[SL] February Newspost

POSTED: Tue Feb 04, 2020 1:48 am

SL February Newspost

➤ The Terrible Thaw That Was

Year III in the rule of Boss Elphaba Revlis, l̵͍̏o̸̜̕n̴̦̉g̷̼̑ ̵̺̾m̵̰̕a̶̦͆y̷̤͘ ̶̣͐s̷̘͋h̴̪͆ë̸̠́ ̷̣̉r̶̪̆e̴̬͠i̸͎͝g̵̢̅n̴͙͆

The memory of crackling flame has quietened the cobblestone and earthen pathways that wind, serpentine, through the crumbling stone facades of the Ruins.

Perhaps, to some, it feels like peace. In the wake of what the crown proclaims to be a righteous delivery of justice, there is a settled lull. No longer are we hunting for Loki Helsi's vengeance. No longer do the Shield Faction call themselves Inquisitors, their shadows invading the homes of every green-blooded Salsolan. We find ourselves in a period of rest, to catch our breath, to calm from strife.

High on the cliffs by the stone ship, the remnants of the pyre still lay - ash and dust. In the tallest tower of the castle proper, a baby can be heard crying for its mother.

... And soon, as though it too has taken at last the plunge from violence into decay, the blizzard will free us from its grip - into a changed, but no less treacherous, winter world...

▹Boardwide Weather Updates

The strange weather patterns that have gripped both Peninsula and Mainland alike do not end with the death of the blizzard. Regathering ourselves after this most vicious turn in the weather, Salsolans awaken to a new set of mundane but no less serious threats. Our landscape has been altered by the great freeze, and is soon shaken by a frightful earthquake that takes place during the night on February 6th.

For all the information on the ongoing weather disruptions that are plaguing our known lands, be sure to take a look at the official boardwide newspost!

▹Pictou Flood

In the days following the earthquake, the waters of the Pictou - filled with snowmelt and debris shaken free from the high peaks of the Halcyon range - will swell, and in some places burst beyond its over-encumbered banks. The floodwaters along our eastern border will be dangerous, with strong undercurrents and unseen hazards just beneath the river's surface. Salsola's scouts will monitor the situation, warning all but the strongest of swimmers from attempting to traverse the flowing rapids.

▹Amherst Damage

Though not as extreme as in cities further east, the earthquake still seeks a terrible toll from our Amherst claim. While many of the buildings still standing in the old town are made of strong materials, there is nonetheless a number that are taken by the trembling earth. Cracks open through the wider concrete roads, leading to dangerous sinkholes and unsteady terrain. An assessment of the city that is under Salsolan dominion needs to be undertaken - are you brave enough to secure it, and report back to the Mafiosi?

▹Livestock Losses

A grizzly discovery is made in the aftermath of the blizzard. When the bitter white begins to thaw, the corpses of a number of our precious communal horses are found, frozen to death outside of their supposed safety in the Grimrun and Marrgerd stables.

Most notable is the loss of our favorite breeding stud, Black. It would appear that, sometime during the blizzard, Black smashed through the confines of his stall and escaped into the pasture in an attempt to save and protect the mares who were penned beyond. The other horses lost or perished were: Dusk, Alecto, Halim, Rota, and the Old Mare.

The horses were not the only livestock to suffer for the ill weather, although the number of the sheep, fowls and other critters that were lost remains unclear.

▹Fishery Loss

Another victim to Pictou's gluttonous waters is the weir, and its little adjoining fishery. Though the fishery was not widely used, some among us with a taste for seafood will mourn its loss. Besides, it is now another source of food unavailable to us...

▹Resource Shortages

The culmination of all these ongoing environmental stresses - the blizzard, the earthquake and now the potential flooding - has led to a notable reduction in prey numbers in the area. Under the guidance of their newly-assigned Jagermeister, all Cazadors are required to roam further and further afield in search of good hunting. Salsola's largess works against its favor. With so many mouths to feed, our communal storage - zealously guarded and monitored by the formidable Ambassador - is beginning to wane and thin. By month's end, our supplies of preserved and frozen foods will run lower than they have since the beginning of the Tigress' golden era.

