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POSTED: Wed Jan 01, 2020 4:04 pm

ImageJanuary News PostImage

Happy New Year Cavaliers! The Casa Leadership team has some fun events in store this year so hold onto your socks friends. Please take January to revamp your muses, post to your heart's content, and get the year started on the right foot...er, paw!

Yearbook and SSWM

Let's celebrate our memories by reading through the yearbook. Remember to sign up for Souls Super Writing Month. SSWM is a fantastic way to push through some character plots and development, work on co-ranks, and deepen relationships. Happy posting!

New Co-rank Tiers

In our end of year survey we asked members about switching to a 3 tier system. Given the feedback we brought the conversation into our discord, providing some ideas and asking members for their input on requirements. Taking everyone's thoughts into consideration we have updated the website Co-rank page. Please have a good read of our new system.

Until the end of January, we will be lifting the new 6 month wait between co-rank tier promotions for our current members, giving you the opportunity to use any threads, that you have not submitted to leadership before, since joining Casa in combination with SSWM to skyrocket into the Master tier of your chosen co-rank! At the end of January, all co-rank icons and hovers will be updated to show your character's new co-rank tiers.

The Sun Rises Again - Appointment of a new Sola

After two years of being the only leader of Casa di Cavalieri, the Lune has appointed a new Sola. Congratulations to Nat for joining IC Leadership with Aldora Knight.

The IC Loss of a Long-time Member

Please take the time to send Rath your love as he steps away from Souls. IC our last living founder has met a horrible end after nine years as a Cavalier. Please keep your eyes open for a ceremony of stones after the search party finds his body.

Incoming Storm

Trouble is a brewin' friends. More information specific to the pack to come.

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POSTED: Sat Jan 11, 2020 1:38 am

ImageIncoming Storm!Image


A storm is brewing in the sky, and a cold January turns into a severe snow storm that falls over all of Nova Scotia. Whilst the brutal winds and walls of snow fall, the Cavaliers act fast to ensure everyone is safe from the dangers, whilst working together to make sure the damage and loss the storm leaves in it's wake are minimal. It's a chance for your character to shine through by helping the pack survive this winter storm!

Casa's Timeline for the Storm

January 10th - The freezing rain begins to fall, coating the ground in dangerous layers of ice that begin to cause problems for members of the pack, as well as the livestock and horses. The leadership call for a break in activities so the pack can work together to help get all of the animals inside, utilising the use of the Courthouse as well as the barn and stables to gather as many livestock as possible.

January 11th - Snow gets heavier, winds get violent and surging waves creep up the Whisper Beach and towards the Fort. The pack is forced to remain indoors whilst the storm runs it's course, left waiting with dread for what damage it has left behind. Any search parties that are attempted to ensure everyone in the pack is safe inside, but as the storm builds up many are forced back into shelter, successful or not in their search.

January 12th - The storm finally begins to calm, but there is still a light snowfall and strong winds to make travel remain dangerous. The Leaders call once more for search parties of capable cavaliers to head out and report on the damage, as well as make roll calls for all of the pack members. Counts are made of the livestock that didn't make it through the storm, as well as checks on what damage the wind and snow has done to the buildings in the Fort. Exits to the Courthouse and other surrounding homes with exposed entrances have been blocked off by snow, meaning that those able must quickly shovel away the snow to avoid being trapped.

January 13th - With an idea of their losses, the members of Casa can finally return outside, getting straight to work at repairing their home.

Storm Prompts!

During the storm is a perfect chance to take on some plot-specific prompts and help boost up those word counts for SSWM. Here's a few we've thought up to help you get the ball rolling and allow your character a chance to help the pack survive the storm:

  • The night is long and cold. Gather around the fire and share a story to make it more bearable
  • Share your home or Courthouse room with another in the spirit of helping out the pack
  • Head out into the storm to help collect members of the pack who are lost in the snow
  • Help collect all the animals and put them into the barn and stables
  • Due to the harsh conditions, not all of the livestock will make it to the end of the storm alive. Did your animal companion make it?
  • Get in a fight with someone because they keep getting into your bubble!
  • Once the storm is clear, head outside to make accounts of the damage done
  • Help restore the pack; head out into built up areas such as Wolfville, Windsor or Summerville to see what is destroyed and what can be repaired
  • Dig out pathways in the Fort that the heavy layers of snow had covered up
  • Danger! Get stuck on thin ice or trapped by fallen trees packed by snow!

Call for Aid!

A few days after the disaster, the pack agree that whilst their losses are tragic, the other packs would have also seen a lot of damage. By their very nature, Casa di Cavalieri is a pack that aims to help those who need it, and so it is agreed that small groups will go north via the Avalon to ensure the other packs are alright. We will like members to volunteer to head out to Mistfell Vale, New Caledonia and Del Cenere Gang to offer the packs help from Casa. A total of four characters can head out to each pack to offer aid:

Mistfell Vale:
  • Pushok
  • Arlen
  • Tessa
  • Dawn
Del Cenere Gang:
  • Zetsubou
  • Nayavota Denahlii
  • Day Hushhowl
  • Dusk Hushhowl
New Caledonia:
  • Cedric Stryder
  • Kira Damaichu
  • Temnota Hushhowl
  • Jamie O'Neil

Consequences and Losses

Other than the walls of snow blocking the paths and covering the buildings, the Fort has remained structurally sound during the storm. Damage done to individual homes is up to the owners, however. The other built up areas, namely Wolfville, Windsor and Summerville, have not fared as well against the battering of the storm. Many of the more neglected buildings will be found collapsed or completely covered by snow, whilst those more structurally sound will still sustain some damage.

As the Cavaliers release the livestock after the snow storm they will be saddened to find not all the animals servives. Many of the chickens, piglets, and ewes will have passed away. We will also mourn the loss of our older communal horses Tupelo and Buckeye. For cattle we will lose Drosoferu and Pippa.

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POSTED: Sat Jan 11, 2020 1:44 am

Sign Zetsubou up for DCG!
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POSTED: Sat Jan 11, 2020 1:55 am

Sign Naya up for DCG, too! Having just been in Mistfell Vale, she's pretty sure they can weather the storm well; she's not so sure about the coyotes she's rooting for up north.
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POSTED: Sat Jan 11, 2020 2:14 am

Owing a life debt to Zetsubou, Day will volunteer to go to DCG with him, both to help out the pack and to ensure Zets' safety during the trip.
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POSTED: Sat Jan 11, 2020 6:03 am

I would also like to offer Dusk up for heading to DCG to help
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POSTED: Sat Jan 11, 2020 12:56 pm

Jamie for NC please :3
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POSTED: Mon Jan 13, 2020 4:13 pm

If no one else wants a slot for MV, Shove Pushok in there! *I didn't want to take two slots in case someone else wanted it XD*
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POSTED: Mon Jan 13, 2020 4:52 pm

Arlen for MV! Is it okay if he brings a cNPC?
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POSTED: Fri Jan 17, 2020 3:20 pm

Tessa will go to MV! (Her sister would go to if her cNPC is allowed)
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