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POSTED: Sat Nov 02, 2019 4:08 pm

OOC: Takes place on 9 November and post written to Say Something


The last of the sun’s rays were beginning to retreat from the world. In an unprepossessing and unimpressive part of endless woods she lay. Her features relaxed and free from all pain or concern. Her deeply green eyes staring unseeing upwards, and reflected in them the face of a downy furred pup. He was a cute thing, perhaps one day he might be handsome, but he wasn’t important, wasn’t anyone special, no one would notice his passing, just as the world hadn’t stopped when she had died. Remy knew there had been a lot of noise, a lot of speed, but it hadn’t lasted long. If Remy had been old enough to know them, he would have known that in the tales, when a hero died, there were tears of thousands to wash them on their way, but he, in his naivety hadn’t realised, or perhaps couldn’t accept that his mama, Elise Debois, had been killed. Instead he whined, whimpered and licked, letting her know he was cold, letting her know he was hungry, but doing his best to be brave for her, and not show her how afraid he was.

The smell of blood hung in the air, giving the twilight a coppery taste, and wispy tendrils, which the faithful might have called a soul, steamed into the air, curling and twisting away to be swallowed by an indifferent world.

”Mama?” Remy said, lowering his head below her muzzle and nuzzling gently. ”I’m cold mama.”

For several heartbeats he waited, his oversized ears flicking nervously, but she didn’t move, or react, something which had never happened before. Even in death the coyote that had been Elise Debois was beautiful. Her figure was lean and classically pretty, perhaps a little taller than some males might have liked, but her physical strength could not have been in doubt. Her clothing was unusually well cut, though the light colours had been destroyed by drying blood, and their design ruined by gashes. Splayed around her lay the trinkets that her attacker had decided were of little value or too much of a hassle to carry away with them.

A flake of snow drifted down in the darkening sky and landed on Remy’s muzzle, crossing his eyes he stared at it for a moment, but he was too worried to chase it off or try to taste it. Instead, he touched his muzzle to his ma’s and nudged her.

”ma? We need go!” While he’d been quick to learn words, they still failed him when he was afraid or he had to rush them. A biting blast of wind swept through the trees, sending the leaves chattering, almost as loudly as Remy’s teeth. Not sure what else to do, and having his world lying unresponsive before him, Remy could only think of one thing. He squatted down and did his best to snuggle under his mum, trying to keep her and himself warm. While he lay there though, he did continued to whine and whimper, though the sounds grew more feeble as shock and cold began to seep into his uselessly inadequate pelt. He could only hope that his ma would wake up soon.

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The promise of winter was bitter and dry on the wind as the day died slowly. It bit at her extremities and licked the burned places on her body with a rough and raspy kiss, reminding her of the torment from that day so long ago. With bandaged fingers, she pulled the hood of her cloak up over her head and adjusted the shawl about her shoulders. And then, with a sense of urgency, she doubled her pace towards home.

She smelled the coppery tang of blood some moments before she came upon the carnage. But it was neither of these things that drew her toward them. Instead, it was the the sounds that beckoned her forth.

The sounds of distress from a young child.

Evelyn stepped cautiously, her senses piqued and primed. The smell of wolf was thick here. Thick, but stale, and growing older with every breath of wind. But the woman who lay before her, beautiful and fair in death, was no wolf. She took a step forward and the sound of something hard crunched beneath her toes. When she looked down, she realized that there were items – belongings from the woman, no doubt, that were deemed invaluable to whoever had looted her – strewn all about.

Quickly, the Vicar formed a presumption in her head. Glancing at the body of the coyote woman again, she took in a breath and looked around her for the source of the sounds that had drawn her to it. When she found the child, tucked so closely to the body of the woman – his mother, she assumed – so as to nearly be a part of her, Evelyn breathed out slowly. "You cold, child?" she asked, lowering herself down to a crouch.

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It was a testament to the weather, or the pup’s condition, that Remy wasn’t aware of the new stranger, until she crouched and spoke. His eyes, which he’d not realised had shut, snapped open, bright golden eyes staring into the hood, a mixture of fear, confusion and a little hope present in them. A gasp had escaped him and the female seemed to appear. Though the light was almost gone, it there was enough to pierce most of the hood, and see the strange eye and the scarring, it was strange, it was ugly and it was frightening. Her voice though, that was quiet and calm. Her tone made Remy want to talk, to explain that his mum was cold and needed a fire, that they were travelling and both would find family soon, but as always seemed to happen in situations like this, his words had left him. So instead of answering, the pup turned his head to his ma, nudging her in a futile attempt to wake her and help with this situation. After a moment of no response, Remy looked to the ground, his mind trying to wrestle with what to do.

