[CdM] December Newspost

POSTED: Sat Dec 08, 2018 11:40 am

December Newspost

A Chill In The Air

Following an Autumn of change, maybe Winter will be a little calmer? Although this is Cour des Miracles, so.. good luck with that.

December Thread Prompts!

Our thread prompts have needed a bit of a refresh, and what better time for it than now, with the season changing?

  • Tend to one (or some) of the shiny new animals the Court acquired following Krokar's disbandment.
  • 'Tis the season of giving: make someone else's home - or a communal area - a little bit cozier.
  • Have you checked out the territory's lakes recently? Maybe one is frozen solid and begging to be skated on... or maybe one is warm enough to take a dip in?
  • Achoo! The weather is frightful and the sniffles are not so delightful. Time to find a remedy or help a fellow out when their head is foggy with a cold.

There are still others we have kept from previous years, so check them out here.

Housing: Progress in The Final Stages

We've made admirable progress on our new housing area since we started the project over a year ago! But we need a little extra push to get things all done and dusted, so we'll be opening things up to multiple submissions!

Yearly Update

In order to help facilitate our yearbook summaries, we'd love it if you guys could submit your happenings (big and small) and add them to our wiki page.

Or, submit the following form via the special Yearbook Discord channel we've set up:

  • Player name:
  • Character name/s:
  • Character updates: What's the big thing that happened to you guys this year? What happened to Dog to drive his arc forward? What mischief was meaningful?
  • Fav Plot: Can be a personal or a pack event
  • Other: Is there anything else you think should be included in the yearbook summary?
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