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POSTED: Sun Oct 01, 2017 2:29 pm

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Leadership Change

As of October 1st Ann has stepped down from her leadership roles, both ICly and OOCly to focus on University. We are extremely thankful for her time as OOC and IC Leader and wish her luck!! In character Lyris has not been feeling well and has recently discovered she is pregnant. Concerned for her physical health, and the health of their pups, it was decided she will stop all leadership responsibilities immediately. Please assume your character was quietly informed of the leadership change and sensitive circumstances by Howland. Lyris will be re-ranked to her old council position for the time being.

Casa Outpost

In light of the knowledge that the Syndicate originated form Portland area, Luca has decided to send a group to set up an Outpost. The following characters will now be in Portland working as merchants on behalf of the Cavaliers, as well as keeping an eye out for any Syndicate activity. Keep your eyes peeled for a wiki page to be added to the Casa di Cavalier information. In the future members may choose to move their characters to the Outpost, with leadership permission, when aNPCing. The changes have been reflected in the rank table.

Arthur Knight

Sylvie Agnès

Asuilaak + Shtiya

Riley Rockateer

Ghita Marino + Natina

Loki, Logan, and Bonereaper Masquerade

Construction Project

With winter just around the corner the horses are in need of additional space, as the current two stables are full. The library is to be converted into a third stable over the next few months, while the books will be moved into the empty guest room on the top floor of the courthouse, providing a new library space with a lovely view. Furthermore, an archer's lookout is to be constructed by the front gate of the Fort, to allow for a vantage point in case of attack in the future. Assist in any duty needed for the project for a bonus of 20 points. Threads could include setting up the new library, chopping wood planks for use, emptying the currently library of all shelves and furniture etc. Feel free to use any pNPCs in your posts.

Ambassador Co-rank Update

Given how prosperous Casa membership has been, Leadership will now allow two members to hold an Ambassador co-rank per pack. That being said, we encourage members to try to spread the love! This change is reflected in the Ambassador co-rank information on the Casa di Cavalieri website.

Cavalier of the Month - Jace Wolfe

This month we would like to celebrate Jace Wolfe as our CotM! Jace, as a player, has been a consistent member of Casa and we all mourn the loss of her previous character Lorenzo Knight. Since re-joining the pack with Jace Wolfe her character has had many interesting threads, and giving us a laugh with her hilarious grumpy demeanor. We look forward to seeing how Jace molds her place among the Cavaliers in the future.

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