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Image Huh!?Image

Elkenfrey, Ezra Vahn created his first mill in Vinatta, and it ran wonderfully until the meteor hit. It destroyed the mill and tore the place up. Ezra loved that dang mill and it brought so much prosperity to Vinatta, and purpose to his own life, that he felt like a piece of him was missing. Ergo, Ezra came to Saga with a plan to make a mill, in order to bring that same prosperity to Mistfell Vale!

With skilled papermakers in Canada so rare, the choice to give the project the go-ahead was an easy choice for the Ursarchon! Even more excitingly, Ezra can supply paper for the pack for free in exchange for textile, which will help their knowledge and history documentation as well and a renaissance of sorts? :O

A massive thanks to Dark for suggesting this amazing plot idea and having a big hand in running it! <3

Image Timeline! Image

Planning and Placement
  • The Ursarchon's Approval | 8/30 - Ezra requests a meeting with Saga to approve plans for the project, iron out details through Mistfell Vale trade and pick placement for the mill.
  • We Create To Inspire | 9/2 - A small meeting takes place between Ezra, Honrin and Saga to discuss all that the build might entail.
Supply Stage
  • Zoomies| 9/4 - Brom (pNPC), Zelda, Zuri - It is important to have plenty of clay and dried grasses to make the mortar out of. Gather these materials and deliver them to the build site.
  • All good work requires self-revelation | 9/6 - Brom (pNpc), Phoenix, Falcon - While not nearly as much stone is needed as other materials, collecting and delivering the stone to the build site is no easy task!
  • Forward Momentum | 9/6 - Ezra, Ginny, Sedona - Transporting long beams is a difficult job, but Ezra has the horses for it! With a team of drafts trained to pull the logs, it will still take a few more hands to make sure they are delivered without damage.
Spreading the Workload
Foundation Stage
  • Look Up and Get Ready to Rise | 9/10 - Ezra, Sedona, Zuri - Measuring the foundation plot and placing markers is important in keeping the beginnings of the building to plan.
  • Thread | 9/12 - Slot 3, Slot 4, Brom (pNpc) - Begin removing large obstacles like stones and trees to clear the ground for the dig. The better the area is cleared, the faster the digging can begin!
  • Thread |9/16 - Honrin, Ginny, Alec - Breaking ground! In order to ensure a sturdy foundation, the ground needs to be dug out. Three feet down with deeper holes for the frame posts will do the job just right!
  • Working Through it All - 9/22 - The foundation is complete! One last look over the digsite confirms that it is ready for the next stage. Ezra and Honrin work together, setting the beams for the frame and the second story, as well as setting the well for the millstone.
Frame Stage
  • Build Your Homes as Your Friendships - 9/26 - Ezra, Ginny, Falcon - Start setting the slats for the exterior of the building. Lock the Mortise and Tenon beams together and seal them with mud mortar.
  • Thread | 10/3 - Zuri, Phoenix, Brom (pNpc) - The next steps is putting the floors together. The flooring is a simple raised wood flooring on simple stone cross-sections to support the floor. Planks will line half of the mill and the interior rooms, leaving the main area around the millstone well as bare, flattened earth. The second story will be built on preset beams.
  • To Stay The Rain | 10/9 - Ezra, Sedona, Phoenix - Laying the roof is an important part of the building process. Being a papermill, it is important that the materials do not get wet before their time and are protected from the elements.
Finishing Touches
  • Thread | 10/15 - A walkthrough of the Mill is performed to ensure that it is sturdy and safe for use. Discussions for placement for benches and shelving are put in place and organized.
  • Thread | 10/15 - Ezra and Honrin work together to build the guts and gears of the millstone’s main operation station
  • Thread |10/18 - Ezra and Honrin use a prototype grindstone to test the specifications.
Final Stage
  • Thread | 10/20 - Ezra, Alec, Zuri - Benches and drying racks need to be made to operate the mill! Help Ezra make a few rough, but sturdy worktables!
  • Thread | 10/23 - Slot 3, Slot 4, Brom (pNpc) - Doors and window shutters need to be made to seal up the building for when the weather turns sour! Two doors, one barn door, and several shutters need to be made to finish the job!
  • Thread | 10/27 - Saga, Sedona, Alec - Clean up! There is sawdust, dirty footprints, and thatch all over the place! In order to have a fantastic ceremony, the place needs to be cleaned up, and if your characters are so inclined, decorated, too!
Cutting the Ribbon
  • Thread | 10/28 - The Permanent grindstone is transported from Mt. Oromocto and fitted in place.
  • Thread | 11/1 - The job has been completed! In order to commemorate the successful build, Ezra would like to hold a non-mandatory celebration with Saga where he shows the mill in working order, and thanks to those that have helped The Vale’s mill come to fruition.
Other sideline threads without slots can include:
  • Organizing and prepping the supplies and materials at the build site for ease of access. Creating dowels, carving Mortise and Tenon on beams and planks, sand frame pieces for windows and doors, sanding wood, mixing mud mortar or binding thatch for the roof, etc
  • Carting the excess dirt away from the dig site to other places that might need it.
  • Referencing the build in progress: Watching it go up from a distance, or from the sidelines.
  • Gathering water or making meals to give to the hardworking Mistwalkers
  • Building isn’t easy! Perhaps your character was injured, or you have a medic that can offer some aid!
  • Your character can help set up food and drink for the final ceremony.

