Tongue twists and hair knots

P. Cidro

POSTED: Tue Nov 12, 2019 3:28 pm

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Cedric never thought he'd be so determined to learn another language. Since his utter failure at learning to read, Cedric was set on assuming he would never be academic or have any skill in words or dare say language. And yet he'd struggled to engage with someone who looked in desperate need to help simply because he couldn't understand her. Cidro had felt a little troubled after Cedric reiterated the story to him; of how Cedric had saved an injured woman on the road, which wouldn't have been as impactful if she wasn't also heavily pregnant. When Cidro asked why he'd not brought the woman back to Casa, Cedric had been frustrated to admit that he couldn't explain to her properly why he wanted her to come with him, and so she'd politely refused.

It had been a bit of time since then, but the pair still lingered on thoughts of the woman. Cedric hoped she was truthful when she'd claimed in broken speech that she lived nearby. But a good distraction came with Cedric's announcement that he wanted to learn Cidro's native tongue.

It felt fair, given that Cedric dedicated time to teach Cidro self-defence, that in return the Stryder was taught something he would struggle with in equal parts. But they went at it in a calm and relaxed manner, so Cedric didn't feel too overwhelmed whilst learning. For now, they were at home, sitting on the bed whilst Cedric combed a hand through Cidro's hair, testing out some new ways to design it for the upcoming summit. "Y-yo...s soy Cedric." Cedric mumbled, feeling the opposite of confident with his words, given that he struggled to change his usual bland tone into an accent that would drive the words better. "Was that correct?"
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POSTED: Tue Nov 12, 2019 4:22 pm

Life at Casa reminded Cidro of the ocean he loved so dearly. It came in tides that ebbed and flowed with his own peace of mind, gently retreating to allow some desperately needed healing, or crashing upon him violently with little time to adjust.

Today, Cidro felt conflicted. He always did when Cedric left Casa’s borders, even if it made him proud, too. It’s just… it was hard enough having Cedric travel so far to reach New Caledonia, not to mention how busy he was as a new Sworn under Casa’s Brotherhood— Cidro could barely find it in him to crawl past Second Cadet. But now, with news of this strange woman troubling them both… he supposed it was fair to say the water was feeling a little choppy.

But even in choppy waters, Cidro could always count on his beloved to be a steady rock against the tide— stable, unmoving, loyal. He curled up closer to him on their shared bed, their own private island that remained unchanging even as the ocean raged around them.

He smiled as familiar fingers combed through his hair, brushing through locks that grew every day, scars healing with them. He giggled a little at Cedric’s mumbling words, a new curiosity that followed him home from New Caledonia. He never expected Cedric to try to learn his mother tongue, but the gesture warmed his heart more than he could have ever anticipated, especially knowing his knight’s insecurities regarding languages. Besides, he had to admit, it made him feel a little… hot... hearing Cedric speak his tongue. Not that Cedric needed to know that yet.

"Sí, mi amour."

He patted his lap gently.

"Pero, you don’t actually need the yo part", he corrected with a smile, happy to share his language. "Soy Cedric gets the message across just fine. And if you want to sound really fluent, you would actually say me llamo Cedric."

It was kind of fun to play teacher for once. Cedric was so talented in so many things, and was always teaching Cidro how to defend himself. It felt nice to be useful for once, especially with something he loved so dearly. Besides, it was always nice to have a reminder of how well he had Cedric wrapped around his finger.

"Now, if you’re good and can show me you remember how to count to ten en español—"

He turned his head so Cedric could catch his dumb toothy grin.

"Maybe I’ll reward you."
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