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[CdC] The Hunters Feast

Mon Sep 02, 2019 12:35 pm

ImageThe Hunters FeastImage

In the late spring, another herd of deer moved into Casa territory, causing the population to grow into late summer as babies were introduced onto the land. With the increase of prey competing predators have been spotted within the territory by our hunters and scouts, namely the odd wild cat and some brave hungry loners. The older canines know what dangers other predators can be and have noticed the decrease in vegetation along the deer herd routes, prompting Luca to take action. In response, the Lune has announced open season on hunting the deer and clearing the lands of potential dangers. A special dinner, named the Hunters Feast, will celebrate the bounty.

Prompts, Points, and a Prize!

Throughout the month of September, members are encouraged to complete prompts for 10 points per prompt you participate in. Those who go above and beyond, completing 3 prompts with a minimum of 3 posts in each thread, will earn a temporary icon Image with hover "Deer Hunt Champion", for 3 months! Please post your point counts, thread links, and if you met the requirements for the icon to this thread any time before October 1st.


  • Participate in a deer hunt, in a pair or group

  • Track the herds moving through Casa in order to report the locations back to the hunters

  • Help make use of the incoming deer by lending a hand in the butchering or skinning process

  • Tan some deer hides

  • Craft something useful from deer hide

  • Create a tasty dish for the Hunters Feast

  • The dinning room has seen little use over the years, help clean it up for the Hunters Feast

  • Decorate the dining hall the day of the feast with antlers, hides, and purple banners etc. to increase the spectacle

  • Collect ingredients for side dishes and seasonings

  • Search old human dwellings for alcoholic beverages, or make your own, to add to the table (to be added to the Five Shields stores after)

  • Mark up the boarders to increase the scent and discourage intruders

  • Chase or fight off loners attempting to hunt in our lands

  • Fight or chase off wild cats scouting the herds

  • Use traps to capture smaller predators on Casa land, then kill or chase them off

  • The Feast - Mandatory Attendance

    To celebrate the health and safety of the pack, thanks to those who participated in the hunt and preparations for the feast, Luca has requested that all members of the pack will gather on September 30th to toast one another. To make this a special ocassion all members are asked to dress in their Cavalier warrior best, taking care to dawn their rank cloaks. The dining room will be decorated with care, and food prepared by all those in Casa who wish to help. Alcohol will be allowed for the night, though members would be wise not to go overboard in front of the Lune during such an occasion. During the feast members will sit according to rank, with the Lune at the head of the table surrounded by the Council, followed by the Brotherhood, then Officers etc, and ended with Cadets and youths. Members should take care in their appearance and arrive in a timely manner, or risk ridicule by their peers.

    OOC Members are encouraged to have independent threads set during the dinner, as members will be allowed to mingle before and after the main course and toast. Why not take this opportunity to gossip, chat, and drink! A feast like this is the perfect time to get in the good books of the Council and Leadership, to view who has made movement in the ranks (or not!), and try to learn about the budding relationships among your peers. That being said, only one post to the main event is required. If you can not post due to OOC reasons please contact a Leader ASAP with your reason so we may assume the character is present for you!

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    Sun Sep 29, 2019 9:19 pm

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