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POSTED: Fri Feb 07, 2020 9:10 pm

Hear ye! Hear ye!

New Caledonia Gets Razed

Oh, you thought we meant literally? Well, in a sense, ;D.

Amanda and Stormie would like to introduce your newest overlord leader Raze, who will be joining the NC team as an OOC Manager! She's already helped us tremendously by assisting in porting parts of the website onto our wiki and created some amazing Pride images in the process! She has the experience and knowledge to be a tremendous asset to the team, and with some big things on the way there's no better time!

Without further ado, join us as we WELCOME RAZE to the NC Team!! (tag- you're it)


Blizzard Aftermath

By the grace of the Gods, New Caledonia survived the blizzard with minimal casualties, but the circumstances are less than ideal. The Guild Hall is still packed with livestock. It's a capable shelter in lieu of a stables but prospective guilds may be hard-pressed to find space to discuss their craft. Dung litters the floor and our food stores dwindle by the day.

Areas surrounding the Sword Coast are still flooded and the bay churns treacherously. The Valar advises all Caledonians to remain clear of the coast to curb injuries created by unsafe conditions and sea-swept debris.

The once plentiful game trails of the Enedwaith have seen less activity of late, as the inclement weather has seen a drop in many of Caledonia's prominent prey species. We rely more than ever on our Salsolan benefactor's hospitality, and supplies and food stores are being heavily regulated in the interim.

Our new Cavalieri friends managed to repair much of the storm's damage to the City Square. Characters may reference the damages to their respective homes and buildings as having been patched up by their capable hands...if only that were the last of the season's tragedies.


Please see the February Newspost for a complete timeline and explanation on the extent of the damages.

As a consequence of nature's wrath, part of the island off the Sword Coast will fall into the sea. And a cave in the Underthing will suffer a partial collapse lending further danger to those who walk its shadowy halls. The City Square will remain largely intact, however the tides rise with dangerous intent, creating even greater flooding that encompasses much of the area.

Bonus Thread Prompts

Rules and Point Claims

These prompts follow the same completion rules as our Monthly Thread prompts, found here.

  • They are worth 10 points each.
  • Points may be tracked in your personal game log, or submitted to NC Maintenance for claiming.


  • Pray to your chosen deity, or create an offering to appease their wrath. Encourage as many or as few Caledonians to participate.
  • Scout for damages with a pack-mate, take special precautions to avoid injury.
  • Form a group to search for prey. Fell as much as you can and add them to the pack stores.
  • Show someone you care. Spend some time with a friend or loved one in the wake of disaster. Help them with repairs or clean up around their home.

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