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[CdC] Birthday News Post!

Mon Oct 01, 2018 6:51 pm

ImageOctober News PostImage

Happy 7th Birthday!

Casa di Cavalieri celebrates its 7th birthday this October 21st! This year we have a lot to celebrate! Casa has maintained a high number of members, many new pups have been born, we got our diplomacy on, opened a pub, hosted a ball and a clambake, welcomed many new members to the Brotherhood, created a new rank for elders, and filled a second Council rank!

Historically we have not celebrated our birthday but this year is different. This year we will be hosting a Fill the Forum contest with LOTS of prizes for all! Scroll down for more information.

We would also like to thank its membership, this pack wouldn’t be possible without any of you guys making Casa the awesome place to roleplay that it is!

Website Updates

This month we’ve been working very hard on updating our website for you guys, we finally removed the last of the references to the old rank systems, vastly improved our grammar, as well as adding more clarification and changing up the wording on most pages. Please give a huge thanks for Song and Jace for assisting with the website updates.

Below is is a list of changes made.

  1. Update to only Officers replying to joiner. Now other members may reply if previously discussed OR if they are the ones IC introducing the member to the pack.

  2. Accepting Joiners: Council members are now to IC question the character BEFORE talking to a Leader OOC about accepting or rejecting them.

  3. Increased the time frame members can be outside of the pack territory without informing leadership from 5 days to 1 week.

  4. Reworded Activity information and added that a member may receive a temporary ban OR be required to limit their number of characters in Casa for excessive ongoing low activity, aNPCing, pick-ups and drops.

  5. Adjusted yNPC limit of 4 over 8 months of age, to 4 over 1 year of age to correspond with the First Blood Ceremony and adulthood.

  6. Added "Guest" to policies, members must seek permission for non-Cavalier guests.

  7. Clarified that in claiming a house, the character(s) forfeit their ownership of their Courthouse room.

  8. Added to housing that it is encouraged that if you claim a workshop for your character that they use the upstairs apartment as their primary housing to maintain housing for all.

  9. Edited ambassador to be limited to BH members and above, given the current number of packs vs council ranks available.

  10. Added a description of what may happen if OOC policies are not followed.

  11. Added clarification to the First Blood Ceremony for training thread expectations.

  12. Minor edits to some Council rank descriptions.

  13. Co-Rank, Scholar: Replaced prompt "By either scavenging or creating one of your own, add a valuable piece of information to the pack stores. (Books, etc.)" with "Observe or learn about an important moment for the pack, and write about it to help secure our memories for the future."

  14. Co-ranks, Herbalist: Replaced "Collect a variety of herbs." with "Collect a variety of herbs from the garden OR collect a new herb or plant from outside of the pack to grow" AND " Use the herbs in crafting a healing substance (herbal tea, a balm, a medical liquid etc)." to " Learn more about how the healers use medicinal herbs and plants to further your characters knowledge about what is in the garden. "

  15. Co-ranks, Healer: Replaced "Collect materials to create a healing substance. " with "Collect materials to create a healing substance OR visit the Herbalist to get ingredients for a healing substance."

  16. Added a Cloak fur type for Honored Elder under "Ranks - Cloaks."

  17. Added a description in Ranks for Honored Elder.

  18. Added Honored Elder to Advancement page.

  19. Library removed from Fort Kingsbury page, instead library books will be kept in the lounge. The old Library was transformed into a third stable for horses.

  20. Added description of Whisper Beach to Territory Page

  21. Added a few new ways to earn game points.

Fill the Forum Details

The Fill the Forum contest will start October 1st and will end on October 31st at 10pm EST. The prizes listed below will be given out for FREE to our top posters in order (full bodies to our top 3 posters etc.). Post counts will be determined through the end of month activity sweep which will be run at exactly 10pm EST on October 31st. Our top posters will be announced in our pack discord, and winners will be contacted by PM with details on which prize you have earned by which artist. Winners should make contact with your artist to provide references. Please note that basic clothes are included in the full bodies.

All posts made in all territories will count, however ROs will not be accepted. If you make any RO’s throughout the month please submit a PM or DM to Casa Leadership by the end of the 30th letting us know how many posts to deduct from your total. If you are found to have not informed us of any ROs then you will forfeit any claim to a prize.

All contestants must have a minimum of 5 posts to qualify for a prize. For players with more than one Casa character only the character with the highest post count will be allowed a prize. Should we have remaining prizes after going through one character per player we will then go to the highest auxiliary character for players.

Please remember to give a HUGE thank you to our artists as many of them have dedicated their time and skills for a discount, or free!! Thank you so much to Dark, Shade, Song, and Nat. A further thank you to Silver and Jace who will be making our tables!

Fill the Forum Prizes

  1. Top 3 Posters: Full body by Dark or Nat
  2. Top Poster 4 and 5: Bust by Shade
  3. Top Poster 6-9: Avatar by Nat or Shade
  4. Top Poster 10 - 13: Artist Choice Sketch by Song or Dark
  5. Top Poster 14 - 17: Custom Table by Silverfrost or Jace

Re: [CdC] Birthday News Post!

Thu Nov 01, 2018 2:12 am ... 1125835912

Dark is primary with 13 posts, if accepting two characters from one player Pushok has 7 posts. <3

Re: [CdC] Birthday News Post!

Thu Nov 01, 2018 11:59 am

Please do not include Teagan Stryder in the counts. I'm abstaining from prizes.

Re: [CdC] Birthday News Post!

Sun Nov 04, 2018 12:55 am

Rum had this one RO: viewtopic.php?f=48&t=40613
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