Are you beginning to feel the pinch of hunger? Maybe we shouldn't have been so generous with those refugees from the north after all...

➤ Portland Expedition

As the aftermath of the blizzard leaves a terrible melt, making for treacherous travel between the peninsula and the mainland, the first trade caravan of the year has been assembled. The Salsolans hand-picked to attend will brave a difficult journey to the Outpost to conduct crucial trading for much-needed goods at the Portland docks. This is routine for the Thistle Kingdom, as a heavily-guarded caravan has been sent after the great frost for every season in recent memory. The lucky individuals chosen are well-prepared for their task, laden with heavy mid-winter supplies and the last of the perishable late-harvest goods that the kingdom has to spare.

Leaving February 8th - two days after the earthquake - the Salsolan party will be staying for approximately six full days in Portland. If you'd like your character to join the expedition, please let us know by replying to this post.

OOC Note: It is standard practice for the Leadership to offload longterm aNPC characters to the Fort Preble Outpost to free up room in our on-board ranks. If you are the owner of one of the below-mentioned characters and do not wish to see them moved off-board, please contact us as soon as possible.

Current members attending the trade voyage are:

  • Kamari Kaiser
  • Kaeli Blacksun
  • Varda Blacksun
  • Mithra Blacksun
  • Solace D'Angelo
  • Kjell Rask
  • Evelyn de le Ulrich
  • Wisteria Valentine
  • Absolution D'Angelo
  • Bacchus Revlis
  • Garsea Heiwa
  • Roswell Blackpike
  • Argive Hemlock

➤ Saturnalia Banquet

With the Sanctus' curse broken and the worst of the weather at our backs, the Mafiosi decide it is time to revive an old and beloved rite. The hardy folk of Salsola have trudged through severity after severity - we are beyond overdue for a heady celebration to bring cheer and satisfaction back into the suspicious, hollow glares on our neighbor's faces!

Although the ripe hour of midwinter lies cold behind us, the crown shucks tradition to host a Saturnalia Banquet! The Banquet will be held on the night of Feb 22nd in the Feasting Hall in lieu of a Last Supper. The effects of the earthquake being as they are, the feasting may be more meager and lacking the sumptuous overabundance we have come to expect - it is a challenge for all providers to make the most with what edible supplies remain.

However, you can very well be sure that in an absence of fresh meats there will be a bounty instead of the best liquors our cellars have to offer. Queen Elphaba will see to it that your woes and hungers may be forgotten in the hedonistic glow of drunken stupor. So enjoy, one and all, highborns and lowborns and servants alike! Praise be to the Saturnalia banquet!

... And praise be, of course, to the Lord of Discord...

➤ OOC Notes

▹Sosu Completionists

We'd like to congratulate all players, board-wide, who pulled off the mammoth effort of completing SoSuWriMo this past month - but of course, we'd especially like to raise our glasses in a toast to the incredible Salsolan players among them. All stand with uproarious applause for our verbose champions who reign linguistically supreme:

Gen, J, Veldt, Songbird, Sammiie, Salena, Jace, Mads, Nukiira, Vida, Mel & Raze!

▹CotS Anicomb

In honor of the grand finale of our Curse of the Sanctum plot, we have put together a commemorative Anicomb - the Goat of Leviticus! You can find this bearded, horned and thoroughly cursed fellow listed now for use on the Anicomb Wikipage. If you are already displaying the Anicombs on your player or character wiki pages, or anywhere else on 'Souls for that matter, don't forget to update them to include our new scruffy friend. As always, if you need a hand with anything wiki or coding related, just ask in the #requests channel of our SL Discord Chat!

Much love and Happy Posting - Team Salsola

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Evelyn could go on the Portland Expedition! <3

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I'd like for Kamari and Argive to go, please! :3
Kamari Kaiser

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