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POSTED: Wed Dec 26, 2018 5:02 pm

The Masquerade of a Hundred Faces

The shadow of memory haunts the end of the year and the wintry start of the new. Death, murder, mayhem ruled the last new year, but the ruler of the Court is determined to usher in a grand start to wash away the damage caused by the Winter of Tarnished Gold.

What better way than to throw a free-for-all shindig with food, booze, party guests, and fun? But here's the caveat, all guests - Courtier or not - must in some way be decorated with a mask or disguise, much like a costume party. Invitations were sent out to CdC and MV, though whether anyone shows up is entirely up to them. Hopefully it'll be the start of good times with Mistfell, and a continuing of good faith with Casa.

The Ball is officially thrown on January 12th with food, music, and drink provided. The thread will be put up sooner, however for your SoSu posting.

Yet, something is very odd about some of the guests. It seems as though there are a handful of uninvited guests that do not belong to either the Court, Mistfell, or the Cavaliers. Party crashers!

Our Available tNPC's

Our handful of party crashers have names and faces, so here they are! Remember, they are tNPC's and may not be used after the end of January or outside of this event.

A loner group of friends who traipsed into a gathering they had no business of attending, they mean well and are hardly belligerent. It's only clear halfway through the night that they don't belong, as they've successfully disguised themselves and their scent after lurking at the Court's borders for several days prior to the event.

  • Credo Ortez - [PICTURE]
    St Lucia Mongrel (dog mutt) - 3 years old - male
    A trouble maker to the core, he is a very easily entertained man. He plays jokes, pranks, and makes easy fun of other folks. He is likely to have his arms around people randomly and poke at them with his hands. Expressive, emotional, he's the first on the dance floor and the last to leave the drink table.
  • Fiona Minerva - [PICTURE]
    Golden Retriever/Husky Dominant mutt - 2 years old- Female
    Well decorated and prettily dressed, Fiona is the epitome of a prissy princess who giggles at everyone and makes pretty eyes at the rest. She cannot hold her alcohol worth a damn and is a belligerently crying sort of drunk. Get her liquored up at your own expense.
  • Symone Barbaray - [PICTURE]
    Husky dominant dog mutt - 5 years old - female
    She's a pretty thing with sticky fingers. For all the lovely face she puts to the world, she has a penchant for things not belonging to her ending up in her bags. Likely as not, she's swiped something of yours. Hopefully there are no missing bracelets, rings, or necklaces by the end of the night.
  • Reuben van Gerse - [PICTURE]
    Wolfdog - 3 years old - male
    Oh he's here for the food, don't even think otherwise. Awkward and shy, he's more than likely to shove a whole chicken leg into his mouth than stand a length of polite conversation. Somewhat nervous, he's probably easy to convince to do something he might not want, just for the sake of fitting in.


  1. What's a masquerade without a little grandeur? Can you make a memorable entrance?
  2. It looks like someone has spiked the punch bowl. It's a night for drunken festivities, but this is ridiculous!
  3. Take a spin around the room to the music, a waltz, a jig, or something of your own making because coordination is for suckers.
  4. Oops! There goes a mask! Reveal who you are dramatically to someone or snag the mask off another person's face.

Participation Points & Prizes

Not only do you get to get word count for SoSu, but you also get to get some delicious, tasty prizes. Posts/threads must be relevant to the masquerade in some way. This can be either the party itself, preparing for the party, or the aftermath.


    1 post - 1 points
    Use a tNPC - 2 point*
    WotD - 1 point
    Thread with a non-Courtier - 2 points*
    Thread with a total of 10 posts (both players) - 3 points*
    Prompt Thread - Following Completion Rules - 4 points*
    *(bonus only obtainable once per thread)


  • Title: 15 points
  • Icon: 30 points
  • Jasmae Art: 100 points

Our Gift to You

For the duration of the month, we are lowering our requirements for obtaining co-ranks and specializations. They must still follow completion rules.

  • Professions will require only one thread to obtain. The caveat is that the thread used MUST be started in January to qualify.
  • Specializations will require only three threads to obtain. At least one must have been started in January to submit all three.

Remember, this is a limited time offer for this kind of thing! We may do smaller, similar things later, but this is probably the best time to snag a profession or specialization.

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Spreadsheet! Assuming everything is good to go, I got 63 points.

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Thread with a non-Courtier (+4)

Thread with a total of 10 posts (+4)

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