Runaway, runaway


POSTED: Tue Mar 13, 2018 10:21 pm

WC: 353
OOC: Set in Eastern Realms, a few weeks after this thread

Freedom was oh so sweet. Sweet as sugar and honey, drizzling over fruit. It was so sweet that it made your jaw lock and your stomach turn. It was sweet enough to make you sick. But Rozenn was nothing if not stubborn. She wouldn't turn back. Not after what she'd done.

Though she was lonely and tired and hungry, the yearling refused to back down from her unspoken vow. She'd never go back to that woman. It didn't matter what happened, the betrayal was far too much. Not even her father could convince her otherwise. Not that she'd tell him of course. He'd be heart broken if he knew the fight they'd been in.

But alas, it was all in the past now. She had to forget what was and look to the future. Once upon a time, a different future had been promised to her. A future of fun and light and joy so unlike the dark one her mother spoke of. Her mother thought far too little of the world to paint a bright picture for her child. But the child saw only light when she looked ahead.

That was metaphorically speaking of course. The further north the traveled, the more dreary the scenery grew. After a few weeks of travel, Rozenn had found herself north of the mountains and in a territory that looked as if it had been abandoned by whatever god may have made it. Fire had rampaged through, who knew how many years ago, and though life struggled to take back what was its, it was a slow going.

With a sigh, the girl sat down near a barren bush, her rear making the snow crunch beneath it. Her lavender eyes glanced around but saw little life in the wintery hellscape. It was no fun without someone else to bother. She looked down at the bangles that remained attached to her leg with a leather thong woven through them. They were all that remained of her worldly possessions. They were all that was left of her treasures. It was time to go out and find more... somewhere.

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