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POSTED: Sun Dec 16, 2018 2:02 am

SL Secret Santa Drop-Off Thread

➤ A Time of Bribes Gifts and Cheer

Hello and welcome to the S³ Drop-off Thread! If you're taking a look here, it's most likely because you are participating in our Yuletide gift-giving tradition, is that right? Well, look no further - just drop your gift off here following the information below, and you can be on your merry way!

➤ Drop-Off Guidelines

How Does it Work?

By this time, all Salsolan participants have been anonymously assigned an unknowing IC giftee. Gift givers should consider their giftee's character and preferences carefully whilst coming up with an appropriate gift. Once you have chosen your perfect present, check the rules below and then fill out the form to reply to this post.


  • You're required to reciprocate: you'll be receiving a gift, so you should be providing a gift.
  • You do not need to engage in an actual played-out thread for this exchange. It's primarily for fun and to encourage closeness/interaction/fun between Salsola members! You are welcome to keep your participation in the contest as OOC planning if you wish. It's up to you and your partners (person you are giving a gift to, and person you are receiving a gift from) to decide.
  • Please make sure your actual gift is reasonable and realistic.
  • You must include at least: a pixel icon OR a non-copyrighted photo reference OR a drawn image AND/OR a 100 word description of your gift! See the 'Souls Resources Page for places you can obtain non-copyrighted images. If you have any questions about whether your image or description are acceptable, please contact the SL Leadership.
  • December 16th: Drop-off thread has been created! IC threads must be started between this date and Dec 25th, if you plan to aim for the bonus 10 points.
  • December 25th: Drop-off thread is closed
  • December 31st: All gifts must have been submitted below. Any IC threads must have been started prior to this date to be awarded bonus points - they do not need to be finished by this date, so don't stress!
  • If you fail to submit a gift to your giftee on time, you will be banned from participating in the next SL contest. Exemptions may apply - If you know you are going to be unable to fulfill your gift-giving duty, contact SL Leadership as soon as possible to avoid the contest ban.

Please reply to this thread with the filled out form to surprise your giftee with their amazing new present!

Code: Select all
[b]Your Character's Name:[/b] Who will be giving the gift?
[b]Giftee's Name:[/b] Who will be receiving the gift?

[b]Gift Title:[/b] What is your gift? Keep this short-n-sweet, just the name of the item will do.
[b]Gift Description:[/b] (A pixel icon OR a non-copyrighted photo reference OR a drawn image AND/OR a 100 word description of your gift)

[b]IC Delivery Plan:[/b] How will your character be delivering/handing over their gift? I.E leaving it at the door to be found, throwing it through a window, having the giftee over for an elaborate dinner prior to?
[b]Would you like a bonus IC thread?:[/b] Your gift-giving does not have to happen via thread; OOC assumption is also fine. If yes, feel free to get in contact with your giftee directly to discuss having a thread, but make sure to respect their wishes if they choose not to!

➤ Points and Prizes

  • You can earn a maximum of 50 game points for participating in this contest (20 participant points, 30 possible bonus points)
  • Obviously, an awesome IC gift for your character!
  • 20 game points for overall participation
  • BONUS: 15 points for gift-giving IC threads - the usual Thread Prompt Rules apply, max 2x collection (one for giving, one for receiving)

Much love and happy posting - Team Salsola

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POSTED: Tue Dec 18, 2018 10:45 am

Your Character's Name: Ankh D'Aabt
Giftee's Name: Coaxoch
Gift Title: Two Kittens
Gift Description: The kittens are half-brothers, born to different mothers. The tuxedo-ed one is a month or so older than his tabby sidekick. But that doesn't stop the younger one from proving himself as the more spirited of the pair, while the older one takes strongly after his father, Allspice, familiar of the hermit Ankh D'Aabt. While both kittens are largely feral, they seem friendly enough and may soon warm to the idea of living in a more civilized manner. Growing boys, they're both easily bribed with tasty morsels such as mice, frogs and other small forest creatures.
IC Delivery Plan: Ankh will most likely invite Coax to the hollow under the premise of conversation, only to present him with the two kittens!
Would you like a bonus IC thread?: Sure! :)
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POSTED: Thu Dec 20, 2018 6:38 am

Your Character's Name: Shaamah
Giftee's Name: Elphaba

Gift Title: Lynx Stole and Pledge of Fealty
Gift Description:

A Canadian Lynx that was cull by Shaamah's hands and tanned/tailored by an expert. The lynx, in it's winder coat, is warm and plush. The stole is lined with a red wool interior. A cord protrudes from the Lynx mouth and latches onto the Lynx fang to hold it closed. There is no skull in the Lynx' decorative head feature, so the leather is supple and easy to move in. Very warm and lightly coated in a natural waterproofing agent made from diluted animal fat. Stored in a cedar box until delivery and continues to have the woody scent intact. This stole is a physical embodiment of the Pledge of Fealty that Shaamah will take upon her receiving the gift.

