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POSTED: Fri Aug 02, 2019 9:42 am

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After some long months of consideration, both Felix and Calia have decided to part ways with their creation, Mistfell Vale. Hearing the call of the wide-open world, both have decided to undertake missions of sorts and left the Vale in the capable hands of their Ursarchon, Saga D'Angelo.

This will likely come as little surprise to the pack, as both the Ravenking and Nightstag have gradually become less and less of a common sight in the Vale as they quietly planned their departure. For some months now, Saga has all but entirely taken over the role as the primary leader of the Vale and as of the 1st of August, she will stand as sole leader.

A pack meeting was held to address these changes.

Departing with Felix and Calia, will be Ares Knight, Elizabeth Collins and Evelyn Nightlark.

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In OOC news, a small rank change has occurred! In future, all leaders will adopt either the title of Ravenking, Nightstag, or Ursarchon, based on their house allegiance.

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