The Catacombs

POSTED: Sat Oct 20, 2012 10:20 pm

The Catacombs

The Catacombs? Whatchu talkin' 'bout?

Catacombs are a place to store skeletons! In our case, there are colorful skulls available for collection, corresponding with various Out of Character and In Character achievements. The skulls are icon rewards that you can collect and keep in the Catacombs section of your profile. Players can obtain skulls for reaching different achievements during their time at 'Souls. The more you earn, the more awesome you are, clearly!

How Does it Work?

Prior to participating in the Catacombs, please see the Clarifications & Rules.

The skulls are separated in to two different categories: In Character Achievements and Out of Character Achievements. Once you meet the requirements for one of the Achievements from our list, just grab the code for it and put it in the Catacomb section of your profile!

Clarifications & Rules

IC Skulls

  • These operate on a per character basis. If only one of your characters has a mate, that character earns the mateship Catacomb. Your other characters must acquire mates before displaying the Catacomb.
  • NPC interaction (e.g., having NPC mates, losing/winning NPC fights, and rescuing NPCs) don't count. You must interact with another roleplayer at 'Souls in order to earn the Catacomb. Similarly, Leadership in off-board packs/clans don't count.
  • For a thread to count as finished, your character must have made a minimum of six posts totaling in a minimum of 1200 words. If the thread drops off because of inactivity, it must be the fault of your partner(s).

OOC Skulls

  • Post achievements are accumulative between all of your characters since July 23rd, 2008. So if you had a character when the Catacombs was first introduced and drop him later, the posts that character has had during his lifetime still count.
  • When you reach each new level of post achievement, you can still keep the lower level skull if you want.
  • Yearbook superlative is on a per character basis.
  • Purchases of icons and titles do not count as donations.
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POSTED: Sat Oct 20, 2012 10:20 pm

The Catacombs

Adding Skulls

To claim a skull, fulfill the requirements first, obviously! There are IC and OOC Catacombs fields in your user profile where you can add your skulls, but some members choose to use the Wiki to collect Catacombs skulls as well.

Adding to Forum Profiles

  1. Take the following code and paste it into your forum profile:
  2. Code: Select all
  3. Find the skull you have achieved on the list. Look for the file name (e.g., for the Pink skull, "/images/catacombs/canine1.png"), copy it, and paste it where the code says IMAGE-URL-HERE.
  4. Copy the skull's description (e.g., for the Pink skull, "Find a Mate") and paste it in both places where the code says CATACOMB-ACHIEVEMENT.
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'Souls Assemblage

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In Character Achievements

Basic Play

Find a mate

Have puppies

Have grandchildren puppies!

Rescue someone

Lose a fight

Win a fight

Henna Red
Participated in five (5) "All Welcome" threads

Turned a non-Luperci into a Luperci OR was turned from a non-Luperci into a Luperci

Participate in five (5) threads in Halifax, Yarmouth, Barrington, Amherst, or St. John

Olive Green
Visit three foreign pack territories and thread there (Loners can consider all packs foreign!)

Light Green
Finish a thread in every playable territory

Forest Green
Finish a thread in every playable subterritory

Rainbow Moonstone
Finish 15 threads using thread generator prompts.
Pack Membership

Cadet Blue
Participated in a pack's foundation

Light Blue
Pack membership for 3 consecutive months

Sea Blue
Pack membership for 6 consecutive months

Deep Blue
Pack membership for 1 consecutive year

Shock Blue
Pack membership for 2 consecutive years

Midnight Blue
Pack membership for 3 consecutive years
Pack Participation

Sparkling Gold
Be a pack leader or subleader for at least 3 months

Participate in a Pack Hunt

Threaded with three new members of your pack (note: "new member" being someone with less than six weeks of membership in 'Souls)

Chocolate Brown
Have a thread with five (5) different characters in your pack or band

Earn a Co-Rank

Organize a Pack Thread

This catacomb is a Leadership Special, meaning leaders can award this catacomb at their discretion to packmembers for IC reasons -- e.g., as a prize for an IC-based contest or as a general incentive for IC participation in the pack.
'Souls Participation

Adoptable Love
Only adoptable characters are eligible for this catacomb. If your character was picked up from the Open Character list, you can nab this skull!

