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SL April Newspost

➤ Proserpina Awakens

Year III in the rule of Boss Elphaba Revlis, l̵͍̏o̸̜̕n̴̦̉g̷̼̑ ̵̺̾m̵̰̕a̶̦͆y̷̤͘ ̶̣͐s̷̘͋h̴̪͆ë̸̠́ ̷̣̉r̶̪̆e̴̬͠i̸͎͝g̵̢̅n̴͙͆

In the vast kingdom of Salsola, spring has finally sprung.

The old banks of stubborn snow, long iced over from early winter, are finally melting away. Trapped beneath their weight for the last three moons, the flattened grasses of Tantramar's rolling hillocks are sending out fresh green spears to break through the residual frost. Tender buds cling with determination to the enduring stark branches of deciduous trees, enticing the return of birdsong to our canopies above.

Released at last from the unrelenting grip of winter, our realm stirs sluggishly, waking from its long cold slumber. The common pathways are quickly churned to mud, save those in the Ruins proper that are lined with cobblestones of old. Many prefer to walk the meandering less-used trails, spending their pent-up energy on exploring the changes a new season is sure to bring.

Determined to make the most of this early spring zeal, the Mafiosi have prioritized re-settlement of our long-neglected northern reaches. Who among you will be the first to make their mark on these newly prestigious areas?

➤ Did someone order a Territory Overhaul?

You may have caught on to our not-too-convoluted hints: That's right, lords, ladies, and legends, we have painstakingly overhauled all of our Kingdom Territory information!

The most obvious development here is the release of our new territory maps. These brand new maps include the full length and breadth of our claimed territory, including our much-as-yet-unused southern portion of the city of Amherst. You will notice right off the bat a couple 'new' landmarks detailed on the kingdom map; We hope you are as excited to explore and use these new areas as we were to create them!

Once you have taken a good look at the new maps, please check out our massively updated territory wikipage to see all the new developments. If you are too excited and want to cut straight to the new content, then by all means wait no longer! Peruse our brand new key landmarks listed below:

    The Highroad
      A curious new installment to the realm of Salsola, the Highroad is a single path that crosses the northern Amherst border and leads directly through to the Marketplace. Heavily patrolled, all passage over the Highroad is scrutinized by soldiers and scouts stationed at the Queensgate Garrison.

      The purpose of the Highroad, as separated from other pathways leading deeper into Salsolan territory, is to allow select Outsiders access to the Salsolan Marketplace. An Outsider will only be allowed entry along the Highroad if they are escorted by a trusted Family member, and once their wares have been inspected at the garrison.

      There is lingo befitting of usage of the Highroad. For example, should a Salsolan say to the sentries posted at the garrison: "This is our friend, I wish to take them along the Highroad", then the soldiers will know that the Outsider is worthy of the Marketplace. Should a Salsolan say to the sentries: "This is my friend, I wish to take them along the Lowroad", then the soldiers will know that the Outsider is to be robbed and/or accosted the moment they set foot on Salsolan soil.
    The Docks
      Abandoned long ago in the time of Those who came Before, the Docks - as the shipping port has come to be colloquially known - have fallen into disrepair. Beneath the carnage of weather and time, the old bones of the once seafaring structure are still good and true. Since expanding to encapsulate the Ruins, Salsola has steadily begun repairs on the area, with the intent for them to eventually be fit housing for nautical vessels.

      Once Salsola has appropriate access to boat storage at the Docks, this new mode of travel will enable us to efficiently trade with those who live across the other side of Loch Fundy's tempestuous grey waters.
    Queensgate Garrison
      In the shadow of the Halcyon mountain range sits and old battalion-esque building, a once-relic dated to roughly the same age as the Ruins proper due to the usage of similar stones in its construction. The garrison has been kept in relatively good repair over the ages, first by Those who came Before, and later by nomadic travelers passing through the then-unclaimed lands. As such, and owing to the sturdy rigidity of its original foundation, the Queensgate Garrison required only minor amendments before being of great use to the Thistle Kingdom.

      Now this stoic building is the dominion of the Shield tier, and the semi-permanent home of a number of trainee guards, soldiers and scouts. It serves as a blockage between the difficult-to-monitor Amherst border and the deeper entryways to Upper Tantramar. Overlooking and monitoring all passage along the Highroad, the Queensgate Garrison is the frontline unit of defense in Salsola's north.
    The Marketplace
      Salvaged from the remains of a city square is the heaving quarter of the Marketplace. Heavily weathered buildings facing inward to an open plaza of cracked concrete and worn stone have been bedecked instead with fresh wood and cloth-bannered stalls. Riotous with color and sound, the Marketplace is the dominion of Salsola's Merchant tier.

      The Marketplace remains the only location within Salsolan territory where Outsiders - under escort and careful watch - may be tolerated, or even welcomed. Trade is the lifeblood of this landmark, and new or aspiring merchants will often display their wares here in an attempt to cut their teeth on the ruthless nature of barter.
      Being as the majority of forest growth in Salsola is predominantly coniferous pine, Oakgrove appears different from the norm. The woods here are a majority oak-growth, a mixture of fine towering old trees, young canopy trees, and little oak saplings. A mixture of introduced English oak and native northern red oak, these trees are impressive to behold. Their lumber is some of the finest in kingdom lands, and much sought-after for the crafting of furniture, equipment and other wooden artifacts.

      The acorns harvested from this area also have a multitude of uses.