Image Winning!Image

The winner is defined as the Mistwalker who participates in the most threads while the plot is running!

  • The overall winner wins a Permanent Icon! Choose from our special Papermill exclusive icon Image or one of Mistfell Vale's house icons! Image Image Image
  • 10 game points for each thread you participate in! Fully stackable with all other game point criteria!
  • Our undying gratitude *swoon*
  • And what's more, all participants will earn themselves Mistfell Vale's Black Sloth Totem Image
  • A additional entry to the raffle for every thread you participate in!
  • And remember, just for September, you can earn double pack game points!

Again, we've added in some IC goodies! The winners will earn one of the IC goody bundles for their character!

  • A stack of paper (5 pages each) in a gift package from Ezra
  • Leftover building materials from the project for their own use
  • A Bottle of honey & mead from Honrin’s personal stock
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POSTED: Mon Sep 02, 2019 9:32 pm

I'd like to sign Ginny up for:
  • Supply Stage - slot 5 or 6 (log hauling)
  • Foundation Stage - slot 5 or 6 (digging!)
  • Frame Stage - slot 1 or 2 (exterior slats and MUD)

POSTED: Mon Sep 02, 2019 9:52 pm

Sign Sedona up for:
Slot 6 with Ginny for Log Hauling in the Supply Stage
Slot 1 for Measuring in the Foundation Stage
Slot 6 for Laying The Roof in the Frame Stage
Slot 5 with Saga for Clean Up in the Final Stage


POSTED: Mon Sep 02, 2019 11:00 pm

Slot 3 and slot 4 of Supply Stage have been claimed by Dread and Salena with Zelda and Zuri! <3

The Google Doc has been updated with all the requests so far! :D
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POSTED: Tue Sep 03, 2019 5:15 am

I'd like to sign Alec up for:
  • slot 6 for the digging in the foundation stage
  • slot 1 or 2 for the furniture making in the final stage
  • slot 6 for the cleaning up in the final stage

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POSTED: Tue Sep 03, 2019 5:46 pm

Added to Doc! :D
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POSTED: Fri Sep 06, 2019 9:40 am

Finally doing what I should have done haha
I'd also like to sigh Zuri up for:
  • Slot 2 for measuring the foundation in the Foundation Stage
  • Slot 4 for building the floors in the Frame Stage
  • Slot 2 for benches and drying racks in the Final Stage
Zuri Acidic-Trombetta

POSTED: Sun Sep 08, 2019 5:55 am

I've added you to the doc. :3 <3
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POSTED: Sun Sep 08, 2019 11:17 pm

Spreading the Workload post had been made! Feel free to enjoy the non-mand pack meeting <3

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