Mother knows best

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By the power of East and West; I command you

Stoically, she observed the look of abject horror that blossomed across her young daughter's face. Mouth agape and violet eyes brimming with tears, the girl was struck to say the least. This wasn't the response Valdís had been expecting. Rage, violence, aggression - these were the things that the warrior woman knew how to deal with with relative ease. Heartbreak? Now that was something else altogether.

Scattered across their temporary campground lay torn canvases. Some were blank. Others had vibrant colors scattered across them. The packed snow was stained with the hues that Rozenn had so lovingly collected come recently. It was a battleground of the most beautiful nature, striking even in its demise.

Valdís harbored no appreciation for the prettiness of it. She despised the scent of the oils and the skins alike. Paper was far too easy to tear, so Rozenn had procured cured leather somehow. Just what she'd traded for it, the mother didn't know. She only knew that these transactions occurred during her absences. Time spent hunting for a child who so clearly took it for granted. Rather than spend her days hunting for valuable food alongside her mother, she chose to waste her hours flitting about the forest and smearing paints on skin while praying for deft hands that would never come. She would never be the artist she longed to be, just as she would never be a dancer. Why couldn't the silly girl understand?

Pain blossomed in Valdís's stomach as the low keening began. Her daughter's small frame wracked with sobs as a wordless moaning escaped her. Her pride, her joy, her treasures were gone. They were useless and frivolous anyway. She could finally learn how to live without them. Quietly, Valdís allowed her her brief time of mourning. Though she disagreed with the value placed on them, she couldn't deny that these things had been so very precious to the girl. All the better that they were destroyed.

It was only when Rozenn began laying among her broken art supplies, smearing the ruined paints into her pale fur, that Valdís finally decided to end the little pity party. "Come along, child. It is time to keep moving." No response. "Child." Silence. A small snarl wrinkled her dark lips as she stepped forward, towering over the unshifting coyote. "Rozenn." It was so rarely that she ever used the name given by a man who had taken it upon himself to father her child. To ruin her child.

Stepping forward, she gruffly grabbed the girl by her scruff, hauling her to her feet. The coyote snarled, lashing out ferally at the woman who'd raised her. In response, Valdís merely stood, hazel eyes gleaming. This hadn't been how she'd wanted to do this, but the results were showing. The girl took a stance to fight, legs spread and muscles tensed. Her body vibrated with absolute rage. "You- you did this?" Valdís did not respond. She didn't have to. Rozenn already knew. Another throaty sob escaped her, teeth gleamed in the fading sunlight, and eyes glimmering with swiftly shedding tears. "You did this!"

And then she was gone.

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