➤ Familiar Faces: Friends or Foes

Some of our sparkly new locations - notably the Queensgate Garrison and the Marketplace - are best used in the company of comrades. To really bring these areas to life, we have decided to dedicate some permanent pack NPCs to man them. This way, your character/s will always have someone ready to interact with onsite at the new locations. We hope you are as excited to welcome back these familiar faces as we are!

Summoned home from Portland on the orders of Queen Elphaba, we have two soldiers ready and willing to assume their duties:

Lace Valentine
"Better watch that flapping mouth of yours if you wanna keep all those pretty teeth in it, pal."

A relative of the Noble House Valentine, Lace is just as beautiful on the exterior as her infamous sisters - However, despite her demure upbringing, this fighter is no little domesticated lady! She's a skilled combatant and field medic, with a spitfire personality to boot. Having honed and proven her abilities guarding the Salsolan trade missionaries at Portland, she returns home to the Kingdom proper with her head high and her resting bitch face intact. Hotblooded and quick to bite, only a fool messes with Lace Valentine!
Duncan de le Poer
"Alright Lace, cool off. They're here on business, not for the pleasure of meeting your fist."

A long-standing member of the Lesser House de le Poer, Duncan is no stranger to the ins and outs of the Thistle Kingdom or its Portland Outpost, where he has been residing the past two years. He is a rather reserved soul, observant, and with a personality as handsome as his looks. He is a man well known for his talents in carpentry, interest in bee keeping, and for his fighting prowess with both the bow and the spear. He proudly served his Kingdom during conflict with the Five and the Inferni-Salsola War, and has come back to defend its borders once again from Outsiders and unwanted Others. The calm stoic rock to Lace's short-tempered spitfire, the sight of Duncan is steady enough to reassure any Salsolan.

Both Duncan and Lace will be permanent residents at the Queensgate Garrison, where their primary duty will be monitoring access from our northern border through to the Highroad and reporting to members of the Shield tier. Settling in well to their respective roles as good cop and bad cop, this quirky duo are sure to become Salsolan favorites in no time!

Although Queensgate is the only location receiving two new pNPCs, it is not the only place taking on some permanent pNPC residents...

Seeking a new challenge and a new opportunity, cunning seamstress and merchant Mirte Haumann has decided to move to a new dwelling at the Marketplace. Mirte is in the process of setting up a permanent shop in one of the more easily repaired buildings in the Marketplace square. She will often have her wares - ranging from clothing, to trinkets, to all sorts of oddities - on display in a pop-up wooden stall out the front of her new home. A reliable resource and a quick-minded barterer, your Salsolan will find no better place to look for a new purchase.

With winter easing up on his creaky bones and the mild weather allowing for it, our grizzly but lovable Russian sailor Bogdan Kotovo has packed up his belongings and relocated to the Docks. One can often hear him whistling a tune and hammering away at something in one of the large decaying warehouses along the waterfront - what the devil is he working on, in there? When he isn't at the Docks, Bogdan can be found helping Mirte with chores and handyman work at the Marketplace.

As with all Salsolan pNPCs, all Salsola members may roleplay freely with these characters. Please check out our Pack NPCs page on the wiki for more guidelines and information on how to best make use of them.

➤ Exploration Challenges

We hope you all are just as excited as we are to use and explore the updated map and its newest features! In fact, we’re offering some extra incentives if you play with us on our new playground equipment this month!

  • +10 Game Points for having a thread in one of our brand new areas.
  • +20 Game Points if you involve Lace and/or Duncan (Queensgate Garrison) or Mirte and/or Bogdan (Marketplace, Docks) in your thread. Can only be redeemed once!
  • +10 Game Points for each of the following Thread Prompts (can be redeemed once per prompt):
    • [The Highroad] If we're going to have Outsiders travel along this path, we'd best tidy it up! Clean out old and dead vegetation, and remove obstructions from the path. Alternatively, set up secret traps or plant/relocate some thistle to deter our visitors from (or punish them for) wandering off the provided path!
    • [The Docks] My, what a mess most of these piers are in! If we want to eventually have ourselves some sea-worthy vessels, we'll need to fix these up. Help patch up the old piers, or alternatively, clean up some of the useless drift wood. Maybe set it aside for kindling to be used outdoors fires around the Docks or Marketplace, or find another use for it.
    • [Queensgate Garrison] As a key checkpoint into our precious territory, Queensgate will need to be able to house a number of guards. Help making the living quarters comfortable for those on shift here (beds, donate tableware, blankets, long-lasting food in baskets/barrels, etc.). Alternatively, scout out possible weak points in our patrol, or help clean the area up to allow for horse-drawn carts to be brought through.
    • [The Marketplace] Help set up some stalls so future merchants can settle in and have materials moving in and out of the pack quickly! The more colorful the stall, the likelier it is to catch the eye of someone with wealth to spend. If you're a merchant yourself, scout out the perfect spot to peddle your own wares!
    • [The Oakgrove] Take a leisurely stroll through the beautiful Oakgrove, and talk with a fellow Salsolan about some interesting new gossip (or start a rumor purely for your own amusement!).
    NOTE: You can stack the +20 Game Points for using one of the listed pNPCs with the +10 Game Points for each Thread Prompt, but do not redeem more times than is allowed.

➤ Spring Spree

What’s this? It looks like one of ‘Souls’ players, Miranda, is hosting a writing contest for the entire forum! Why not have a little fun this month while you’re posting? Those art prizes are tempting, and, even if you don’t win, there’s a participation prize for your efforts!

» Click here for more information! «

Much love and Happy Posting - Team Salsola

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