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POSTED: Sat Nov 17, 2018 10:45 am

Animal Round Up!

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Owing to the unfortunate events that culminated in the disbandment of Krokar, many animals have been left to roam around what once was Mistfell Vale's nearest neighbours... and they're all looking for new homes!

Felix, Calia, and Saga (the latter having scouted the fallen territory with Ragna) have selected a few promising looking animals to focus on capturing and bringing back to the Vale and they need your to help to do it! The event will take place over two days, meaning one thread will take place on the first day and the other will take place on the second day. This means that it will be possible for you to participate in both threads if you so wish too.

What's more, there are 10 points on offer for each thread you participate in, meaning there's a total of 20 points on offer should you wish to participate in both!

How To Participate

It's super simple! Just sign up for one of the two threads listed below, one for the horses and one for the sheep/goats! Points for participation will be automatically added to your points total by us when you make your posts! These threads are intended to be backdated towards the beginning of November, so please keep this in mind!


These livestock will all be brought back and rehomed in the Hee Haw Orchard, which is currently being renovated by Sedona and Brom. The chickens will have already been captured at this point and both horses will require experienced handlers!

    • Bub (stallion | 2013)
    • "Bub likes working and sometimes gets carried away. When not under the cart, he is more calm and affectionate, if a little unaware of his size. Bub is a rich bay Draft x Thoroughbred grade colt with dark points. He is tall and deep-chested, muscular and enduring."
    • Amadahy (mare | 2013)
    • "Amadahy is a blue roan Arabian x Thoroughbred grade filly with a white stripe on her head. She has a short, broad back and deep withers. Her legs are long. Ama loves to make use of her excellent speed, often running and chasing other horses in the pasture. Playful, she might chase her rider, too!"
    • Arias (doe | adult)
    • Ehwaz (doe | adult)
    • Billy (buck | adult)
    • 3 Ewes
    • 5 Chickens

Sign Ups

Horse Round Up
    • Sedona Whitesage
Sheep/Goat Round Up
    • Venus Naefir
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Sign Sedona up for the horses! She'll have her mare Hopi along to help rope them. Her old cattle ranching skills will come in handy here. :3

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POSTED: Mon Nov 19, 2018 12:59 pm

I can have Venus sign up for the sheep/goats thread! :)


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