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POSTED: Fri Dec 01, 2017 9:24 am

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Territory Expansion + Closed Borders

Casa di Cavalier celebrated a special milestone this November as we reached 30 members for the very first time in our 6 years of roleplaying! Thank you to our members, without you Casa would not be nearly as entertaining :) In celebration of reaching this new milestone we expanded our territory to fully engulf the South Eastern Lake and reach the northern tip of Overgrowth Sunrise, providing a perfect place to dock the Avalon!

Due to our recent explosion in membership we are putting a temporary halt on joiners without connection or pre-approval. If you have a question about a potential joiner for Casa, please PM or DM leadership for permission to pursue membership. Only characters with direct relations (friend or family), or an adoptable within the pack will be considered. We will re-open again once membership starts to decline, or other packs memberships increase.

Construction Project Update

Construction to turn the library into a third stable, and to create an archer's look out began at the beginning of October. Please IC assume that the archer look-out is now completed. The old library is beginning to look more like a stable, with the books and furniture removed and the beginning of a half dozen stalls coming together. Although construction will not be fully completed in time for snow, any horses unable to be homed in our original two stables will now be kept inside stable 3 during the nights, with construction continuing during the day. Construction is to be assumed fully completed for the new year!

Master Cleric and Pack Adviser

A new rank has been added to our council. It was decided that there was a need to either expand the Pack Adviser rank or create a medicine specific rank in order to allow all skills to be represented by the council, and the final decision made was to add the Master Cleric rank. The rank has been added to our rank table and information added to the Casa Website.

In addition to this new rank we have ever so slightly edited the description of Pack Adviser to emphasize its potential as either a pack therapist and/or spiritual leader. This was a choice to broaden the characters this rank may appeal to and to strengthen its role within the pack.

Annual Survey

Please take a few minutes to fill out our SURVEY.

What's this?

Some of the pNPCs seem to be sneaking off at random times of the day, disappearing for hours at a time. What could they be up to? (Coming Soon*ish* to a pack near you!) Players with particularly observant characters may note the random disappearances of Leoris, Darius, and Josephine over the course of the next couple of months.

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