Remy blinked and realised his head was resting a against a paw and he couldn’t remember how it’d happened. He raised his head and looked once more at the stranger, as scared as he was, ma said that it was important to be polite.

”Ma is cold. Please help?”

There was a lot more he wanted to say, but words squirmed like eels out of his grasp, they danced just out of reach, and it was hopeless.

Surely when someone dies the world should stop? Howls and wails of grief should fill the land from horizon to horizon, but no one cried, no one howled, and perhaps there were only two Luperci that even noticed the death. What a terrible injustice it was, but the pup that sat beneath his mum, or as beneath as he could get, he thought of none of these things. All he could think of was that his mum, who had never ignored him before, who had always made the world seem like a wonderous and exciting place, was not speaking with him, and all of a sudden that world seemed cold, cruel and full of ever lengthening shadows.

”Ma!” Remy suddenly whined, as loudly as he could manage, and genuine and unabashed fear was clear in his tone. With a pleading look, he turned to the stranger, his frame beginning to shake, with cold. Large expressive eyes begged in silence please help.

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Based on his size and the smell of mother's milk that lingered about him still, the child was young. Just weaned, maybe, or perhaps within the midst of it. Evelyn released a breath and watched as it billowed out in the form of a fleeting cloud. However near to being weaned he was, he was much too young yet to survive on his own without someone to look after him. Not in this place of cold and insufficiency. Not in this place of hate.

His little head bobbed, resting against his round paws for only a moment. But in that beat of time, the Vicar worried that he had expired. She shifted her weight subtly, starting to reach out toward him, but held herself back when he lifted his head again and looked at her with large eyes that reminded her so much of her own children.

"I can't help your mama now, child," she said softly, inching her way towards him. "She ain't of the living no more. But she don't feel no cold or pain or fear, you understand?" Shifting her feet, she crept nearer. The smell of the woman's violent end stung her nose, but she kept from wrinkling it. Unbidden, emotions clawed at her heart as she considered the terrible confusion and grief of her own children if they were in this pup's place.

It sealed the deal.

"C'mon now, child," she said gently, opening her arms wide in an invitation for him to come to her. "Let's get you warm."

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Remy’s ears flicked as the stranger spoke, and though he heard them, he couldn’t quite comprehend them. Not in the land of the living? His mum was right there, could this female not see her? Perhaps the pup should have been scared as the scarred female moved closer, but he wasn’t, her smell wasn’t unpleasant, and even from here he could feel the warmth radiating from her. Once again he turned to look at his ma to see if she would react.

”I…” He said shying away a little, part of him knew he couldn’t leave his ma, but the pup within him felt the warmth and his mind tugged at him. A terrible decision needed to be made, and one that perhaps a more intelligent Luperci, or more mature one would have agonised over, but the very young were often driven by need and wants, and Remy was hungry and he wanted to be warm. Finally, he stepped out from the protective barrier of his mother’s form. Almost instantly the cold wind cut through his downy fur and sliced to his skin, he shivered violently and hunkered down, but did his best to cover the small distance. Unfortunately, exhaustion and cold made his limbs heavy and he felt himself stumble, his eyes closing. Instead of hitting the ground though, he felt warm hands lift him, and he felt himself flying. Eyes closed, he luxuriated in the weightlessness, his heartbeat racing like a hummingbird, before slowing…slowing.

An instant later, there was a strange, but comforting scent of an adult, and with it warmth and the sound of a heartbeat not his own. With the warmth came realisation, and he squirmed gently, popping his head out.

”Wait..mama.” he bleated softly, but his body trembled with fatigue. Lying in the gloom was his world, she didn’t look towards him, or object to him being taken. Even more softly he called for her again, but once again there was no response.

”Where…we going?” He asked, unable peering at his ma until the body of the stranger obscured as she turned. Remy buried his muzzled into the fur of the stranger, warming his nose and trembling, as his body warmed. He shed no tears though, grief may come later with greater understanding, now that he was warm, there was only a seed of guilt, which also would only grow with greater understanding.