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The New Age

It is the final day, in the final hours, of Year VI in the rule of Boss Salvia Eternity, the Golden Tigress, First Queen of Salsola.

It is a deceptively mild day. May - in all her early-Spring splendor - has been rife with storms, but this afternoon the rain is indecisive, the warm wet air heady with an overripe scent of pollen and petrichor. No breeze rises from the coastline bordering the loch to relieve us of the stagnant vigor of overgrown flora, though a taste of salt always clings precipitously to the nose. It is the familiar smell of home. It reminds us of who we are, and where we come from.

In a wooden homestead south of the Ruins proper, two cousins seal their pact with a solemn goodbye and quietly part ways for the oncoming evening. Their heads are bowed beneath the rain. Their expressions, though grave, are lean and hungry. It is one of many little insignificant interactions that have forewarned of the events soon to unfold; It is unremarkable, a pebble dropped into the great lake of Salsolan discourse and intrigue.

It is not until much later that the expectant call rises. By now nighttime has fallen, the stars winking into life above the sprawling kingdom like the echoes of their living ancestors below. The rain has stopped, though broody clouds still linger. Twilight has come and gone, leaving no purple trace of sunset to grace the distant horizon. Only the moon and her consorts remain, her allknowing eye baleful as it casts silvery light onto the stone plinths and ruined terraces of the ancient castle on the bluff.

There is an air of discontent as the folk rouse to their monarch’s call. They are sluggish and tired after a long day of toil to each’s own respective ends, their bellies aching for supper and their beds warm and inviting. But the Boss will not be kept waiting. It is the seventh anniversary of the foundation of the Kingdom, and undoubtedly a traditional speech will be given to honor this portentous milestone. There has also been talk lately of a trade envoy she plans to send south on the mainland, the first one of its kind for many years.

The people expect that she will tell them more about this, about those who she has chosen to attend the delegation. These are important things for a kingdom to know. It would be an honor to be selected to serve.

Salvia waits for her kingdom to come to heel. It is an unfamiliar patience that grips her, though she has waited many times before. The Boss is stood tall by a great pyre built earlier that day, her face turned out toward the choppy waters beyond the stone ship overlooking the loch. Where the firelight catches her proud golden fur it is run through with growing swathes of silver. She looks tired, but beneath this weariness is still the indomitable green gaze of the young Eternity woman who rose to take the empty throne a madman had deserted; Who rose to bring order to a land in chaos.

Behind her, Salvia’s red-eyed granddaughter is standing, her hands folded neatly together like the wings of dark birds. She is watching the old woman closely.

Across from them both, O’Riley lifts his head to attention. The first Salsolans are arriving, and before long a great crowd of them will gather.

It is time.

Much love and happy posting - Team Salsola

SL Anniversary Newspost

➤ Introduction

Day One, Year I in the rule of Boss Elphaba Revlis, s̸̨̯̣͉̤̺̯̞̱̭͍̆͌̓͒̔̃͗̂̅͝͝e̶̜̐́̎̈́̈̾͝c̷̭͙͈̟̰̄́̌̉̾͋̓̊̉ô̶̧̝̜̗̫͜n̶̬̩͖̟̠͓͙̘̾̀̏̆͂͛̊̑̓͗̔d̸̢̢̳͓̖͔̖͉͍̃̌ͅ ̸͚̞̻̼̒̍̈́͛̑̀͛̊̔̈́͝Q̸̬̙̱͚̺͚̜̱̼̣͑̆͂̇͛͂̒̕̚̚u̵̻̐̋̄̓͆͘͝e̸̡̛͉̟̖͓̓͐̀̔͒́̃e̷͈̱̒́̆n̴̡̹̣̺͙̩̠͙̠͇̱̎̌ ̵̢͈͉̪̂͘̚o̷̦͋̐̾̏̕f̷̨̢͎̤̏ ̸̜̰̟̼̼͊͆̅̃̅͗̈͒̚̚S̶͇̤̙̥̬͙̻͉̠̔͒ă̶̧̘̜̫̗̝͐͗͌͐̾̈́̈̏͘͜l̴̩̔s̴̢̲̪̞͍̟͝͝ǫ̴̲̤̝̭̱̋̐͗͂̅l̶̦͐̇̽̏́͗̀̊͌̕͝ą̸̱͕͇͓̺̈́.

Long live the Queen.

After announcing her unprecedented retirement to the shocked civilians of Salsola, Regent Salvia Eternity bequeathed her rule to her granddaughter and second in command. Once more a Revlis sits the throne. She chose to join her in the Mafiosi as her second, now the Erilaz, her cousin and co-conspirator O’Riley Eternity. A new age for the Thistle Kingdom has begun, and it appears to belong to the youth, the new generation of Salsola.

What the future holds in store for them - and for us all - only time will tell.

➤ A Message from Team SL

Mel: What up fam. It’s been a long, crazy trip — seven years for Salsola is a HUGE milestone, and I couldn’t be more thrilled with how this place has evolved. After playing Salvia for the longest consecutive period for any of my characters, I’m thrilled to see her off to a new adventure and to get down and dirty with a fresh new character. A huge shoutout to Alaine, moon of my life, who has dedicated so much time and wonderful work into this pack and ensuring its success. An equally huge shoutout to all of our players, present and past, who have contributed to the saga of Salsola. Keep that good stuff coming!

