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POSTED: Tue May 01, 2018 9:51 pm

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The Flowers Vs Casa

Approx April 10th: Veyra and Callum are sent to investigate strange reports of large flowers growing on the coast, information Casa has heard through passing loners. Veyra falls victim to their scent and falls off the cliffside.

April 15tih: Grynn, Teagan, Arlen, and Iorek are sent by a nervous Luca to collect more information about the strange flowers, with a warning about their effects.

April 29th: A large team including Iorek, Remus, Arthur, Aldora, and Luca, travels south to try and destroy the flowers and stop them from spreading towards Casa land.

May 5th (to come): A couple of scouts are sent to check on the spread of the flowers, they find they are wilted by a strange phenomenon. While scouting they discover that a land bridge has formed, splitting the Bay of Fundy in two!

The Five Shields

By popular vote, our new tavern has been named the Five Shields Tavern. You can read up on everything pub related on its fresh faced Wiki page! As a special congrats to Song, who suggested the winning name, we have surprised her by pasting a fun icon (Image) to Teagan, whom we are sure will enjoy the drink ;).

Welcome to the Council

Speaking of Song, we are incredibly happy to announce our first new Council member in a very long time, War Lord Teagan Stryder! Be sure to send Song a massive congratulations!

New Rank: Honored Elder

As Casa grows older, we are starting to see more characters aging with us. As such, we are implementing a brand new 'Honored Elder' rank. Members of ten or more years will automatically be moved into retirement where they can enjoy life without the pressure of being expected to fight in battles and perform duties around the pack. Members between 5 to 10 years who are unable to attend to their duties for physical or mental reasons may opt into this rank with leadership permission.

Cavalier of the Month: Arthur Knight (Eve)

Eve is our newest Cavalier, and a brand new member to Casa di Cavalieri! We wanted to give her a big ol' Cavalier welcome by showing off her newest adoption. Be sure to make Eve feel welcome.

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