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POSTED: Sat Jun 15, 2019 1:11 pm

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A Slippery Slope

Thank you to all who participated in our Quinn disapearence plot! Quinn is now safe and sound at home where she has been grounded to the Fort ;).


A belated congratulations and welcome to Jazzy who has joined the Casa Leadership Team to work alongside Nat and Melissa. Further congratulations to our two newest Council members. Honrin has joined as Labour Head and Aldora who has been promoted to Pack Advisor.

Ambassadorship: Loner Bands

In the recent year, Souls pack counts have decreased, making it difficult to uphold Ambassadorship as a requirement for being on the Council. Recently we had removed this requirement because of the lack of packs. Given the rise of Loner Bands, we will be allowing members to hold ambassadorships to these smaller groups to maintain our positive Cavalier reputation and gain information on these groups values, trades, and intentions. You can view this change on the website, Wiki, as well as the Ambassadorship Chart. Please note that Ambassadorship prompts have been altered to fit this change, and you must now complete three Ambassador prompts to earn this co-rank.

Cavalier of the Month

Congratulations to Theodora, our Cavalier of the Month. For our new Cavaliers, Cavalier of the Month is an award given out periodically to showcase specific players hard work in the pack. Theodora has been our top poster for two months running and has leaped into pack life, having threads with a variety of Cavalier's and offering assistance as a Herbalist in training to the medics. We look forward to seeing how she grows as a member of Casa di Cavalieri!

Upcoming Housing Changes

As our pack grows in numbers, holding strong in the 30s, the Fort has become overpopulated. In an attempt to keep the peace and give privacy to his members, Luca will be opening up housing outside of the Fort to Officer's and higher ranks, as well as their families in the upcoming months. As usual Recruits and Cadets will reside in the Courthouse unless they are living as a family member of an Officer. Members with co-ranks that can make use of shops are highly encouraged to take residency above their workspaces. Members may now fix cabins in Sugar Woods, create a home around the territory, or claim houses in Wolfville, or Windsor. Through the summer Leadership and helpers will be working on condensing the current locations for residency notes on the wiki, placing all information onto one Housing page. An announcement will be made when the wiki page is complete and members may begin IC moving out of the Fort.

Farming Project

Keep your eyes peeled for a Farming Project that is being created and lead by our very own Jace!


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