Alaine: Ooph! What a long road it has been for us to reach our seventh consecutive anniversary as a pack. I still can’t quite believe we’re so old (SEVEN YEARS, that’s like a human child what) - Sometimes it feels like just yesterday to me that Sirius was busy at work conning loyalty from what would soon become the first founders of the great Thistle Kingdom. It’s incredible to see how much we’ve grown from that original small rag-tag group! I want to take a moment to give all my love and thanks to Mel, who really is the beating heart of this pack - without all her ongoing hard work, talent and incredible creativity, I know for sure that we wouldn’t be here today. Love you long time, captain of my heart; And so much love to all of you, my darling Salsolans! Happy Birthday, Salsola!

➤ It Wouldn’t be a Birthday Without Presents

As our gift to you, everyone gets a free 35 game points! Comment to this thread to claim them!

➤ Rank Changes

In her first startling decree as the new Boss of Salsola, Elphaba Revlis has supposedly abolished slavery within the kingdom. In actuality, the changes she has in mind are much more insidious and hardly as noble, and involve a number of amendments to the previous hierarchy of Salsola.

Though the Trell ranks had undergone the most change, having now been replaced with the ‘new’ Servitori ranks, a number of others have also had major or minor tweaks to their descriptions. In addition to this, after much work the Faction Tier ranks have undergone some huge reconstruction, with a number of entirely new ranks available! Those of you who have been notified that you are waiting on Apprentice promotion due to these changes will be contacted shortly with instructions on how to now proceed.

We require all current members of Salsola to take a new read through of our RANKS INFORMATION on the website, which has been updated to reflect these changes.

Regarding previously existent slaves:

As per Elphaba’s decree, the title ‘slave’ has been banned in Salsola. In its place are the Servitori ranks. All previous Pack Slaves will be automatically changed into the Mendicant rank. All previous Personal Slaves will be automatically changed into the Indentured Servant rank. If your character is the owner of a personal slave, they will need to consider their now-servant’s ‘debt’ and how long it is owed in servitude. Those of you whose characters have had long-term personal slaves should consider potentially absolving them of their debts as a show of good-will to the new Queen. For more information on the new Servitori ranks, click here.

If you have any questions about the new or amended ranks, please reply to this newspost. You are also welcome to PM us privately, but it is likely that if you have an enquiry or concern, others will as well - and our answer to you might be useful to them, too.

➤ Chesapeake Bay Trade Delegations

In her last days of ruling, Salvia put together the arrangements for a Salsolan envoy to travel south on the mainland. Carrying the news of the ascension of Elphaba Revlis to the Mafiosi (as well as the notable exile of former Lord Commander Lokr Revlis), a group of Salsola members led by Grievous Eternity of Salsola Proper and Morgana Revlis of the Portland Outpost will travel to the bustling area that makes up Chesapeake Bay.

Salsola’s delegation will be staying with members of the Revlis family (Larkkin and Hawthorn) and coordinate from their homestead. Beyond the initial arrival and departure, members will be largely free to explore and make the most of their time. After all, no one wants to come back empty handed. ;>

Travel time: Alongside a horse-drawn cart, and with weather and poor travel conditions in mind, the journey south is likely to take about two weeks to reach the area.

Stay duration: The Salsolan delegation will remain for two weeks, networking and expanding their trade contacts.

Characters who decide to go on this trip will be gone between the dates of May 8th to June 26th, when they return to Portland. They will return to Salsola-proper on July 1st.

If you have a character or NPC who might like to go, please inform us! Since not everyone can be away from their duties for such an extended journey, we also certainly encourage players to send their trading goods along with the caravan instead of accompanying it - just let us know what it is your character is wanting to send off for trade by replying to this thread.

A number of chosen Salsolans will be accompanying this delegation, before choosing to remain for an extended stay at our Portland Outpost on their return. Syringa D'Angelo, Delphinium D'Angelo, Elektra Trombetta, Weaver Valentine, and his sisters Calla and Lace are among those who are seeking to earn their fortune at the bustling merchant docks.

➤ OOC Notes

As you are all well aware, long term NPCs are often retired to the SL Outpost to make room in the SL Proper ranks for active characters. This also extends to characters of a higher rank - Though we do not normally demote characters for NPC status, individuals of a Faction Tier rank who are retired to the Outpost are demoted back down to the Inner Ring (still a very respected status), so that those exclusive and prestigious ranks are available to newcomers and do not stagnate. This is done on a case-by-case basis, as IC events and plots may mean that some NPCs hold their Faction Tier/Sotto Capo rank longer than others. We thank you for understanding.

We have also begun making updates to the Salsolan Website to reflect all these big changes and announcements. In fact, we have a planned overhaul of the website too - but as you all know, these things take time, and other leadership priorities often lead to our website being a little neglected. We've attempted to update the most pertinent information - the ranks - first, but please be gentle with us for the next couple of weeks until we comb through and get everything else up to speed.

Much love and happy posting - Team Salsola

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I can help with website layout stuff if you guys need it again <3

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woop woop! Claiming those points! Super intriguing update you got up for us! Can't wait to see how the thread plays out :o

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thanks for the years of fun guys, cheers to another 7 years xD (LONG LIVE SALSOLA)


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Neith Heiwa wrote:this is my obligatory but also terrified points claim oh god

This and i claim my points D:
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