[M] And whilst I watched in silence

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To rise and shine is so hard to do
When all the light has been taken from you

OOC: I partly blame Songbird for this, but I've wanted to do another RO with Silas, so here you guys go. Now you get to see another side to him. Also, I am not good at writing random bad guys. Enjoy! +1200 words.

The underground ring that served as the primary means of spreading their word was not the kindest place, especially in a world that mostly rejected the idea of slavery and brutality. Rare as it was, there was still quite a presence Rabenuhr had in the northern areas. Strange that a group coming from such a small island far to the north had been able to turn out constant praise for their work. Kruger had all the credit for that. Since his take over, he expected nothing but the best, and those who failed him were disposed of. There was plenty of opportunity in the surrounding area, as well as from the inside. He could rule it with an iron fist, or on the occasions where he hissed like a patient viper. Those were when you either got lucky, or your begged for him to spare your pathetic life.

Silas knew about his master better than anyone. He watched it happen, and even participated. There was no hesitation in his actions, no hesitation as he drained the life out of those his master ordered him to kill. Women, children, and even strangers. None of it matter. If his master ordered him to do it, then he followed with no thoughts on regret or remorse.

Owning up to previous mistakes, the slave had come along with his dark master. Slaves were presented, observed, traded, or rented. Really it mattered only when it came to their training. Fighting was mainly reserved for the gladiators, but there was risk in bringing them alone. A coup would turn these trained fighters on their masters, going for the kill. A number of guards under his daughter's command had fallen due to this problem, but he trusted her to deal with the problems. She was an adult, and more than capable of leading them.

Golden eyes followed the footsteps of the passerbys. Head rested along his arms as he rested along his master's side. Kruger sat above him, just as he always had. One hand brushed along the slave's head, causing a slow rumble to emit from his chest. Approval. Unsuccessful trips were few and far in between, and for good reason. Even little bumps where nothing when it came to their work. There were always solutions, one just had to figure out how the puzzle went together.

Having closed his eyes from the light affection he was receiving, many of the transactions in Rabenuhr's favor had been glanced over. There was no reason action. Ears flicked as he felt the pelts drapped over him. He had been privilaged since his youth. The scars along his body proved the lengths that these wolves were willing to go to get what they wanted out of their captives. There was one key difference. He had learned, and learned well. Complications were a staple in any business. And with time, anyone can learn. Prolonged exposure to torture would break down anyone, but time could also bring even the most patient to rise against the strong. Kruger picked his slave carefully. He knew Silas, and even roaming freely, he would always come back. Rabenuhr was his home, and he had long since accepted that.

"Haven't you got anything better than this?"

Unsatisfied customers. There were always a few, though many knew better than to create a scene. One golden eye opened as his attention focused on the two strangers standing before his master. Kruger wouldn't take being spoken against. Not everyone could be happy, but the man was calculated, picking those brought with careful choice, "If you are unsatisfied then you will have to wait for our next rounds."

Of course, they wouldn't have it, "We've waited long enough. Give us what we want or we'll force it out of you." "How about we make a deal?"

There was a shift in the mood. A deal? The viper was let loose. The two stared at each other before coming to the agreed conclusion, "What sort of deal?"

"It shouldn't be too hard for either one of you," The black male's voice cooed as he rested one of his hands over the male laying below him, "All you have to do is kill my slave. Do this and I'll take you back to my home. You can pick any slave you want."

Both eyes trailed down to the silent man. Silas watched them, un-moving and unchanging. Scrawny thing he was just relaxing like a mutt at his master's side. Two on one slave? How could they refuse such a simple task? Not bothering to question what would happen if they failed, they yowled out, "Very well, we accept your terms."

Neither of the two Rabenuhr natives were surprised by this notion. Once the deal was made, a grin crawled over the master's face, "Come Silas." Obeying his master's command, the slave rose to his four paws, pacing in front of him as Kruger slipped out a fine piece of silk cloth. Unwrapping it rested two jagged daggers, presented to the slave before him, "He deserves a fighting chance doesn't he?" What a lie. Fingers curled around their grips as he turned to face the strangers, slowly bringing himself up onto his back legs. Neither one of them was still convinced they could lose this. Drawing their own weapons, they came upon him.

There was crimson on both sides. Quick slashes left a mark on each participant, his deeper than the ones he had created. But something was off. The look in those golden eyes. They were endless voids. Nothing about him changed. He kept his focus on them, turning to face them again. Uneasiness settled in the wind. Each move they made didn't change this slave. Why was he unafraid? Why didn't he fight back? Was he eager to die? One look at his dark mentor said everything. The viper was ready to strike.

"Silas." The slave turned his head to face his master. A toothy grin shone on his face, "Kill them."

The strangers didn't see what came next. The slave turned on them, rushing on the first. His speed was nothing like it had before. The daggers sank into the one's body, teeth coming down on his body. Too shocked by the sudden change, it didn't take long before his body became limp. Blood flowed out of the body as his red stained teeth threatened his next victim. There was no hesitation. He was already on the other. The second stranger begged for his life, Please don't kill me! I don't want anything anymore! I take it back! And then that one too perished. Both the bodies were victims to the silent slave, who turned to face his master as he presented the daggers back to him. Affection was given in return to more strokes along his head, "Good boy."

Returning to the fours, Silas began to lick his body clean, ear turning to Kruger's words, "Take care of the bodies when you are done. I'll handle the little mess you've made." A nod came from his head before he returned to his grooming. Obedient through and through, and a snake waiting in the bushes to snap on it prey. This was not the first, or the last time he had done this act for his master. So long as Kruger commanded it, he followed.

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