IC Delivery Plan: A one on one, very private moment. Likely in one of their dwellings.
Would you like a bonus IC thread?: Yes!

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POSTED: Thu Dec 20, 2018 11:30 am

Your Character's Name: Idrieus Eternity
Giftee's Name: Ankh D'Aabt

Gift Title: Fragrance Bundle
Gift Description:

Sinking a small amount of her inheritance, Idrieus sought out a trader in more exotic wares. A small bowl, no bigger than what one would use for meals, water, and other such daily uses that is made out of a clay material. Given a finishing shine, this pot is filled to allow for incense to be placed inside and the ash to be collected in its base. Included with this is a bundle of different essences. Some of the sticks hold some color to them, causing them to burn with a variety of different smells. The bundle itself is wrapped delicately in a cloth wrap and tied together with a small strip of cloth.

IC Delivery Plan: Invitation to come over for a meal during the gift giving season and the gift will be given at the end.
Would you like a bonus IC thread?: Yes!


Your Character's Name: Dahlia de le Poer
Giftee's Name: Till Van Ulrich-Lykoi

Gift Title: A Brand New CAR Horse
Gift Description:

Aided by members of the Cartel, assistance was given in order to steal some horses from an unsuspecting group of loners. One of two that was acquired by Dahlia was decided to be given to Coaxoch father, Till. As was typical with the breed the pale faced man has, the mare offered to him is of the mustang breed, dark gray pelt with a lighter gray spotted pattern along the back and rear. Small white dot upon its forehead. The animal has a calm temperament and seems to get along well with other horses. Social, though wary of either loud sounds or aggressive horses. The horse is already rider broken and is open to other forms of training. A mare was decided to be given to even out the genders and provide breeding options.

IC Delivery Plan: The horse will be brought to Till as a gift for becoming a small part of and to gain favoring with the Ulrich family for Eden, Evelyn, and Coaxoch, with him being their father/grandfather.
Would you like a bonus IC thread?: Yes


Your Character's Name: Silas del Morte
Giftee's Name: Andrew Winthrop

Gift Title: Fur/Wool Blanket
Gift Description:

Though scarcer in nature, Silas' hunting efforts have proven useful in gathering a collection of pelts. Keeping some that look almost the same or similar to one another, he made sure the hides were cleaned and tanned before working to trim and connect the furs together. The pelts are arranged in a way that the patterns line up to create a singular pattern across the blanket. Unskilled in the use of wool or attaching it to the underside, Silas has offered his services in order to finish the work on the blanket. The wool has been dyed to match the color of the pelts on the top side.

IC Delivery Plan: When Silas comes over to help take care of daily chores around Helena's home, the gift will be given to Andrew upon the Quartermaster's permission to do so.
Would you like a bonus IC thread?: Yes!
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POSTED: Sat Dec 22, 2018 2:59 am

Your Character's Name: Till Van Ulrich-Lykoi
Giftee's Name: Grievous Eternity

Gift Title: Witch Kit, mortar and pestle
Gift Description:

Traded for while in his most recent trip to Portland, Till brought back an interestingly shaped mortar and pestle. It is devoid of color, much like the Eternity son whom he thought of when he was buying it. It is seemingly made of some sort of stone, the merchant spoke of it being of marble but Till wouldn't know any better. The Witch kit was both acquired on this trip and put together by himself of older tools that he did not use anymore. It includes an athame, candlestick+holder, brew spoon, wand, incense smudger, honey collector, cinnamon+assorted herbs, parchment+ink+quill, and sand-timer. It also includes various small jars of herbs and precious stones.

IC Delivery Plan: Till would bring it to the Henchman as a symbol of good will between their families. It would likely be at the Saturnalia, should he be present, or possibly at Elphaba's Solstice celebration.
Would you like a bonus IC thread?: Sure I wouldn't mind one. Depends on if you want one.

Your Character's Name: Coacoxh
Giftee's Name: Silas

Gift Title: Boar Meat Stew
Gift Description:

A thick brothed boar meat stew that was prepared and hunted by Coaxoch. It's not the best stew ever, and could be a bit more seasoned but for a single father who is working on his cooking it is flavorful and tender!

