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[CdM] November Newspost

Fri Nov 03, 2017 7:06 pm

November Newspost

A Rising Upstart

By now you will have noticed that a certain young Courtier is making her presence known! Kalypso Savoy has all sorts of opinions and has even landed herself a major project - but what is she not being so vocal about?


Miss Savoy appears to have taken it upon herself to meet with a group from Anathema - and she hasn't told the King or the Grand-Duchessa. Ruh-roh...

They have invited us to attend a party! Isn't that nice?

Unfortunately, there are a few sticky problems. The Court's official stance on Anathema remains not very favourable - but that doesn't mean individual Courtiers can't have pleasant interactions ;) Perhaps those positive encounters will add up - but as the King is currently unaware of any meeting between the two packs, there will be no sanctioned delegation from the Court to Anathema's diplomacy festivities.

It's definitely a good time to practice the phrase "loose lips sink ships", ladies and gentlemen.

Without Hesitation

Any Courtiers who are interested in attending the AT event can assume that they were privately invited by Kalypso. There will not be any negative IC repercussions for anyone else attending (it's all Kaly's fault!). It could be useful to grease the wheels of the machine, though.. You never know what places people are going in life..

If your character is planning to attend, please let us know here so that we may reference it. Feel free to assume that everyone who is attending.

In The Meantime

Our event and mini-contest are still ongoing! Keep working on those threads, guys, and don't forget to get your housing ideas in!

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