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Makin' House

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Dog-Days of Summer

July has come and gone, like a warm and lazy summer breeze. The droning of cicadas grows loud as August takes hold, and the heavy afternoon sun has started to bake the green from floodplain grasses; The night is lit up by the glow and flicker of fireflies. The hazy summer is still in full swing, but fall creeps around the corner.

Wary of a hard winter, it's time to gather the stores, and get preparations under way - August is the month of acquisitions.

A month full of firsts!

To recap, July came out swinging for the Gang! To count:

  • We've had our first Pack Project (still under way!), as Del Cenere sets down their young roots!
  • Boone Lykoi and Dahlia de le Poer are our first wed pair, and have taken the surnames Winthrop!
  • Quietly, the Gang has ushered in their first litter; Santiago Tejada and Evelyn Escuella are proud new parents to Calhoun de la Cruz, Rafaela Tejada, and Luciana Escuella; Welcome to the World!

May there be many more to come!

Trade Trip

The newly wed Boone Winthrop set out to get new goods for the fledgling Del Cenere on June 26th, taking Briarblack and Resurrection de le Poer (borrowing communal horses Kidd and Friday), with him on his two week trip. Due back on August 9th, the proud Comandante is bringing back both goods, and a couple of fresh faces - the Del Mar family from further south have opened up a fresh trade route and given items in good faith to these Northern Neighbors. As far as physical goods, the party returns with:

Cart One:
  • Rope
  • Horseshoes
  • Turkey poults
  • Chickens
  • A small flock of pheasants (reeves and ringneck)
  • Two sacks of Grain (for animal feed uses)
  • Seeds for crops
  • Spices, Cooking Utensils, Serving Items
  • Horse Blankets
Cart Two (on loan from the Del Mar family):
  • A secondary still
  • Tobacco products
  • Rye whiskey
  • Corn and Grain (for mash uses)
  • Some product to push ;)


On that trade trip, the Comandante met up with the Del Mar family by utter chance, and met up with their settlement, called Palisade! Palisade both pushes and accepts goods, run by a series of coyote-dominant families down south. The leader of the Del Mars, a man by the name of Augustine Del Mar, extends his hand to the denizens of Del Cenere Gang and offers a place to stay, at the cost that they promote the tobacco and booze his family produces!

So what does this mean?

IC? It's a new location, in the case you want to create a character hailing from there to come to Del Cenere! Or, you can adopt members from there!

OOC: This will serve as our off-board Outpost! At request of the player, dropped or npc'd characters may now be sent to Palisade, and picked back up whenever convenient (and even as an OOC joiner!). If a character has been set on aNPC status for six months, by default, they will be sent to Palisade unless otherwise requested!

Old Inferni Round-up!

Good news for prospective Gaucho and Rustlers this month!

Are you in need of another thread or prompt to work towards your occupation, but the current prompts just aren't catching your attention? Worry not! Spearheaded by Rey Salvaje, Nazario del Bosque, a band will be driving out past the mountains into Inferni's old abandoned territories to retrieve the herd of horses set loose there to bring back under Del Cenere's care. Having gone feral, the horses will need work and care to bring them back to their domesticated state, where they can be claimed for 400 game points, or (a select few) can be traded off for goods to add to Del Cenere's stores!

As well as participating in the initial round-up thread, any thread marked with Feral Inferni Round-Up involving working with the horses can be counted towards your prompts for an occupation, so long as they fulfill the completion requirements!

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