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After looking long and hard at past traditions and borrowing inspiration from the River Goddess herself, Början is being introduced to Krokar's culture as the pack's coming of age ceremony, marking a Guppy's passage out of their childhood rank and into the adult ranks as a Greenhorn.


As part of Krokar's culture, Början is automatically performed for a Guppy once he or she turns 8 months of age. True to the heart and soul of Krokar, Början requires that a Guppy cast a fishing line and make a catch. Whatever fish they successfully reel in first becomes their Början emblem. They are then presented a small flag with this emblem embroidered onto it, thus marking their passage into adulthood.

Each fish found within Krokar's many lakes and tributaries symbolizes a trait, strength, weakness, and quality that is thought to represent the Guppy who caught it. Considered a gift by the River Goddess herself, many Krokarans are likely to take the meaning behind the Guppy's first catch very seriously. It may even guide them through life as they age!


Did you know that there are over 39 different possible fish species throughout Krokar's various water systems? That's a lot of fish! :O To help make this a bit simpler, we've narrowed down this list to 10 possible options, organized into 3-4 groups based on the fish's family and feeding behaviors. To check out this list and see how these qualities are distributed, follow the link below!

Början Emblem List

Note: this document is only a placeholder! Our website will be updated shortly with this info. :)

Emblem Selection Form

If you have a former Guppy (either played or NPCed) currently in Krokar and already know what their Början emblem would be, reply here or PM us this form!:

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[b]Character name:[/b]
[b]Början emblem:[/b]


  • Will this be held ICly every time a Guppy comes of age?
    • No. It will always be OOCly assumed to have happened when a Guppy turns 8 months old, but it will only be ICly played out if a player requests it to happen. We will PM members with Guppies a reminder once they come of age.
  • Will there be anything I'll be able to display to show off my character's emblem?
    • There sure will! Mandi will be starting work on emblem icons soon. Remember: ICly, your character also gets a small flag with their emblem on it. ;)
  • What if my character doesn't want their Guppy to have a Början ceremony?
    • That's okay, just let us know! However, because this is part of Krokar's culture, other characters might find this odd and question why your character didn't want it.
  • Do I have a choose a Början emblem right away?
    • Absolutely not! :) We understand that some Guppies are adoptables and that it might be more fun for future players to pick their own Början emblem, so members are welcome to take their time choosing.
  • What about former Guppies who have now grown up?
    • Once a Gup, always a Gup! :D If your character ever held the Guppy rank and is still a member of Krokar, either as an NPC or being actively played, they are still eligible for a Början emblem!
  • I have a character who was born in Krokar but left the pack. Are they still eligible?
    • Possibly. But if they're no longer members of Krokar, it's important to consider how they would have heard about this new ceremony and why it would even matter to them. Please PM us with specific instances and we can discuss! :)
  • So... will there be a pack thread or something announcing this new ceremony?
    • Unless we receive enough interest in one, there will not be a pack thread. However, it can be assumed that leadership has made an announcement and that everyone who previously held the Guppy rank has been encouraged to go fishing to discover their Början emblem!

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