IC Delivery Plan: Coaxoch would invite Silas(and Julia) over and have them play with the puppies while he cooked the meal. Coaxoch would probably be curious as to Silas' and Julia's time in Salsola. He will also even offer some stew for him to take home.
Would you like a bonus IC thread?: sure!

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POSTED: Sat Dec 22, 2018 3:55 pm

Your Character's Name: Sebastien Stone
Giftee's Name: Dahlia de le Poer

Gift Title: Puppy sweaters and booties!
Gift Description:

With the weather turning bitter, the children are kept indoors for their own protection. Sebastien gathered scraps of fur and after several attempts, created two sweaters and pairs of booties for Eden and Evelyn. One of the pelts is a lighter shade while the other is darker. The sweaters slip on over the pup's head, and there is a hole for the fore-limbs. The booties have holes poked into the top, with a strip of leather that can be loosened or tightened around the foot. Whilst not an expert with needle and thread, Sebastien gave his time to Corrine Pauva to fix his mistakes and finish the gift to a higher quality that he could not have achieved alone.

IC Delivery Plan: Sebastien will make a meal for Dahlia during the gift giving season and present the gift to her afterwards.
Would you like a bonus IC thread?: Sure!
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POSTED: Sat Dec 22, 2018 5:06 pm

Your Character's Name: Kaeli Blacksun
Giftee's Name: O’Riley Eternity

Gift Title: A pair of black hard-leather bracers

Gift Description: Handcrafted by Kaeli these armguards were designed with utility in mind and lack any distinguishable embellishments or details however they are of the utmost quality and are expected to have extremely good durability. Each bracer was fabricated with two individual components, the main guard which covers the forearm completely, and the rabbit fur lining that prevents the wearer from suffering friction burns after prolonged use, those two were stitched together using thick black-dyed wool thread. The bracers are adjustable and have a thick black cord on the underside which criss-crosses down the entire length of the piece like in a corset.

IC Delivery Plan: Kaeli would probably deliver them at O’Riley’s house or track him down during his daily activities.
Would you like a bonus IC thread?: YES!
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POSTED: Sat Dec 22, 2018 6:31 pm

Your Character's Name: Helena Troy Lykoi
Giftee's Name: Morgana Revlis

Gift Title: Gris-gris pouch, long woolen cloak fastened with ivory teeth.
Gift Description:
  • Gris-Gris pouch: This leather sewn pouch is roughly the capacity of two cupped hands and can be attached to a belt or worn as a necklace. Embossed with the Revlis crowned serpent, it contains herbs, oils, stones, small bones that could be used to cast protective charms centered about the owner.
  • Cloak: A dark. high-quality woolen cloak that reaches approximately knee-length, lined with rabbit fur and trimmed with a dark wolverine fur and fastened with shaped ivory teeth. The wolverine fur is especially plush and clean, and is very valuable being exceptionally frost resistant.
  • The gifts are arranged in a small woven basket, that also contain a few sweet and savory treats.

IC Delivery Plan: Curious about the relative of the Boss, Helena would give Morgana this gift at the Saturnalia celebration.
Would you like a bonus IC thread?: Yes
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POSTED: Sun Dec 23, 2018 12:27 pm

Your Character's Name: Andrew Wintrhop
Giftee's Name: Kaeli Blacksun

Gift Title: Hand Carved Table and Benches
Gift Description:

A table with accompanying pair of benches finely carved from dark walnut from the blackwoods. Three feet in width. Ten feet in length.
IC Delivery Plan: Upon returning to SL from the Outpost, Helena instructs Andrew to make things right with the Blacksun woman after the wedding incident. After a brief consultation at Kaeli's sparse house, Andrew will build the table on site over the span of three days. Or, something to that effect.
Would you like a bonus IC thread?: Your gift-giving does not have to happen via thread; Gimme thread!
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POSTED: Sun Dec 23, 2018 8:24 pm

Your Character's Name: Brocade Valentine
Giftee's Name: Shaamah

Gift Title: A silver chain with a rustic hammered shield on the end of it.
Gift Description: Imagine like this but with no cross on it:

https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1211/ ... 1517265568

IC Delivery Plan: Brocade will meet with Shaamah to discuss The Shield and make a promise to have him join them :>
Would you like a bonus IC thread?: Yes x2!

ps. I am freaking out at Shaamahs gift to Elphaba because its so perfect!?!?!?!
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