[SL] Curse of the Sanctum: Plot Stage IV

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Curse of the Sanctum

➤Plot Stage IV: The Burdened Goat of Leviticus


"From a certain point onward there is no longer any turning back.
That is the point that must be reached."


It is midwinter on the Peninsula.

Our largest bodies of water are trapped beneath a thickening layer of ice. Even the boglands of Tantramar are hard underfoot, frozen deep down beneath the crust. The air is cold enough to sting the lungs. It burns the soft, sweet parts of bare skin left exposed for too long. It burns like flame.

A young woman from one of the loner camps is weeping in her cell. She rocks back and forth aimlessly. When the guards come too close she reaches for them with trembling fingers. "Let me feed him," The dog begs of them in a sing-song voice, "He is an autumn child. He doesn't know the cold! Let me feed him! Let me, let me, won't you?" The sentences dissolve. The words lose a meaning they never had. Slowly, she unravels.

"Do you know a secret?" She asks the darkness one night, smiling though her cheeks are wet, "The seed is rotten. It will not bear fruit. This ground is too cold for the worms. They cannot do their humble work. Rotten," Her laughter is the worst of it, high and gentle like a child's. "Rotten, rotten, rotten-"

The woman's name is Priory Larue. She has been identified by the Inquisition as the Cursebringer, a witch of heinously malevolent intent - having been framed for the role by none other than our very own Erilaz. O'Riley Eternity is a cunning man with a particular knack for misplacement. In her baby's swaddling his raid group found the melted silver bracelet that had belonged once to the dead Crone, Loki Helsi (long may the ancestors reign in paradise).

Who else might hold such a grotesque keepsake but the individual responsible for damning it in flame?

Separated from her surviving halfsiblings, the witch is inconsolable and nonsensical in turn. Some Family members bring her food and water. Many others come simply to see the bringer of the Sanctum Curse, and jeer at her through the confines of her cage.

The queen's royal decree is not long in coming. She demands a public trial to close this grim chapter in her fraught reign for good. By the shadow of a new moon, Salsola gathers to decide upon the fates of Kaimkillen, Parva, Tenet, Priory and the baby boy, Morrow.

You hold their lives in your hands. What will you choose?

➤ The Cursebringer's Tribunal

The Outsiders are to be tried for their crimes against kingdom and crown. A solemn event, the trial will be held at dusk in the veritable darkness of a new moon. All denizens of the pack are expected to attend, gathering to the Stone Ship high on the cliffs of the western coast. Overlooking the inky depths of the loch, this ceremonial location is not one for the faint of heart.

Standing around the key stones will be the primary members of Salsola's jury - it's Wardens, Henchmen, Arbiters and members of the Inquisition (all Faction Tiers). Per his duty, the pack's newly titled Proctor will be permitted to act as a prosecutor on behalf of the crown, stating the "facts" as they lay. May his bias serve him well, for the queen will be watching!

Though all events pertaining to the trial will be played out IC in a pack thread, we will actually be deciding the fates of some of our captives (Priory's fate will ultimately be decided by the Mafiosi, but the other surviving Outsiders will also require sentencing) via a poll hosted on our Discord Channel. All Salsolan players - regardless of their rank or status - will have a say in what fate they believe their characters would choose for the prisoners.

This extends, as well, to the precious baby - Morrow.

If you haven't already, make sure to join our Discord chat so that you can take part in these big ongoing decisions! We will be advertising the thread there once it has been posted. Don't miss out!

➤ Points and Prizes

  • You can earn a maximum of 50 game points per character for participating in Plot Stage IV
  • +10 game points for every thread related to this story arc (can be counted up to 5 times per character)

Much love and Happy Posting - Team Salsola

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