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POSTED: Fri Dec 20, 2019 1:29 pm

Adoption Drive

Have you been looking for a chance to join the realm?

Christmas came early!

Our Adoption Drive pulls together both members of Old Caledonia who have been lost in the months since the war ended, and lost souls who are all looking for a place to call home as winter approaches. We have worked hard to bring you characters with open back stories and interesting skills that can be bent and molded to suit the storylines of New Caledonia.

How the characters end up in Nova Scotia is almost entirely up to you! As we head towards the end of the month (and SoSu!) this is a great opportunity to adopt into a newly fledged pack with dynamic characters, awesome quests, and a nod to high-fantasy and old school RPGs.

As an incentive, we are offering a boost of honor (NC's pack game points) to those who adopt a character before January 31st. Adopt a character within this time-frame and you will receive +100 honor to start your journey.

Are you ready?

How to Adopt:

If any of the New Caledonians below interest you, please PM the New Caledonia Pack Account (or their owners(s)) with the following information:

Character: What character do you want to adopt?
Your interpretation of the character: Tell us how you might intend to play their personality, their motives, etc.
Any plots or ideas you've gotten for the character: Tell us what ideas you might have regarding the character's family, conflicts, past, etc. What do you intend to do with them?
Who are your other active characters: List your other characters for us.
When are you able to pick up this character? Anticipated time frame of pick up.

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POSTED: Fri Dec 20, 2019 1:30 pm

New Caledonia Adoptables

And now, what you've all been waiting for!

Available Adoptables

Mirwen Cirith

WIKI, art by Songbird

Pledged to Aegas, and younger sister to Maethriel, Mirwen Cirith is known for her quick hands and somber expression. Mirwen is slighter than her sister but just as dedicated to her work. She and her sister are all that is left of their branch of the Ciriths, and Mirwen often questions her place in New Caledonia. She has scarred hands from burning herself in a forge as a child and often wears long gloves to hide this fact. She is quiet but dutiful and has a lovely singing voice.


Maethriel Cirith

WIKI, art by Songbird

Pledged to Aegas, Maethriel Cirith is a strong-boned woman who forged weapons in preparation for the war. She has a branching scar across her throat and a raspy voice that turns heads and carries too far. She commonly wears her thick hair bound into braids or twisted into a massive bun. She is not known for her decorum and is often the first to loudly voice her own opinion, much to her sister Mirwen's chagrin.


Leena Nemir

WIKI, art by Nat

Leena Nemir is a spear and fisherwoman from Old Caledonia. Born into Clan Lorn, her family were lesser nobles: fishermen and craftspeople. Because of her dutiful attitude and unshakable faith she was often deemed as "too-serious" by her peers. But friends and family both know her for her fiery temper and cutting wit. Her mothers' long-despaired that Leena would never marry, until a deal with the High Druids of Clan Taur sealed her fate in blood. She was promised to the Eryn's youngest son, Athras. Dutiful, however ill-tempered, Leena accepted the match and resigned herself to her fate.


Inuven Bata

WIKI, art by Nat

Pledged to Taur, Inuven Bata fought valiantly against their foes during the great war as a Commander. He walks with a slight limp now, but this does not stop him from spending as much time as possible in the forest. Inuven was in love with a woman from Lorn who was killed before they could confess their love to one another. Inuven has long, inky black hair that he wears unbound and has eyes the color of sapphires. Inuven Bata was Iomair's best friend prior to the war.


Rand Coara

WIKI, art by Nat

Pledged to Lorn, Rand Coara is an elitist. He believes strongly in the divide between Lorn and Taur despite the way the war brought them all together. Rand used the war as a convenient excuse to push his own ideals upon those around him and even killed a few of his own in the process. Rand wears his hair in all manner of braids and twists, and believes deeply in the power of the New Gods.


Tilwindea Virthana

WIKI, art by Nat

Pledged to Menel. A girl with keen ambition as an adventurer. She left Old Caledonia before it was razed by war and has found herself in New Caledonia as a newcomer. As a member of Menel she travels with an eagle and her horse, and is often found joyously speaking to other travelers. An eternal optimist, Tilwindea has not yet felt the disastrous effects of war, and this leaves her a tad naive on the world at large.


Saelind Fir-Chlis

WIKI, art by Despi

Saelind is a very low-content wolfdog from Old Caledonia. Wise with a mischievous streak, she is the oldest of all her siblings and tends to be the voice of reason. When Caledonia was destroyed, she escaped and was separated from her family. Since that time, she has been making her way to New Caledonia.


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POSTED: Sun Jan 12, 2020 4:56 pm

As a special incentive Stormie will be offering her services to color pixels for any claimed adoptable. Be sure to PM the NC OOC account if interested!
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