Become a Yearbook Superlative

Become a Spotlight Soul
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POSTED: Sat Oct 20, 2012 10:21 pm

Out of Character Achievements

Post Count

100 Posts (Between all characters)

200 Posts (Between all characters)

400 Posts (Between all characters)

800 Posts (Between all characters)

1500 Posts (Between all characters)

2500 Posts (Between all characters)

3500 Posts (Between all characters)

4500 Posts (Between all characters)

6000 Posts (Between all characters)

9001 Posts (Between all characters)
Thread Numbers

Participate in 25 threads (Between all characters)

Participate in 50 threads (Between all characters)

Participate in 100 threads (Between all characters)

Participate in 175 threads (Between all characters)

Participate in 250 threads (Between all characters)

Participate in 350 threads (Between all characters)

Participate in 500 threads (Between all characters)

Participate in 750 threads (Between all characters)
Membership Longevity

6 consecutive months of membership

1 consecutive year of membership

Dark Grey
2 consecutive years of membership

4 consecutive years of membership

Imploding Supernova
6 consecutive years of membership

Black Hole
8 consecutive years of membership

10 consecutive years of membership
Thread Achievements

Complete a thread with 50 posts with 3 or less participants

Create or join 25 All Welcome threads between all of your characters
Membership Interaction

Sparkling Garnet
Donated to 'Souls (does not apply to purchases; donations only)

Shining Pearl
Serve as a Leader, Moderator, or Administrator for 6 months. Alternatively, members not of these three positions are granted this catacomb at the 'Souls Assemblage's discretion. Usually, this skull is awarded for "above and beyond" board service -- e.g., assisting us with a project, presenting oneself frequently in the Help and Questions forum to assist other members with questions and assistance, etc.

Win a contest (pack or board)

Participate in Christmas in July or Secret Santa

Contribute to the Yearbook

Become a Community Soul

Killed 5 of your own characters off at 'Souls

Adopted five characters from the Open Characters list, with at least six months play time accumulated with each character
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'Souls Assemblage

POSTED: Sat Oct 20, 2012 10:21 pm

Retired Catacombs

You are welcome to continue displaying these catacombs if you earned them prior to their retirement. New achievements after the date of retirement are not possible.

Retired OOC Skulls

Shifting Gold - Participate in any 'Souls 18th Birthday Contest (Retired November 2019)

Aurora - Participate in the 'Souls 12th Birthday Contest (Retired December 2013)

Cake - Make one In Character post between November 18-20, EST. (Retired November 2011)

Sparkling Sapphire - Completed SoSuWriMo 2010 (Retired January 2010)

Sparkling Azurite - Completed SoSuWriMo 2011 (Retired January 2011)

Sparkling Ultramarine - Completed SoSuWriMo 2012 (Retired January 2012)

Sparkling Lazurite - Completed SoSuWriMo 2013 (Retired January 2013)

Sparkling Lapis - Completed SoSuWriMo 2014 (Retired January 2014)

Sparkling Beryl - Completed SoSuWriMo 2015 (Retired January 2015)

Sparkling Jade - Completed SoSuWriMo 2016 (Retired January 2016)

Sparkling Alexandrite - Completed SoSuWriMo 2017 (Retired January 2017)

Sparkling Chrysoprase - Completed SoSuWriMo 2018 (Retired January 2018)

Sparkling Laboradite - Completed SoSuWriMo 2019 (Retired January 2019)

Jack-o-Lantern - Participated in the Fireside Stories contest. (Retired November 2011)

Stardust - Become a Spotlight Soul pre-July 2010 (Retired July 2010)

Retired IC Skulls

Sorbet - Participate in the Aniwaya conflict 2011. To earn this catacomb, members from the involved packs have to participate and finish three IC plot threads. For uninvolved loners and other packs not participating in the plot, one ic plot related thread is required (Retired December 2011)

Blood - Participated in the Second Dahlian War (January 2010 - March 2010) with at least four (4) threads (Retired March 2010)

Blue - Meet all the leaders of the packs that have been established for at least 3 months (Retired September 2011)

Brown - Have a thread with all the characters in your pack/group (Retired September 2011)

Sparkling Silver - Be a subleader for at least 3 months (Retired September 2011)

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