[CdM] August Newspost

POSTED: Thu Aug 02, 2018 9:50 am

August Newspost

A Ceremonial Summer!

Well, Summer is in full swing now, the temperature's risen and so have a few of our Courtly pack mates! We've also welcomed some new puppies to the Court and someone is finally getting hitched so it's sure to be a busy month celebrating all these things... but hey, we deserve it after the start of the year we endured.

Cérémonie de la Pierre & Cérémonie de Verre

August 5th - Thread

Our Reine has recently welcomed some new arrivals, as has our Sénéchal! With new heirs comes a Ceremony of Stone to get them off on the right foot. This will be a public ceremony so make sure you come along and welcome Issola, Oberyn, Athalie, Eulalie and Isadore into the fold; at the same time we'll welcome Ajax, Cicely and Cidro into the adult ranks with sea glass necklaces and the sowing of seeds.

Cérémonie de Fer

August 10th

Thyri was promoted to the rank of Chambellan a few months ago and has been doing a sterling job. Sounds like another cause for celebration to me!

Cérémonie d'Argent

August 15th

The Archiduchessa and her beau are finally making their mateship official and their friends and family are welcome to come and celebrate with them as they tie the knot.

Party With The Neighbours!

August 17th

Make sure to check out Casa's August newspost and get involved with the fun events they're throwing!

Participation in these events isn't mandatory but having fun is ;)

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