbury and take hostages, testing the defenses of the knights. Unfortunately for the Syndicate, two of the scouts, Tessa (Raskin and Darius , turn on them and fought alongside the Cavaliers, ending the attack quickly. After questioning the two Syndicate deserters the leadership learned that the Syndicate originate from a pack in Portland but had left to pursue more aggressive means to their ends, starting up a gang in Portland first, then moving to Halifax. Tessa and Darius had traveled from the Portland pack to investigate rumors of the gangs violence in Halifax.

After the attack an eerie calm settled over the pack lands, the Halifax Syndicate base seemingly abandoned. After weeks of silence a loner named Leoris Steinmeister called a warning from the border, the Cavaliers arrived just in time to greet a large group of Syndicate. The leader of the group, identified as Laurent, declared the Cavaliers to be bullies and demanded they leave the territory to settle elsewhere, or suffer consequences. A battle erupted for the lands and the Cavaliers came out on top. The final battle was difficult and the Cavaliers did suffer consequences - many were wounded and long time members Clara Bates and Julien Gauthier, were killed on the field. Leoris, impressed with the knight's skills in battle, and pleased to see the gang that had terrorized his merchant business gone, decided to stay and help the pack recover.

All Possible Outcomes for Syndicate Plot

Week 1 Outcomes

No choices made. Loners set traps.

Week 2 Outcomes

Poll: Attack Syndicate or Send Spies

You chose Spies.What would have happened if you had chosen to attack? - Members return, heavily injured, having managed to free Issac. Arthur remains a captive and the syndicate base is moved.

Week 3 Outcomes

Poll: You chose A classic dish leading to a twist what if you had chosen A twist leading to a dish: A lone wolf claiming to be a merchant with a bone to pick with the Syndicate arrives at the border. They offer their services in taking down the Syndicate and bring knowledge of a secret underground tunnel that leads from Halifax into the base.

If attack previously chosen: 2 Syndicate call from the edge of the pack, they wish to switch sides. Do we trust them (POLL)

Yes - 2 new pNPCs (A male musician and a hard faced female sailor with knowledge of fishing) join us. To prove their loyalties they return to the Syndicate and bring back Arthur.

No - Executed, before they die they give up Arthur’s and the new base location.

Week 4 Outcomes

Attack Track + Trust: A very large group of Syndicate arrive at our borders, using Arthur as a hostage. They demand Casa move far away from Halifax or they will remove us by force. Jump into battle to defend our lands! During the battle a male merchant on a mission charges into battle to help the Cavaliers. He decides to stay for protection. The Cavaliers win the fight and kill the leader, but are there Syndicate still remaining? During the battle Arthur, Clara and Julien die.

Attack Track + Execution: With the location of the new Syndicate Base the Cavaliers move together on a mission to finish the Syndicate for good. They arrive in Halifax and before they can break the door to the base 3 young merchants claiming to want the end of the gang join their numbers. With three extra hands the Cavaliers break down the door and enter battle! The Cavaliers win the fight but some Syndicate escape through a tunnel leading into Halifax, including the leader and Julien dies during the battle.

Spies Track + A Twist Leading to a Dish With 3 new hands the Cavaliers split into two groups, blocking the front door and the tunnel into Halifax. It is a long and difficult battle leading to many injuries and exhaustion but they ultimately win, confident they have defeated all of the Syndicate in the building. During the battle they suffer the loss of Julien and Clara.

Adoption Drive Upcoming - Promote Your Adoptables!

Casa leadership is putting together an adoption drive to help promote the adoptables within the pack. If you have any adoptables you would like advertised please send a PM to the Casa Leadership Account with the title "Adoption Drive" by September 14th. Within the PM please include the following character information:

  • Character Name
  • 1 image of the character, preferably a head-shot
  • 3-5 personality descriptor words
  • Link to their character wiki page (please ensure your wiki's are updated)
  • List the account to PM for adoption
Adoptable characters must be intended for pick up within Casa di Cavalieri to be advertised. If you need assistance updating or creating a wiki for an adoptable please let us know in your PM.

Please feel free to copy the code for our new adoptable banner (THANK YOU NAT) and paste it in your signatures to show off all of our lovely adoptables!

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Point Claim Update and Cavalier of the Month

Word Count point claiming has been adjusted. Points will now equate to your hundreds counts starting at 300. For example, 400 words will now be worth 4 points, 900 words will be worth 9 points etc.

There will be no CotM, however as a sign of appreciation for the summer plot activity, everyone who participated in the Syndicate plot in some way will receive an extra 100 in game points. Those who have previously submitted points will see this amount added to their tally; those who have not submitted points can feel free to add the 100 when they do so.

First Blood Graduates

A big Cavalier howl to our SIX new adults! Arlen Stryder, Myra Garcia, Remus Knight, Sian Damaichu, Aldora Knight, and Rohan Damaichu have completed their Junior Cadet training and officially graduated into the adult ranks through their First Blood Ceremony. Find the new young Cadets IC to help guide them into their new lives as full adult Cavaliers!

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