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Salsola, The Blackwoods

POSTED: Wed Sep 11, 2019 8:53 am

Sebastien meets an unfortunate spirit unable to move on after being killed by one of SL's traps. [+000]
so heavy you can't float

Salsola had eyes everywhere; the Blackwoods were no different. The ancient, towering sentinels blocked the sun’s rays with their twisted boughs. Sebastien huddled further into the layers he wore against the grasping chill, clutching a lantern in one numb hand. The candlelight did little to lift the gloom that permeated the woods, as the male stumbled over a root that resembled a discarded bone. Muttering a curse, he rubbed at his bruised knee and glanced above him to a patch of weakening sky. The Serf swallowed and tried to still his breath, his free hand resting on the coarse skin of a tree. It was getting late, and the woods had made it clear it was time to leave. Wide-eyed, he stared at the sensation of wetness against his fingertips. Blood met his eyes as he opened a trembling palm to look for a cut or wound. Bastien blinked, but there was nothing there. He tightened his jaw, shaking his head firmly as he pressed onward.

He picked up his pace, and the lantern light bounced to create grotesque shadows. His hackles rose at the suggestion of movement in his peripherals, but he didn't dare risk a glance behind him. The scents of others brushed against him. Old and new, some were familiar while others were unknown to the dog. This in itself was not surprising, as his packmates often disguised their signature. Bastien searched for something familiar to lead him toward home and dashed as he inhaled Coax's scent. There were hints of him amongst the hollows of a tree, where a cache of food had been stored or an offering had been left at a shrine. He had to be close now. He just needed to keep going and he'd be safe.

In the hound's hurry to leave, he had filtered out all other noises than his ragged breath and stumbling progress. Bastien's ears twitched and folded back at an indescribable sound that seemed to be coming from everywhere and nowhere at once. Shit, just ignore it! Instinctively he reached for the gris-gris bag hanging from his neck and focused on the one who had made it. His mentor in Freetown, Madame Ava, had been a powerful witch and the sound her warm, musical voice would drown out the other trying to make contact.

Bastien gasped as something utterly frozen touched his shoulder, all impression of warmth leaving his body. Defenseless to the noises he was forced to listen. A low, pitiful voice cried out to the Serf.

“Where am I?”

His legs buckled beneath him as he whipped his head around him. The lantern clattered to one side, its candle guttered. He was completely alone, yet the unmistakable feeling of another being persisted. The voice repeated its question, but the male did not answer. A whine escaped Bastien's tightly pulled lips and he urged his body to respond.

“Why can’t I see you? It’s so cold. There's no air here..."

He thought he caught a flicker of something faint, like an outline. It could have been the darkness, the fear that dripped from him in sweat that led him to believe it was another Luperci. It seemed to be grasping at its neck, and its tone raised to a hysterical pitch as it continued.

“Where am I?” Oh god, there's no air! Can’t breathe! Can’t breathe! Can’t breathe!”

Whatever it was that bound the dog in place finally snapped. Bastien left the lantern where it was and stumbled away from the scene. The spirit's voice seemed to follow, a repetitive beat that pounded in his head. He only stopped, bent double against the pressure of his flight, once the voice had faded. "I'm sorry... I'm s-so sorry..."

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